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OSRS Song of the Elves Quest Guide

OSRS Song of the Elves Guide

Song of the Elves is the final quest in the Elves Questline. It has a long list of requirements before you can even begin. It'll require substantial preparation and investment, in time, gold, and gear. Besides that, it's a Grandmaster-ranked quest. A long and challenging journey awaits you in Song of the Elves.

Here's the definitive OSRS Song of the Elves Quest Guide to get you through. Puzzle solutions and battle strategies are not included.

Quest Requirements

First, you should have at least level 70 (unboosted) in the following skills:

  • Agility
  • Construction
  • Farming
  • Herblore
  • Hunter
  • Mining
  • Smithing
  • Woodcutting

Also, it's recommended to have these so you don't struggle too much in fights.

  • 95 Combat Level
  • 75 Magic (so you can use the Trident of the Swamp for the final boss)
  • 40 Prayer

Second, you must have finished all the quests in the Elf quest series up to Mourning's End Part II. That means completing the quests listed here:

  • Plague City
  • Biohazard
  • Underground Pass
  • Regicide
  • Roving Elves
  • Mourning's End Part I

Aside from those, you should have completed these:

  • Waterfall Quest
  • Sheep Herder
  • Big Chompy Bird Hunting
  • Making history (which has the requisite quests of Priest in Peril and The Restless Ghost)

After that, you should prepare these items, which will be used throughout the quest:

  • A Steel outfit (a Steel Full Helm, Steel Platebody, and Steel Platelegs)
  • Red Dye and Purple Dye
  • Mourner Gear, including the Gas Mask (Plague Jacket and Trousers will not work)
  • Silk
  • 1 Runite Bar
  • 8 Limestone Bricks
  • Tinderbox
  • Rope
  • Nature Rune
  • Flowers or Irit Leaf (Trollweiss will not work)
  • Adamant Chainbody
  • Wine of Zamorak or Zamorak Brew
  • Cabbage (also obtainable during the quest)
  • Black Knife or Black Dagger
  • Cadantine Seed
  • Seed Dibber
  • Vial of Water
  • Mortar and Pestle
  • Hammer
  • Saw
  • Pickaxe
  • Ax
  • Spade

While that list does look daunting, you might find that you have most of these items already. 

OSRS Song of the Elves Walkthrough

The Prison Break

Now that you've prepared and fulfilled all the requirements, it's time to start the quest. Talk to Edmond at his home's garden found north of the Flying Horse Inn. You might want to pick up cabbage and a spade here if you need it.

He mentions that the Knights have taken Elena after she spread the word that the plague isn't real. The soldiers charged her with stirring up a rebellion, and she was sent to prison. The adventurer (you) agrees to help, and Edmond tells you to talk to King Lathas. The King may be found in an upstairs room of his castle just south of Edmond's house.

The King tells you the plague is a necessary masquerade to keep the people's peace of mind. Knowing about the bigger picture may destabilize the kingdom, so he chooses to keep Elena imprisoned.

Go back to Edmond, and you speak to him about everything you've done in the Elf questline. He then asks you to break Elena out of prison. You have to sneak in to get her. You need to dye a set of Steel armor purple for a disguise and ask for a tabard from Alrena, Edmond's wife. Attach the tabard to the dyed Steel platebody. (Pure builds with less than 5 Defense must ask Edmond to polish the platelegs so they can wear it.)

The prison is in the basement of the castle. A guard stays near the entrance, but it shouldn't be hard to get by him with your disguise. If asked, tell him your name is Tim or Sue. Elena asks you to pick up a vial of acid she'll use to escape through the sewers in prison proper.

She is east of Edmond's house, next to the Log Balance. Pick up the vial of thick clear liquid from the cabinet. Go back to the prison and give her the vial. While she escapes, return to Edmond and talk to him.

By the time you reach him, Elena has already come by. He tells you that she's hiding in the Rehnison household. That's your next stop as well. The family's house is to the west of the Mourner's Headquarters. Talk to either the head of the household, Ted, or his wife, Martha. Either way, they'll tell you that Elena is waiting with the rest of the resistance in the basement.

After finding the passage under a bed, Elena tells you that she founded the resistance after figuring out the plague was a hoax. They want to overthrow the King. You tell her about your time infiltrating the mourners as an exchange of information.

You're then tasked to start the rebellion by Councilor Halgrive. He plans to have you don your guard disguise and upset the people of Ardougne. This makes it appear you're doing so under the King's orders.

The Spark of Rebellion

You then have to choose between various ways to rile up the citizens. You don't have to do everything, but you have to make at least 80 people convert and support the resistance. Wear a mourner's outfit for West Ardougne and a Knight's armor for East Ardougne.

