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Make Money Playing Dark and Darker

Entering Dungeons to scavenge hidden treasure and weapons is enjoyable and thrilling. Dark and Darker players need to be well-prepared before they go dungeon crawling. Surviving incursions requires more than just skills and strategies; players also need potent items that might be challenging to obtain.  

In Dark and Darker, gamers want to be in your best form to avoid getting pummeled by higher-level players with purple items. Unfortunately, the grind to acquire these items and power up skills can be pretty tricky, considering that it's not only hostile gamers out to get them. Traps and aggressive mobs can also spell doom.  

If sellers have the skills to survive, escape, and grind to farm high-level dungeons, they can consider playing Dark and Darker for other players. Many gamers want to enter dangerous chambers already wearing purple items, so many are willing to hire pilots to farm for them. Sellers can prove their skills with each raid and earn money by power-leveling other players!

Best Solo Classes to Farm With

If sellers want to pilot other accounts, they will spend much of their time playing alone. Doing solo runs can be thrilling but also dangerous since they don't have any friends to back them up. To maximize one's chances of escaping, choosing the best classes for solitary incursions is a good idea. Here are the best jobs for running solo runs:

  • Barbarian
  • Ranger
  • Rogue
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