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Sell Counter-Stike 2 Accounts With the Rarest Skins

Counter-Strike 2’s skin economy is flourishing, to say the least. With new players exploring the game and entering the market, the rich history surrounding Counter-Strike’s skin is complex. Some cosmetics can break the bank, costing tens of thousands of dollars. If sellers want to cater to buyers who have a penchant for these digital wares, they can consider getting the following skins:

Karambit Case Hardened (Blue Gem)

The Case Hardened Karambit with pattern 387 (blue gem) that’s factory new is a mythical skin. In 2016, it was bought for over $100,000, but now its value is considerably higher. While there are no sold reports yet, an owner of the skin recently turned down an offer of $1.5m, which suggests that if someone were to acquire it, they’d have to pay more than that amount. It’s no surprise if the skin’s worth more than $2 now.

AWP Gungnir

The AWP Gungnir is one of the newer skins on this list. It was added to CS:GO in 2019 as part of the Norse collection. As it stands, there are currently 3,300 of this skin in circulation. A Battle Scarred version of this cosmetic can already set players back thousands, but if they want a Factory New variant, they’d have to pay around $8,000.

AK:47 Wild Lotus

Despite being relatively new skin, the Wild Lotus from the St. Marc collection is in very short supply. The reason why it’s so desirable is its visuals. The lotus pattern across the green paint simply looks amazing. Players that want a Factory New skin of it will have to fork over $10,000. 


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