Dragon Slayer II is the follow-up to the original Dragon Slayer I quest. Though 'A Tail of Two Cats' is considered part of the series, it's mostly a filler and adds context to the events of this quest. DS2 focuses on Crandor, a thriving island that isn't anymore after a specific incident. You'll investigate this mystery, and learn about dragons and other things in this quest.

Quest Overview

Dragon Slayer II is a Grandmaster difficulty quest. That means it's going to be long and challenging to do. It also has a long list of requirements to unlock, so this isn't for beginners. Combat is one of its more significant activities, with 17 creatures to defeat. Prepare for them wisely. It helps that you'll be battling dragons often.

It starts outside the Myths' Guild in Feldip Hills by talking to Alec Kincade.


You need to have 200 Quest Points to begin the quest.


  • 75 Magic
  • 70 Smithing
  • 68 Mining
  • 62 Crafting
  • 60 Agility
  • 60 Thieving
  • 50 Construction
  • 50 Hitpoints

All the above requirements will not be filled if you use skill-boosting items to reach them. You must get to that level unboosted to be qualified to start the quest.

Prior Quests to Complete

Dragon Slayer 2 Quest Guide-Prior Quests to Complete

You also must have completed the following quests:

  • Legends' Quest
    • Family Crest
    • Heroes' Quest
      • Shield of Arrav
      • Lost City
      • Merlin's Crystal
      • Dragon Slayer I
    • Underground Pass
      • Biohazard
      • Plague City
    • Waterfall Quest
  • Dream Mentor
    • Lunar Diplomacy
      • The Fremennik Trials
      • Rune Mysteries
      • Shilo Village
        • Jungle Potion
      • Eadgar's Ruse
        • Druidic Ritual
        • Troll Stronghold
          • Death Plateau
        • A Tail of Two Cats
          • Icthlarin's Little Helper
            • Gertrude's Cat
          • Animal Magnetism
            • Ernest the Chicken
            • Priest in Peril
            • The Restless Ghost
          • Ghosts Ahoy
          • Bone Voyage
            • The Dig Site
            • 100 Kudos
          • Client of Kourend
            • X Marks the Spot

You should also have access to the Ancient Cavern by doing Barbarian Training up to the Firemaking part.

Items to Prepare

Dragon Slayer 2 Quest Guide-Items to Prepare

Prepare the following items, as they'll be used throughout the quest.

  • A pickaxe
  • An axe
  • 8 Oak Planks
  • 10 Swamp Paste
  • >12 nails of any kind (it may bend, so you'll need more, just in case)
  • A hammer
  • A machete
  • A saw
  • Catspeak Amulet
  • Ghostspeak Amulet (Morytania Legs 2+ would work)
  • Some Goutweed
  • A cut Dragonstone
  • 2 Molten Glass
  • A Glassblowing Pipe
  • Chisel
  • Spade
  • Astral Rune
  • Seal of Passage (you don't have to prepare or bring this if you've done the Elite Fremennik Diary)
  • Tinderbox
  • Mortar and Pestle
  • Enough runes for 3 Fire Wave or 3 Fire Surge spells

While these aren't needed for the quest, it's best to prepare them to have an easier time.

  • At least 100 Combat Level (>75 Ranged)
  • Prayer leveled up enough to use Protection Prayers
  • Stamina Potions
  • Serpentine Helm or Anti-Venom+
  • A way to teleport to the following locations
    • Musa Point
    • Fossil Island
    • Lunar Isle
    • Rellekka
  • Access to Spirit Trees and Glider Transport
  • High-tier equipment for combat, consumables with high recovery, and prayer potions

Quest Guide

The Beginning

Dragon Slayer 2 Quest Guide-The Beginning

Talk to Alec Kincade in Feldip Hills. He will let you join the guild once you discover an ancient secret. He recommends you meet Dallas Jones in Musa Point at Karamja Wines, Spirits, and Beers. Upon meeting, he'll realize you are the Hero of Crandor and Slayer of Elvarg. He then asks you to go to her old lair, where he'll wait for you.

There, talk to Dallas. After the conversation, there's a conclusion to use a pickaxe on one of the lair's walls. Behind it is an ancient laboratory. Check out the machinery for some old notes. Inspect the mural twice. A level 100 Spawn would ambush you the first time, and the second lets you look at the art without interruptions. You notice the word 'Lithkren' on the mural.

Dallas Jones is reminded of an old settlement on Fossil Island, which had similar architecture to this lab. He then tells you to meet at the House on the Hill on the mentioned island.

Puzzle Solving

Go to the basement floor through a trapdoor inside the house. Dallas is there, waiting for you. Interacting with him will initiate a conversation where he will conclude that the floor is a map of the area. You must then collect the map pieces around the house and surrounding area (not past the bridges).

