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How to Sell Your Apex Legends Account for Real Money?

With the Apex Legends sensation sweeping the gaming world today, it’s no surprise that gamers from all over are raving about it. For gamers like you who had the foresight to hop on the bandwagon earlier, you have the luxury to turn your Apex accounts into cold, hard cash!

Here’s how you can do so:

  1. Register and log in.
  2. Create an offer in the Apex Legends page so that buyers will be privy to the account you’re selling.
  3. Once a buyer takes you up on your offer, you will then have to agree upon a time and date for you to turn over the account details. You can, however, opt for the automatic delivery method (which we highly recommend) so you won’t have to go through the trouble of delivering it manually.
  4. Once the buyer confirms that everything in the account is in order and that everything matches the offer sheet, we will then promptly send you your monetary compensation.
  5. Create another offer. There’s no stopping you from earning as much as you can!

Pricing Your Apex Legends Account Right

When setting the price for an Apex Legends account, here are some key things you should consider:

  • · Number and kind of Legendary skins and items
  • · Unlocked Legends, especially new ones like Wattson
  • · Active Battle Pass

There is no specific price range you have to set regardless of what your account features. However, it’s best to set it at the most ideal price so that you can make good a profit while attracting possible buyers at the same time.

PlayerAuctions provides gamers from all around the world with a safe haven for player-to-player transactions. We make account acquisitions fast and easy. Be a part of our global community today and reap the benefits only a PlayerActions trader has access to!

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