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OSRS Blast Furnace Guide

osrs blast furnace

The Blast Furnace is a minigame-style activity in OSRS that will give you a faster way to smelt ores into bars. It is located in Keldagrim, the city of the Dwarves. The activity is efficient because here, you can smelt bars using only half the typical coal required for a furnace. This makes it highly efficient for smelting ores that require coal, such as steel, mithril, adamantite, and runite, especially if you’re on an Ironman account where getting coal can be more difficult. It will also save you GP compared to using regular furnaces.

The main requirements to use the Blast Furnace are to have started The Giant Dwarf quest to access Keldagrim and to have a minimum of level 60 Smithing. It is beneficial to have ice gloves and gold smithing gauntlets.

How to Get the Blast Furnace OSRS

To access the Blast Furnace in Old School RuneScape, you must first go to Keldagrim, the city of the Dwarves. If you've never been to Keldagrim, the journey begins from the Grand Exchange in Varrock. You'll find a trapdoor in the northwest corner of the Grand Exchange. Upon descending this trapdoor, you will enter a cave system. Within this cave, you'll encounter a boat operated by Dwarves. Engage in a conversation with them, and they will offer to transport you to Keldagrim. After a brief cutscene showcasing your journey along the river, you will arrive in Keldagrim.

Once in Keldagrim, the path to the Blast Furnace is relatively straightforward. From the place where the boat docks, head eastwards. As you traverse the city, you'll eventually come across a massive structure with large pipes and smoke emanating from it – this is the Blast Furnace. The entrance is marked, and upon entering, you'll find yourself at one of the most efficient ore-to-bar smelting locations in the game. Ensure you familiarize yourself with the requirements and mechanics of the Blast Furnace for the best experience.

Blast Furnace Worlds

While at its basis, the Blast Furnace is a cooperative minigame where players need to do various activities so that other players can smelt their bars. Jagex changed this in 2016 when they added dwarves that will work for you if you pay a fee. The current Blast furnace fee is 72k GP per hour, and the hour will pass as long as you are logged in, regardless of whether you are smelting. Thus, being in one of the 15 Blast Furnace worlds is essential.

OSRS Blast Furnace XP Rates

The Blast Furnace will give you the most competitive XP rates per hour, especially when it comes to smithing gold bars with the gold smithing gauntlets:

  • Iron – 72.5k to 85.6k XP per hour
  • Silver – 78k to 93k
  • Steel – 81k to 95k
  • Gold – 314k to 370k
  • Mithril – 94k to 111k
  • Adamantite – 90k to 105k
  • Runite – 95.0k to 112.5k

OSRS Blast Furnace Money Making

While smithing gold bars will bring you huge XP rates, smithing any other bars can be very profitable. However, this largely depends on the GE prices, so always double-check. Generally speaking, if you smith anything besides bronze and gold bars, you’ll earn a profit around the following values:

  • Iron – Around 300k GP per hour
  • Silver – Around 200k GP per hour
  • Steel – Over 500k GP per hour
  • Mithril – Around 400k GP per hour
  • Adamantine – Around 700k GP per hour
  • Runite – Around 1 mil per hour

How to Earn OSRS Blast Furnace Profit

Besides the one type of bar strategy you can use at the Blast Furnace, there are combination strategies where you must use a coal bag, along with gold ore, for the first trip, collect then bring more coal in the coal bag, and a different type of ore. These combination strategies will give you some profit and good XP, but you’ll get less XP than if just smithing gold bars and more GP than if smithing just other bars.

Gold and Mithril

You’ll need to do one trip with gold ore and the coal bag and one trip with mithril and the coal bag.

Gold and Adamant

You’ll need to do two trips with gold ore and the coal bag and one trip with Adamant and the coal bag.

Gold and Runite

You’ll need to do three trips with gold ore and the coal bag and one trip with Runite and the coal bag.

All of these methods will give you roughly 200k XP per hour.

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