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About Aion Classic Items

Aion Classic is a rerelease of the original release in the likes of WoW Classic. It’s the 2009 version of the game with updated quality-of-life features that make it a little easier than before. It’s not going to be too different from the Korean servers and will feature content up to the 1.7 release of the game.

As for items, they’re mostly the same, except for the unavailability of BM-acquired equipment. This is to give a fairer experience in PvP, as that kind of equipment can disrupt the balance of the game. That means there are a few kinds of items sellers can offer up to buyers.

Types of Aion Classic Items to Sell

There are several types of items to sell. Be warned that there could be exceptions due to the binding system, making some items untradeable. Sellers have to make sure to check whether the item is tradeable before offering it up for sale.

Equipment - All adventurers need equipment. Without armor to protect them or a weapon to attack with, how are they going to survive traveling through the harsh environments of Atreia? This category includes all kinds of equipable items, such as:

  • Weapons
  • Armor
  • Accessories
  • Wings
  • Helms
  • Rings
  • Earrings
  • Necklace
  • Belt

With players always raising their levels, they’d need replacing every so often. Plus with the remodeling option, even equipment with low stats but look good will sell.

Resources - Players can gather various materials by Essencetapping/Gathering or Aethertapping. They can then use these materials for crafting and other activities. Crafting always needs material in bulk, so these would always be in demand. Sellers would help buyers save time collecting all of these.

Enhancement Materials - These stones upgrade and improve equipment. They are either imbued or embedded into the equipment for a variety of effects. Depending on rarity or effects, some of them can be really valuable to buyers.

Character Enhancement Items - Items that increase or change a character’s attributes. The category includes skill books and stigma. Emotes are included in this category, though they aren’t tradeable.

Consumables - These items buff the player character or restore HP or Mana. Can be categorized into food or potions. Though some may be named like a potion, they might be considered food instead. It depends on the effects of the consumable.

Things You Should Know about Selling Aion Classic Items

The exchange of real money for virtual items and services can be a dangerous transaction. Suspicious people would try stealing sensitive data and nobody wants that. That’s why sellers would recommend selling on a trustworthy online marketplace.

It will provide a secure trading environment. That makes sure there won’t be any leaking of sensitive data for any transaction. Next, it provides all a seller’s needs, such as a bustling trading community or having no subscription fees. The former guarantees there’s a buyer for every offer on the marketplace, while the latter allows the seller to price their wares the way they want.

Sellers also have to be sure to read up on the policies and rules the game has about this kind of trading. If they still have questions or worries, they can also read the marketplace’s user agreement for further information.

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