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Whether you only have one AFK Arena Account for sale or have many ones and want to make it a mainstay sideline, PlayerAuctions is the best place to sell them. Aside from providing you with a wide market of buyers, we also provide you with security and better profit.

How to Sell AFK Arena Account for Cash?

If you want to sell AFK Arena Account in PlayerAuctions, it’s simple! Log in or register and create an offer, then wait until a buyer decides to purchase it. Once he or she does, the account details will be delivered to him or her depending on the method you’ve chosen. Automatic is more convenient and therefore more recommended, but you can also opt for manual, which will require you to send the account details to the buyer yourself.

Once the buyer receives the account details, wait for the confirmation. After that, you’ll be receiving the payment after 5 days, and just 3 days if you’re a PowerSeller.

How Much Should I Sell My AFK Arena Account?

When putting a price on the AFK Arena account you’re selling, the following things in mind:

  • · Heroes
  • · Gear
  • · Amount of in-game currencies

The higher the quality of these accounts’ traits, the pricier you’ll be able to sell the account. While you’re free to sell your account at any price regardless of its contents, we recommend that you give it a reasonable price that will ensure a decent profit while not putting off potential buyers.

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