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How to Sell Clash Royale Cards for Money?

There are three things to remember when trading or requesting cards. One, the seller and the buyer have to be in the same clan. Two, there's a two-and-a-half-hour cooldown period when changing clans. You cannot request cards until the cooldown is over. Three, the initiator of the trade needs a trade token of the same rarity of the cards to be exchanged. For example, if they want Rare cards, they must have a Rare trade token to be able to open a request.

Now that that's squared away, make your offer. What are you offering to give, and what are you willing to take? Keep in mind that you can't trade cards with different rarities, like say, a Legendary for several common cards. In line with that, you have to trade 250 when trading Common cards, 50 when trading for Rares, 10 for Epics, or 1 for a Legendary card transaction.

Make sure you have enough to complete the trade.

Next comes negotiations. Exchange clan names, in-game names, and decide on a plan. Who will move to whose clan, as well as who will initiate the trade? There's also the matter of what to exchange for the wanted card and the message that accompanies the trade request. You might want to agree on a phrase that would deter another person from taking the trade. The agreed-upon phrase also ensures that the one who will accept is sure that it is the right trade.

When the trade's done, whoever accepted has a 15-minute cooldown where they can't accept or make requests. Take note of that when negotiating. At any rate, your buyer should confirm the delivery after the trade. With that, your business is over, and you get your profit.

What is a Fair Price for Clash Royale Cards?

That depends on how rare the card is. By that logic, Legendary cards would be the most expensive ones, while Common would be the cheapest. Since the in-game shop sells card packs, you can also use the real money to gem to gold conversion to find a price. Ultimately, it's up to you to find a price you think is fair.

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