In West Ardougne, you can:

  • Ask the priest for taxes
  • Burn the sacks of grain in the church
  • Burn the grain sacks outside the general store
  • Burn the grain in the central Civic Office, near the clerk
  • Converse with Nurse Sarah (southwest of the church) about retraining
  • Talk to Chadwell in the general store about new taxes

In East Ardougne, here's what you can do:

  • Talk to people about new taxes
    • Everybody in the market square (including the Town Crier)
    • Zenesha (owner of the armory south of the square)
    • The estate agent
    • Probita (Pet Store)
    • Kortan or Aemad in the General Store
    • The priest in the church
    • Doctor Orbon (in the church)
    • Richard (farm north of Ardougne)
    • The bartender in the Flying Horse Inn
  • Ignite the grain sacks outside the farm north of Ardougne

When you've recruited 80 people to the cause, it's time to prepare for the first fight in the quest.

You'll have to defeat two waves of mourners (spawning 10 and 11 enemies). After the second wave, there's a pause where you can rest and resupply. Then you'll have to fight some knights and paladins, guards of King Lathas.

The resistance will bring out the King (who hid in a wardrobe) after the last wave of enemies. At this time, you can ask the King for the reasons for his actions. However, the people would eventually execute him. You get knocked out after the execution by some hooded figures.

You and Elena are brought before Lord Iorwerth when you come to. The two of you will be imprisoned until Arianwyn, and the elf resistance arrives. After some conversation about Iorwerth's discoveries, Arianwyn asks you to return to Lletya.

He asks you to inform Ysgawyn and Elena about a meeting he's calling. Find and talk to Ysgawyn first because Elena won't appear if you don't. The conference is an informative one concerning the history of the elves. It concludes when it's decided you and Arianwyn will investigate the Waterfall Dungeon for anything King Baxtorian might've left behind. Make sure you talk to Arianwyn after the meeting. Otherwise, he won't appear at Baxtorian Falls.

The Waterfall Dungeon

You'll need to bring the following items along for the puzzle.

  1. Nature Rune
  2. Flowers or Irit Leaf
  3. Black Knife or Black Dagger
  4. Wine of Zamorak or Zamorak Brew
  5. Adamant Chainbody
  6. Cabbage

Also, bring along a Rope to get into the dungeon. Go to the east first and grab a key from the crate. Then run to the farthest room in the west and go as deep as possible. You'll end up in a tomb with six pillars (three on each side). Arianwyn will give you a book, the Ode to Eternity, and you'll be faced with a puzzle. Read the book before starting on it.

You'll need to match the items you brought to the right pillar. Each one is numbered 1 to 6, and the list above corresponds to what item they need. Interact with one, and it'll hint at the current number assignment. Using the clues, you should be able to figure out where to put the items.

If you make a mistake, you can leave it unfinished and come back to change the wrong item. Otherwise, completing it with an error somewhere will consume the objects. You'll have to restock them to start over again.

The layout will change every time you try, so memorizing the previous configuration is useless. You'll have to solve the puzzle every restart. Of course, if you've solved it on your first try, you don't have to think about this.

When you're successful, the statue of Baxtorian comes to life. Arianwyn takes him and teleports to Lletya, leaving you to get there yourself. Take this time to bank and prepare for the next section.

Entry to Prifddinas' Great Library

Talk to Arianwyn and Baxtorian in Lletya. The latter has a plan to enter Prifddinas and the Grand Library. You can't just walk in since Lord Iorwerth blocked access to the city for anyone but him and his allies. The plan is to use a potion to bypass the walls and get into the library. There's also Lord Amlodd, who Baxtorian believes can help dispel the enchantment.

First, you have to make the potion. Speak to Elena near the pond, and plant a Cadantine Seed in the plot nearby. Elena directs you back to Arianwyn and Baxtorian to see if they have something for you to do. Since you'll be exploring Lletya, bring along some antidotes/anti-poisons. The area is littered with traps, and failing them can poison you.

You'll be asked to find Lord Amlodd and Lady Trahaearn. Baxtorian can give you directions if you ask, do it before setting out. While it doesn't matter who you choose to find first, looking for Lord Amlodd second saves you a teleport crystal. He'll teleport you automatically to Lletya after meeting him.

Before looking for the two elves, talk to Eluned (north of the patch near Elena) to enchant the seed you received from Baxtorian. Now, you're ready to find the two.

Go west of Lletya, past the dire wolves, and across a clearing. Continue westward through dense forests, then north through some leaf traps, and finally east to the entrance of the Underground Pass. Find the Well of Voyage chamber, and go south to inspect a blocked crevice.

Use a pickaxe on it and enter the opened chamber. There's an elf wearing a broken exoskeleton, which you can fix with a Runite Bar and a hammer. Upon doing so, the elf reveals she's Lady Trahaearn, and she teleports to Lletya.

