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Temple of the Eye Guide

Temple of the Eye Guide

Temple of the Eye introduces the Guardians of the Rift minigame. The Wizard Persten needs your help in investigating a mysterious Eye Amulet. This leads to discovering the titular temple and whatever it hides within. Here’s what you must bring and the steps to complete the quest.


You must have completed the following quests:

  • Enter the Abyss
  • Rune Mysteries

Your Runecrafting should also be at least level 10 without any boosting item. Bring along a Bucket of Water, a Chisel, and a Pickaxe, though you can get the last two things during the quest. It’d also be best to prepare some means to teleport to Varrock and Al Kharid.

Quest Walkthrough

“Eye Need a Favor”

Wizard Persten is trying to buy something in Al Kharid, but you can encounter her near the pool of water and gnome glider. When she asks about the Abyss, tell her you helped the Zamorak Magical Institute enter the rune essence mine. While she might be dismayed at the news, she’ll ask for your help, and you must agree if you want to continue the quest.

She’ll show you an Eye Amulet she bought for 100 coins. The vendor told her they found it near the Ruins of Uzer and thought it was junk. In reality, the amulet has the symbols for the Order of Wizards and the Wizard’s Tower. Plus, it contains two distinct magic signatures: rune essence and the Abyss.

Wizard Persten wants you to track the amulet’s origins, but the required spell only works within the Abyss. You must find someone from the ZMI to help you, though the wizard asks you not to mention where you got the amulet.

Herbert’s Tea and Washing a Dark Mage

Your next step is to talk to the Mage of Zamorak near the Altar of Zamorak in Varrock. Give him the amulet so he can appraise it. He tells you it is unusual but asks for a Bucket of Water and a Strong Cup of Tea.

The Tea Seller can be found on the eastern side of Varrock. You tell him the Mage, Herbert, is asking for a Strong Cup of Tea. The vendor reveals that it is just a regular cup and gives one to you. Return to Herbert with the tea and bucket, giving him the former.

He provides a teleport to the center of the Abyss, where a Dark Mage maintains the rift. The Bucket of Water is for the poor magic user who needs a bath. After teleporting, use the amulet on the Dark Mage to automatically splash the water on him. He then casts a spell to pinpoint the origin of the trinket, comparing its signature with the runic altars’.

What comes next is a small puzzle. You must figure out the correct order of runic energy flow. If you’re on the right path, the altars will glow white, and you complete the minigame when they all become white. Note down the order as you figure it out.

The Dark Mage will give you an Abyssal Incantation once you’re finished. You won’t understand it, so you need the help of a wizard.

Wizard Aid

Return to Wizard Persten, who’s back at Al Kharid. She casts a spell to interfere with and redirect the ZMI’s spying spell. She then tells you to ask the Archmage Sedridor for help and opens a one-time teleport to the Wizard’s Tower. He’s in the basement of the tower.

Use the Abyssal Incantation on him so he can analyze it. He’s skeptical of the ZMI’s involvement but helps out anyway. It’ll take some time to ensure the amulet and incantation are safe, so he asks you to speak to Wizard Traiborn.

You can find the latter on the second floor of the tower. Ask him for help interpreting the incantation. He agrees, but only after aiding his apprentices with a puzzle he gave them. Talk to the three to get clues. They come in two statements. Here they are in shorthand.

Cordelia: ‘Fire=4, Body=7. X<3Water, >3Air.’

Felix mentions, ‘Water=6, Mind=8. X<2Body, >2Earth.’

Tamara tells you, ‘Earth=5 Air=3. X<3Fire, >1Mind.’

If it isn’t apparent from the clues, the answer is eleven, which you should give to Traiborn.

Into the Gates

Return to Sedridor in the basement. He’s finished with the analysis and confirms the amulet and incantation are safe. Still skeptical about the ZMi, he reluctantly agrees to help you. A cutscene plays where the wizards open the portal, and you all go through.

You arrive at what looks to be an underground Saradomist Temple. Tamara casts a locator spell, revealing that you’re south of Morytania, deep under the sea. Take a moment to explore the temple, talking to all the apprentices. They make various discoveries about the temple. Then speak to Wizard Persten, who is examining some strange markings.

She says that the markings radiate some magic she can’t identify. Your character suddenly gets hit with a vision of a Mysterious Stone and two Justicars: Zachariah and Aliya. The latter two talk about the stone, calling it the Eye and guarding it. You will randomly proclaim Jas, which confuses the other wizards.

Persten learns about what the other apprentices discovered and concludes that the temple uses the power of the Abyss and the Eye. This power is then used to create portals to runic altars. She casts another spell, intending to reveal other secrets to the temple. However, an abyssal portal opens and sucks her in. A group of warped abyssal creatures emerges from the opening as if trading one for the other. Cordelia blasts them all with a spell.

Guardians of the Rift

The Great Guardian appears in the center, asking for help closing the rift. This begins a tutorial phase of the Guardians of the Rift minigame. Be careful when dropping items to make space. The tutorial is considered a different instance than the one after the minigame, resulting in lost items.

Talk to Felix and get a Weak Cell from the nearby table. Bring the item to Tamara and place it on the inactive cell tile near her. This creates a barrier. Now, with a chisel, return to Felix and assemble essence piles into Rune Guardians. Afterward, return to Tamara to collect guardian fragments and turn them into essence.

All those activities increase the Guardian’s Energy. Once it has enough, a cutscene will play. It then explains that the temple was once a place to hold the Stone of Jas. After the Betrayal of Zaros, his followers tried to take over the temple. Since the Eye isn’t there, the rift will return, and the Guardian will need the humans’ help again.

The three apprentices remain in the temple to help, feeling they must atone for the mistake. They also conclude that Persten is dead, as she fell into The Scar, the most dangerous part of the Abyss. The three wizards ask you to tell Sedridor about what happened.

The Archmage laments that he was reluctant to follow in Persten’s idea but promises to help the apprentices out. Whether that’s by defending the place or researching a way to close the rifts permanently, these wizards have work to do.

Quest Rewards

You get the following for completing the quest:

  • 1 Quest Point
  • 5,000 Runecrafting XP (with a bonus of 4,210 gained throughout the quest)
  • Access to the Guardians of the Rift minigame
  • A Medium Pouch (if not already acquired)

The Guardians of the Rift Minigame

This is one way to train Runecrafting without having to create runes. Of course, that gives it a drawback that you can’t profit from this method, though you can get otherwise exclusive items through its shop.

Your objective in the game is to protect the Guardian until it can seal the rift. You can create barriers or guardians depending on the situation. It’s a non-combat activity, so you don’t directly face the Abyssal creatures from the rift.

It takes some tactical thinking and patience to complete a game. However, if you want or need anything from the prizes below, this is the only way to get them.

Minigame Shop Rewards:

  • Abyssal Pearls
  • Intricate Pouch
  • Atlax’s Diary
  • Elemental Talisman
  • Catalytic Talisman
  • Abyssal Needle
  • Abyssal Lantern
  • Abyssal Dyes
  • Abyssal Protector

From the Temple Supplies shop (bought with Abyssal Pearls):

  • Raiments of the Eye
  • Ring of the Elements
  • Guardian’s Eye
  • Talismans

These are some extra rewards you can get, as you can’t access the minigame without the quest.

Have Fun With the Quest and Minigame

Though the quest might be short, you can enjoy the minigame as much as you want. It might not be as exciting as fighting bosses or profitable as creating things. Still, it can be enjoyed all the same. Plus, not everything has to be about combat, and the more peaceful sort of player can appreciate the slower pace of this kind of minigame.

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