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Tips on How to Sell BGMI Accounts That Are High Quality

Sellers will need to do things more uniquely if they want to catch the eyes of prospective buyers. The player base of Battlegrounds India is mostly made up of folks that are from India, but there’s a chance that some overseas players play the battle royale as well, especially when they’re pairing up with their friends from the other side of the world. Since BGMI is entirely free-to-play, it’s easy for players to just create an account for themselves to play the game. So just what can sellers offer to gamers that they otherwise didn’t know they needed?

  1. Having High Levels Across All Accounts

    What some of the newer players of Battlegrounds India don’t know is that they can migrate their data if they want to access all of their older items and save data such as weapons and cosmetics. With the battle royale having a system of levels, players can rise through the tiers by gaining experience points. Leveling up in a battle royale doesn’t sound all that exciting at first, but the good thing about it is the certain level-up rewards that gamers receive for doing so. As such, it’s often recommended for BGMI account sellers to prioritize their efforts in creating Battlegrounds India accounts that have a high level. Since most players that are playing BGMI for the first time tend to start wholly from scratch and not connect their old PUBG account, having an account that has a high level and lots of cool goodies from the get-go can be a tempting prospect.

  2. Rare Weapon Skins

    One of the most appealing things in BGMI is its weapon skins. What sort of gamers doesn’t have the desire to get their hands on some rare skins to dress up their weapons with? Gun skins can be collected by opening all sorts of crates and participating in special in-game events. Some cosmetic items can be easy for gamers to get, but others are more difficult to come across. Of course, what everyone wants are the rarer skins since only a few people possess them. Plus, it warrants sellers to put up a higher price for their BGMI accounts.

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