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There are opportunities to make money by playing Aion Classic. This is especially true because the game is going to be a reboot of the long-running MMO. Among them, one of the most convenient ways to do so is to sell Aion Classic Account.

Why Sell an Aion Classic Account

There are many reasons why those that an Aion Classic Account would sell. The biggest of which is the fact that Aion Classic is going to be popular. Much like other long-running MMORPGs that have had a lot of updates to the point that it has fundamentally changed, Aion is also going back to its roots. This is to not only encourage older players to come back to the game but also new players to try the game out for the first time. 

Aion Classic will be a different server than that of the current servers. This means older players’ progress will not be carried over, giving them a reason to go for an Aion Account for sale. Aside from the fact that they will not get to retain the progress they have made, older players also know how much of a grind the older versions were. Rather than spend much time leveling and farming in a game that they are already familiar with, they would rather buy an account and get to the endgame. 

The same can also be true for players that are new to the game but want to either save the time and energy needed to level up and farm. On the other hand, some players want to have a competitive account, complete with best in slot gear, a good amount of Kinah, as well as premium currency and items. 

Last but not least, both newbies that have done a bit of reading, as well as veterans, will want an Aion Classic Account that has Black Cloud Coins and items bought via the Black Cloud Store. These items cannot be traded, so buying an account is the only way to get them. In fact, because of how pricey Black Cloud Coins and items in the Black Cloud store are, there are times when players would rather buy an account. This should give sellers whose accounts have a lot of Black Cloud coins and store items the perfect opportunity to sell their accounts. 

Lastly, Aion Classic will not have changes for quite some time to have its classic setting preserved, so what is considered a good endgame account will stay as such. This means sellers do not have to worry about their accounts being outdated quickly. It is likely for the game to have updates sometime in the future, but the game will take some time before it does. Even then, what is currently considered as a competitive account, for now, will still be up to par when that time comes. 

Setting a Price On An Aion Classic Account  

Anyone can put an Aion Classic Account for sale, and any kind of account can be sold. Still, it is highly recommended to sell a competitive account. Thus, sellers will have to level up and grind faster than the rest of the player base, as their accounts won’t be sold if they are of the same level and has the same amount of Kinah as the usual player. As for Black Cloud coins and store items, it is up to the seller if they want to buy them to bump up the price of their account. Likewise, sellers can also enroll the account to a subscription for the same effect. The account will have a higher price as long as it is still enrolled in a premium subscription. 

On a related note, sellers can put any price on their accounts. Nevertheless, it is recommended to keep it close to its actual value. In turn, an account’s value is determined by the following factors: 

  • Level of character/s and viability of class
  • The total value of gear and items in account
  • The total value of Aion Kinah in real-life currency
  • The total value of Black Cloud coins and Black Cloud store items
  • Price and length of subscription

The closer the account’s price is to its value, the more will potential buyers consider the account. At the same time, sellers are also encouraged to make a fair profit out of their accounts as well. 

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