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In 2023, 25,733 sellers made cash from selling on PlayerAuctions.

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Aion Classic will be leveling the playing field. This is true not just for those veteran players taking on PVE and PVP content, but also new players who’ll get to experience what Aion used to be like. Other sellers are helping these newer gamers out when they sell Aion Classic Kinah.

Why Do Gamers Sell Aion Classic Kinah?

One reason players sell Aion Classic Kinah is that unlike selling accounts, it takes less time and doesn’t require the player to give up something that they own. They simply farm Kinah and sell it to the buyer at the specified price.

Another reason why some traders might decide to start selling Aion Classic Kinah is because both new and veteran players need a rather good amount of Kinah. Once there are enough players in the endgame, there will be a lot of them selling items and gear as well. In preparation for that, many players, especially those that want to be strong right away but do not have the time or patience for grinding, will need a lot of the standard in-game currency.

This is also true for even for some players that are willing to grind but still want extra Kinah just the same. Players that need a lot of crafting materials and consumable items but do not want or have time to gather or craft them will need a lot of Kinah as well.

Setting Aion Classic Kinah Prices

Some sellers might not be sure how Aion Classic Kinah prices are set. Since they are able to create offers at any price they want to, some sellers end up overcharging for their Kinah, and failing to get sales, or undercharging and losing out. When setting a price, most sellers will review offers already on the marketplace, get an idea of the average, and then base their own price on that.

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