To find Lord Amlodd, rub the crystal seed. It teleports you to the Enchanted Valley, where a Mysterious Figure asks you for your opinion on the valley's state. Any choice will make Amlodd reveal himself, then teleport the both of you back to Lletya.

Now, it's time to make the potion. Visit the plot near Elena and grab the matured Elder Cadantine. Arianwyn gives you an Old Crystal when you talk to him. Crush the crystal with a Mortar and Pestle, use the Elder Cadantine on a Vial of Water, then mix in the crystal dust you just made. You've made the Inversion Potion!

The group then decides who will use the potion to go to Prifddinas. Everyone but one will agree that it's you. Talk to Lord Amlodd so he can teleport you to the Grand Library.

The Grand Library

The library is filled with mirror puzzles that will unlock seals that contain some memories. To continue the quest, you must open and listen/read through these memories. There are nine memories but eight puzzles. Lord Iorwerth has unlocked the first one. You still have to interact with that memory, though.

You can use memories to teleport to others you've heard. Unlocking them is not enough. This can save some time in navigation or when you need to take a break from puzzle-solving. Ensure that you're ready for running around with weight-reducing clothing and stamina/energy potions. Also, this is the time to charge up teleport crystals if you're running low on charge.

The puzzles are mirror puzzles, where you have to guide a ray of light to its destination. You can get hand mirrors and crystals from a dispenser in a central room near the entrance. Other guides detail the solutions, so check those out if you get stumped.

The memories would tell the story of Seren and the elves. Seren met the elves in their homeworld and befriended them. Though the race does have a long life, it was not enough for the immortal goddess. She shared her power with the elves to increase their lifespan. The process was successful, but the elves became bound to her. If they ever stray away from her, an elf will suddenly feel pain and can even die.

A different divine being convinced her to go to a perfect world with immense power. Because she wanted to save her friends, she convinced the elves to accompany her to Gielinor. They built a crystal city here, but the link between elves and the goddess wasn't severed.

Years and years later, Seren discovered an energy source deep in the mountains. She then created a dark fragment of herself to try and break the curse, but it didn't work. Her darker side even tries to kill her. Seren then seals the dark fragment away in the Temple of Light.

Bring back all you've learned to Lletya, where everybody is surprised at the information, except for Ysgawyn. He accuses you of lying, but Baxtorian believes you. Arianwyn is in shock, so he asks Baxtorian to lead temporarily. The stand-in leader then tells Ysgawyn to search for the Orb of Light while he sends you to find Lord Crwys and Lady Hefin.

Finding People, Orbs, and Traitors

Ask Baxtorian where to find the people in question. Otherwise, you won't be able to see Lord Crwys. He's in a tree to the south of the Elf Camp. Cut down a few trees to mark your way, and when you get to his clearing, the tree to the west of the trap is where he is.

Lady Hefin is somewhat southwest of the village. You can reach her by leaving Lletya through the west, then running south past the magic trees and across a path of stepping stones over the tar lake. There's an island and a hut there, where you meet the Elf Hermit. After a short conversation, the Hermit reveals herself to be Lady Hefin, and she teleports back to the village.

There's a cut scene and some dialogue when you get back. The other NPCs will leave, and you have to talk to Baxtonian before getting the orb.

The orb is at the north of the Iorwerth (Elf) Camp. There is a cave there with an Iorwerth Archer and Warrior. Be careful of the camp as the elves there are hostile to you. After a short conversation, defeat the two enemies in the cave to get the Orb of Light. The cave is an instanced fight, so make preparations to ensure victory. Your unprotected items will appear in a grave outside of the instance if you lose them.

Return to the village, and Baxtorian will privately ask you to investigate Ysgawyn. He has been acting rather suspicious. He tells you to ask Elena as she was the last person who saw the suspect. Upon doing so (select the second option), she has no idea where he went. She then suggests tracking him.

Go to the west of the town to start the tracking sequence. It's like when hunting kebbits. The landmarks are:

  • Rocks before the tripwire
  • Southernmost rock past the tripwire (tracks lead across the leaf trap)
  • Elven lamp
  • Mushrooms north a boulder
  • Small stone to the northeast of where the tracks end

You see Ysgawyn talking to an Iorwerth supporter. You then accuse him of being a traitor. He refutes that it's the other way around and that the other elf is his informant. The informant tells both of you that a traitor has betrayed Lletya. Assault is preparing for an attack at that very moment.

Attack on Lletya

You're too late to stop the attack. Ysgawyn, Iestin, and Elena task you with rescuing two children from a burning building. Interact with everything on the two floors of the house to find them. Their hiding places change per player.

There's an escape to the west of the instance if you need to restock supplies and consumables. There is a boss fight incoming so take the chance.

