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The CS2 Marketplace is the perfect spot for players who are looking to take their experience to the next level. Whether it be fresh accounts, high-rank accounts, rank boosting services, or the rarest skins in Counter-Strike 2, they’ll be sure to find everything that they need to enhance the way that they play.

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CS: GO Skins Shop: Looking Into the Appraisal of Skins

The skin market in Counter-Strike 2 is worth millions of dollars. Imagine big bucks being traded in per day on sites such as auction houses, betting sites, and the like. It wasn’t always like this. Back in the early days of the now-popular competitive FPS, players were able to earn drops by simply playing matches. They also have the option to pay for keys to open up the crates that they’ve earned. The crates are similar to loot boxes where players are at the mercy of the RNG gods when it comes to whether or not they’ll be lucky enough to nab a rare skin. As time went by, the skins gained some value and resulted in players trading them on the Steam marketplace. Fast forward to the present, the skin market for Counter Strike: Global Offensive has created an economy that’s arguably more important than the game itself’s in-game economy.

Many factors ultimately affect the value of a weapon’s skin. Things such as what weapon it’s for, the number of professional players that use it, the wear rating, and many more other considerations determine how much a player can sell it for. For example, if a player were to sell a run-off-the-mill skin for the pistol that’s Battle-Scarred, then they can bet that they can’t make a sale with it for that much. But if they were to have a Factory New weapon skin discontinued in the game, they can expect buyers to come in droves to try to get their hands on it. This, in turn, has led to the market being bombarded with listings of rather pricey CS: GO skins that can make a casual gamer’s head spin. Altogether, the weapon skins’ elements and condition play a vital role in its overall appraisal.

The Most Expensive Skins to Keep in Mind for CS: GO Trade

It can look downright absurd to some folks when they see listings of in-game cosmetic items selling for thousands of bucks, and that’s understandable. But with an open mind and the willingness to learn, they can try to penetrate the market and even make a living out of it. Some of the most expensive skins in Counter Strike: Global Offensive are either no longer being given out in the game or come from expensive cases. Without further ado, listed below can be considered as some of the most exorbitant skins out there.

  1. Tiger Tooth Butterfly Knife

    Compared to guns, knives are much more sought-after items in terms of cosmetics. For those that have been in the Counter Strike: Global Offensive scene for long enough, they know that some streamers and gamers go bonkers when they win with a knife skin in the middle of their stream. The reason being is that knife skins tend to be more costly compared to gun skins. For example, the cheapest skins that money can buy for the AK-47 just costs less than a buck or two. Meanwhile, the cheapest knife skin in Counter Strike: Global Offensive, the Ultraviolet Navaja Knife, can be seen listed for around $69 (nice). The Tiger Tooth Butterfly Knife with a Minimal Wear grade can be seen listed for more than $1,400, and while it’s possible to find it by purchasing the Spectrum or Spectrum 2 Case, the odds of getting the knife is extremely low.

  2. Fire Serpent

    The AK-47 is an iconic weapon that’s perhaps the most used out of the whole slew of guns that are available to a player, and with good reason. After all, the AK-47 is reliable for almost all scenarios, which is why the Fire Serpent is one of the most popular skins in CS: GO. The commotion concerning the Fire Serpent started back in 2013 when the Operation Bravo case was introduced. Since it was the first skin case that’s part of an Operation, it quickly became one of the most valuable and rarest cases even now. A Minimal Wear Fire Serpent can fetch at least $1,500 to $1,800, while a Factory New grade version can cost up to $4,000.

Getting Fresh Accounts in the CS: GO Marketplace

While Counter Strike: Global Offensive can be played casually, most players tend to go into the competitive scene after a while. Ranking up certainly isn’t easy though; no doubt first-timers will be met with smurfs that, in reality, are high-ranking players in disguise. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence to which Valve still has no answer in terms of minimizing. However, what players can do is that they can purchase CS2 accounts that already have a high rank right from the get-go. That way, they’ll be able to join the big boys and no longer have to endure the hellish climb.

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