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Selling Apex Legends Account for Real Money

With the Apex Legends sensation sweeping the gaming world today, it’s no surprise that gamers from all over are raving about it. For gamers who had the foresight to hop on the bandwagon earlier, they have the luxury to turn their Apex accounts into earnings.

Pricing Apex Legends Account The Right Way

When setting the price for an Apex Legends account, here are some key things sellers should consider:

1. Number and Variety of Legendary Skins

With so many seasons passing by after every few months or so, there will always be new skins and all sorts of cosmetic items popping up now and then. During the first season, it was extremely difficult for players to get a hold of some of the rarer skins due to them only being available in loot boxes. Then there’s the fact that there’s only a 1/1000 chance of getting them. Players would have to burn a hole in their pocket if they wanted to get all of the Legendary skins in Apex legends. Some characters/Legends have a whole lot more skins than others, especially the first Legends that came with the base game back when it first launched.

Then there are also event-exclusive skins. This means that players will only be able to purchase those types of skins for a limited time. After that, there’s no way of getting them except for scouring third-party marketplaces. A prime example would be the skins from the Evolution event which featured a couple of skins for Bangalore, Octane, and many more. Those types of skins are arguably more elusive to come by after the event ends, and for those that happened to miss out on it but want to keep their skin collection up to date, then those potential buyers could consider the option to purchase an Apex Legends account that has all of them in one bundle.

2. All the Legends

There used to only be a handful of Legends at first, but since Apex Legends is an ever-growing and ever-changing battle royale, it makes sense to add a couple more to the pile after every few seasons or so. Wattson was one of the first Legends that was added to the game where players have to pay using Apex Coins to use him in battle. Over the many seasons and events that have passed, players have met the likes of Fuse, Crypto, Loba, and more that became a part of the Apex Legends family. Having all of the Legends right off the bat is a huge plus for potential buyers as they no longer have to worry about using their hard-earned Apex Coins to purchase each of the Legends since that can take a lot of time.

3. An Active Battle Pass

While it’s not necessarily a requirement, having the current season’s active battle pass that’s all finished is a huge perk for sellers to have when it comes to selling their Apex Legends accounts. This is due to the seasonal skins being exclusive to the Battle Pass. So if a player manages to snag an account that has the season’s Battle Pass that’s been completed, then they get to equip the skins and save them in their inventory, greatly cutting down on the effort required to toil within the same season pass.

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