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PoE Crafting Guide

PoE Crafting Guide

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Crafting in POE could slip under the radar for many newer players as it is nothing like traditional RPGs. No anvils, blacksmith hammers, mining nodes, or professional skills exist. Instead, we use the various Orbs we find to “roll” the affixes on an item. These Orbs also double as our accumulated wealth, so Crafting in POE is always a gamble. In this guide, we’ll be talking about all things crafting, and hopefully, at the very end, you’ll turn into a master crafter yourself. For an easy PoE leveling guide instead, click here.

Orbs: What Are They & How to Use Them

I’ll break up the Orbs into three categories based on the level of item rarity they interact with, Magic, Rare, and Misc (everything).

Magic-Based Orbs

  • Transmutation – Reforge a Normal item to Magic with 1-2 affixes (1 prefix & 1 suffix max).
  • Alteration – Reforge the current affixes on a Magic item with new ones (can re-roll with 2).
  • Augmentation – Adds an affix to a Magic item (max two affixes).

Rare Based Orbs

  • Alchemy – Reforge a Normal item to Rare with 4-6 affixes. These will not be used to craft unless you are just trying your luck (3 prefixes & 3 suffixes max).
  • Chaos – Replaces the current properties on a Rare item with new ones (can roll 4-6 new affixes).
  • Regal – Upgrades a Magic item to Rare. Doing so will keep the original 1-2 affixes while bringing the total to three possible prefixes and three suffixes.
  • Scour – Removes ALL properties from an item, reverting it to its Normal (white) base.

Misc Orbs

  • Chromatic – Reforges the colors and items’ sockets. The RNG deciding the colors is based on the items required core stats.
  • Relevant Vorici Prices – To see the most currency-efficient way to recolor using Vorici, head over to the Vorici Calculator.
  • Blacksmith Whetstone/Armorer’s Scraps – Increases the quality of weapons/armor to a maximum of 20%. This is very important as it has been reported that a higher quality slightly pulls RNG in favor of the best possible roll/maximum links.

Make Money Crafting in Path of Exile

If you’re getting into crafting to get more in-game currency in Path of Exile, knowing the meta is crucial to ensuring you are crafting things people will want to buy rather than some niche bit of junk.

Check Reddit, class forums, and Twitch to see what everyone is playing. What I mean by this is generally things like life Life/ES, or Phys/Ele builds. Most of the player base has yet to learn what things are worth and will pay silly amounts of POE currency for a quick fix to get them mapping or round out resists after getting a desirable unique.

What Items to Craft

Jewelry and belts are my go-to's. This prevents you from doing the “Chaos Recipe” (found in my vendor guide), but you will easily make 2c per piece you identify.

I also tend to pick up a lot of jewels (there will be a separate section for these bad boys) and IL 71+ belts and jewelry, then do an essential craft on them in the form of Transmute > Alteration spam. You either A) Hit something desirable or B) feel you have spent too much (you are looking to make a 10-30c sale for this method). Use an Augmentation if there is a free POE Affix slot and then pray to Chris Wilson and Regal.

You then head to Elreon for Amulets and Rings or Tora for the Belt and fill the remaining POE Affix slot with either a core stat or resists (preferably resists). If I feel fortunate, I just drop an Orb of Alchemy onto them and hope for the best.

Here are the bases I am looking for: 

Belt Bases


Flat Life (35+)


Strength (30+)


Physical Damage % (22%)


ES (70+)


I tend to avoid these since the ES rolls are abysmally low.


Ring Bases

Two Stone Ring

Random Dual Res


Single Res


Elemental Damage %


Flat Physical Damage

Moonstone Ring

Flat ES


Desirable Stats to Look Out for

These values may appear low but provided you have a decent Life/ES roll and at least two resistances with another desirable affix, you will make a manageable 2-5 Chaos, sometimes more, especially on a belt.

