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Selling Adventure Quest Accounts

For some players, quitting isn't the end.They become online sellers by selling their high-level AQ accounts. Many buyers and sellers meet up in online marketplaces to initiate in trades with each other. This usually involves the trade of virtual goods or services for real money.

Marketplace sites sometimes have a seller review system where future buyers can see reviews and feedback left by other buyers. With that kind of system, buyers can judge a seller by their ratings. It also means that finding buyers is extremely important in selling Adventure Quest accounts.

Finding Out AQ Accounts Prices

Sellers are able to price their offer however they feel. However, buyers won't buy their AQ account if the price isn't fair. Too high and buyers would rather look for another offer. Too low sellers would be losing profit.

When setting a price, online sellers tend to use the following account features as guidelines:

  • Character Level and Available Classes
  • Amount of gold and Adventure Coins
  • Rare items

Generally, the higher or better these are, the higher the price for the account. Other than that, sellers may use other offers as guidelines.

Whatever you choose to do, always remember to enjoy Adventure Quest! It's one of the oldest running games in the internet. With that kind of milestone under its belt, you can be sure that there's a ton of content to get through. Have fun with a gripping story where the fate of the world hangs in the balance or some simple and wacky tales. There's even clan wars to participate in or rare items to collect. You can also master all kinds of classes for your character.

Of course, be sure to properly absorb the knowledge about the risks of participating in player-to-player trading. Please review Adventure Quest's Rules of Conduct and Terms of Agreement for further information.

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