After finding the children and safely exiting the burning building, a cutscene plays where Iorwerth reveals that the traitor is Arianwyn. He converted once he realized that Iorwerth truly wanted to return to Seren. Then he takes one of the children hostage and forces Baxtorian to hand over the Orb of Light.

Ysgawyn attacks Essyllt in a rage, but it quickly ends in his death. Watch the cutscene and fight Arianwyn. He's level 212 and has three types of arrows.

  • Green: does typical damage, can be negated with Protect from Missiles
  • Orange: a slow explosive arrow; dodge by stepping one tile away
  • Purple: removes active Prayers

He consistently hits in the 30s, so keep the Prayers up and have restoratives at hand. Upon defeating him, a funeral will be held for Ysgawyn, and Baxtorian reveals the secret Iorwerth tried to tell the rebels. Islwyn then goes off to fight Iorwerth alone.

Baxtorian will give you the last two clues for the previous elders you should find and a clue scroll. Rearrange your inventory before moving on. Ask Baxtorian for directions on where to find these two.

Finding the Last Elders

To find Lady Ithell, you must find five symbols among the buildings of Lletya. They're white and glowing, so they should be easy to spot. Here are their general locations.

  • A prayer altar room above where the meetings take place
  • The upper level of the General Store
  • On a wall to the east of the shop
  • The Archery Shop
  • Inside the bank

The next step is to create a statue of Lady Ithell with a Saw, a Hammer, and 8 Limestone Bricks. Kelyn looks at the figure and receives the knowledge of Lady Ithell, becoming Lady Kelyn Ithell. She then teleports away.

Follow the clues on the clue scroll Baxtorian gave you to find Lady Meilyr. The tail-end of the trail requires you to remove your equipment, so leave some inventory space to do that. If you're having trouble digging up one of the middle clues, ask the Observatory Professor about Treasure Trails. Receive the sextant, watch, and chart. Destroy your current clue scroll, ask Baxtorian for another, and start again.

Defend and Seal the Underground Pass

Bank and restock in Lletya, but leave one inventory space free. You're heading to the Dwarven Camp in the Underground Pass. You can pass through The Abyss and the Death Altar as there is a path there. If you die, you cannot pass this way as an allied elf will be holding your stuff.

To enter typically, go to the entrance of the Underground Pass near the village. Pass through the chamber where the well is and go to the bottom level. You can fail a bridge jump or reach the "Descend Cave" option south of the perimeter.

Talk to Baxtorian and Elena, the latter of whom will give you seven explosive potions. Plant those around the camp and speak to Baxtorian again. He tells you that Iorwerth wants to talk to him and asks that you accompany him.

After some dialogue, you can start the attack on the camp by selecting "I'm ready." You need to defend the base for 4 minutes, so diverting the attention of the enemies is the best way to get through this. They still break through and Essyllt injures Elena. Then, you fight Essyllt.

He has two special attacks he uses at random.

  • One pushes you backward with his spear, then launches a Ranged attack. You can negate this by switching to Protect from Missiles.
  • The other drains your combat abilities by 5, countered by Super Restore Potions or ignored if your level is high enough. It doesn't stack, so the reduction will always stay at 5.

Lord Iorwerth gets into the Temple of Light when you defeat him, with Arianwyn and Baxtorian following. You check up on Elena first before chasing after them. After a cutscene, you're drawn to the realm of Seren's Fragment, believing you're a servant tasked to destroy her.

Of course, you'll have to fight her. Find a strategy you can use against her, and defeat the enemy. Lord Iorwerth becomes horrified at what you've done, as he thought the fragment innocent despite its confusion, anger, and hurt. As he succumbs to his injuries, he hopes you're happy with what you've done to Seren.

The next scene brings you to the gates of Prifddinas. Arianwyn will leave, even as you thank him for stopping Iorwerth. His actions led to the destruction of Lletya, so he feels that he cannot stay. Baxtorian then welcomes you and Elena as the first human visitors to Prifddinas.

Song of the Elves Rewards

Congratulations! You've finished Song of the Elves. Here are the rewards you can get.

  • 4 Quest Points
  • 20,000 XP for the following skills
    • Agility
    • Construction
    • Farming
    • Herblore
    • Hunter
    • Mining
    • Smithing
    • Woodcutting
  • Entry to Prifddinas, by extension also to these places
    • The Gauntlet
    • Trahaearn Mine
    • Iorwerth Dungeon
  • The ability to fight Zalcano
  • Prifddinas as a respawn point, the location of your house, or a teleport crystal destination
  • Divine Potion creation
  • How to make crystal gear and equipment


Some parts of the quest may require extra gold. For example, you might have to charter a ship on one part of the trail toward finding Lady Meilyr. You can also botch the Waterfall Dungeon puzzle. Ensure you have enough gold and items throughout the quest.

This quest is a long one, but it meets a satisfying end. It also opens up more game features, which is always a plus. Have fun!

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