Rings and Amulets need something offensive to hit some money (Belts generally can only roll what is listed below).

  • Maximum Life – 70+, Belt, Rings & Amulet.
  • Resistance – 25%+ x2, Belt, Rings & Amulet. Two Stone Rings can easily hit 50% for two resistances; this combined with a decent Life Roll, will be an easy sell or even something you will consider using yourself.
  • All Res – 15%+, Rings & Amulet.
  • Flat Ele/Phys – Rings & Amulet.
  • Inc Ele Dmg % – Rings & Amulet.
  • Inc Attack/Cast Speed – Rings & Amulet, 5%+
  • Core Stats Str/Dex/Int/All Attributes (Amulets) – These can be desirable for Amulets and Rings as a lot of builds need to meet requirements for gear and gems.
  • Inc SP – 18%+, Amulet.

PoE Master Crafting Guide?

Master Crafting can be difficult. The first step along the road is to understand what master crafting is and which masters do what. There are important breakpoints you should be aiming for and points that you should probably just buy from someone else if you have the option. There are eight masters in Path of Exile, and all of them have different missions and provide different services.

What Do Masters Provide to Your Craft?

You will encounter the masters throughout your journey in Path of Exile. When you find them, they will ask you to do a mission. If you complete their mission, you will gain favor with that master, bringing them closer to their next level. These masters can be invited, and depending on their level, they provide a way to craft stats onto your gear. Each master specializes in different types of crafting; almost all of them will be useful at some point or another. Their crafts won’t be as strong as the highest tier of stats you can get on an item otherwise, but it provides a way to target craft a particular stat, which is highly useful.

Which Masters Should I Prioritize?

I believe three masters are considerably more important than the others. Those masters are Haku, Elreon, and Zana.

Haku is the armor smith master. He is the one you go to craft most things onto your Helmet, Gloves, Boots, and Body Armor. Armor will be where you receive most of your defensive bonuses, and there are two stats you will always be looking for – life and resistance. Because these two forms of defense are so important, you’ll nearly always want them on gear (life in particular). Haku provides a way to get high-tier defensive crafts and take your item from passable to excellent. He – and all the other masters – is instrumental in Solo Self-Found, where you cannot simply buy an armor piece with perfect rolls. I strongly suggest leveling Haku to at least seven to craft everything and remove crafts so you can reroll your defensive crafts.

In terms of crafting, Elreon is the most important master. He provides crafting services for Rings and Amulets. This service is essential because Haku is important – crafting resistances and life onto your jewelry. So why do I think he’s the most important? For several reasons. First, jewelry is around ten times rarer than any other armor piece, so finding what you need by identifying items is highly unlikely. Second, the bases for rings, in particular, tend to suck, so the odds you’ll find the ones you need are even less likely, meaning you’ll be forced to craft your own far more often. This contrasts with armor pieces, where the bases don’t matter unless you’re specifically trying to stack a stat. Lastly, many builds wear unique armor in several slots, which cannot be master crafted. However, most builds use non-unique jewelry, providing many more opportunities to use Elreon.

Finally, Zana is different from all the other masters in that she does not provide a crafting service. However, she is still extremely important – potentially the most important. Zana allows you to purchase maps and add modifiers to maps you are about to run. These services are enormous bonuses to Solo Self Found and normal playstyles. To make it even better, each of Zana’s levels adds a flat 1% quantity bonus to maps you don’t put a modifier on. She makes all your returns better, regardless of what you’re doing with her.

Crafting Can Be Fun and Rewarding

If you have made it this far, I hope you now have a shiny new item you have hand-crafted to round off some of your character's weaknesses and gathered some knowledge to help you in future endeavors.

Crafting is a lot of fun and my preferred way to play. The risk and reward are utterly addictive! Trading serves as a means for me to obtain build enabling uniques rather than fill in my character gaps, and as a result, I enjoy each league for much longer than my friends and guild-mates.


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