There are five scraps in a chest on the same floor as the map. Three more can be found in another compartment on the top level. There's a hook briar holding seven pieces south of the house. Another tree, a mushtree to the east, hides five more. The last four are among the fungi near the west staircase outside. You can give the pieces to Dallas for safekeeping, letting you free up space in your inventory for the others.

Once you've collected all the pieces (24 in total), you can start the puzzle. Five fragments will get stuck on the board, meaning they're in their proper position and rotation. The rest you'll have to figure out. If you think you got everything right, but nothing's happening, check the orientation of all the pieces. The one on the top left is particularly troublesome.

When you've solved it, the minigame will close automatically, and Dallas identifies the north-westernmost island as Lithkren. Dallas, wishing to avoid paperwork, wants you to ask Jardric for a boat.

Boat Building

Jardric is near the General Store in the Museum Camp. When you ask him about a boat, he'll tell you the Varrock Museum owns all of them. He recommends that you build one instead. You'll need the following:

  • 8 Oak Planks
  • 10 Swamp Paste
  • >12 nails (any kind)
  • A saw
  • A hammer

Go to the northwestern coast to build your boat. When done, it's automatically a fast travel point to Lithkren and back. Once on the island, head to the town's southwestern building and go to the east side. Climb the stairs, find the trapdoor (to the south), go down the stairs (to the north), and follow the path. Dallas should be at the bottom, near some doors he can't open.

Search a nearby skeleton for Aivas' Diary. It details the battle in Lithkren, led by Robert the Strong, defender of humanity against dragonkin. Talk to Dallas again, and he mentions that Robert has been reincarnated into Bob the Cat. Despite your character finding this idea absurd, you still move on to the objective of tracking down the cat.

Cat Hunting

Bob doesn't have a permanent hang-out spot. Like a real cat, he wanders around as time goes by. However, there are specific locations where you can find him:

  • Varrock west bank anvils
  • Wise Old Man's House in Draynor
  • Burthorpe, in front of the games room
  • Catherby docks or inside the Fletching shop
  • Falador east bank/Party room
  • The southwestern part of White Wolf Mountain (north of Catherby Fishing Shop)
  • Draynor Manor Graveyard
  • Mudskipper Point near Thurgo
  • Farming Shop south of Falador (close to the herb patch)
  • Seth Groats' chicken pen (north of Lumbridge)
  • Seer's Village anvil
  • Murder Mystery House's front garden

These are only some of the spots he could be in. Check the wiki for a complete list through the 'A Tail of Two Cats' quest guide. Alternatively, you can go to one spot and then world-hop until you encounter Bob.

Talk to Bob when you find him (make sure you have your Catspeak Amulet equipped!). He doesn't remember anything from his past life, so you suggest talking to the Sphinx. She's in Sophanem, and before anything else, she gives you the ability to speak to cats without the amulet.

She then tells you she can't help, as her abilities don't extend to going into Bob's mind to remind him of specific memories. You remember the Oneiromancer, so you go to Lunar Isle next.

Cat Reminding

The Oneiromancer is near the Astral Altar. Upon telling her your plight, she asks for another Dream Potion and gives you a Dream Vial. Fill it with water and use the Goutweed on it. Hammer an Astral Rune and pound the resulting shards on a Mortar and Pestle. It's the last ingredient for the potion, so mix the ground Astral Rune into the vial.

Light the ceremonial brazier when done, and use the Dream Potion to enter Bob's dream. Inside, Not Bob says that you must defeat the guardian, Robert the Strong, to remind Bob of his past life. Robert is weak to Crushing attacks and immune to Ranged. He also hits hard through protection prayers and is accurate enough to consistently hit 20+ points of damage.

Robert has one special attack. He shouts, "Let's see if you can hide from this!" A lightning bolt strikes his bow. Then, he fires a purple arrow at the player, dealing 50+ damage and stripping any active Prayers if there are any. Curiously, the way to avoid damage from this attack is to hide behind one of the four pillars in the arena.

Hide behind the pillar, not just to the side, because he can still hit you if you're not entirely hidden. You can use this moment to recover and restore Prayer to save some time. If you don't go out to fight him, Robert teleports you to him, yelling, "Face me, you coward!" This isn't dangerous as it is only a teleport and won't damage you or put a status effect on you.

After defeating the guardian, Bob will have his memories back. A cutscene shows a flashback of Robert the Strong, Aivas, Tristan, Odysseus, and Camorra confronting a dragonkin.

Key Hunting

Dragon Slayer 2 Quest Guide-Key Hunting

With his memories back, Bob tells you he hid key pieces worldwide. Various transport methods will save time, so pick the most convenient for your destination.

Karamja Piece

This is hidden on the south coast of Karamja, in the Kharazi Jungle. Go toward the southeast, where you can go down some staircases into the hidden Karamjan Temple. Inside is a maze with the piece at the center.

Of course, it's more challenging than only navigating to the center. The maze is filled with spike and man traps, with level 124 Stone Guardians around. The latter are color coded depending on their only combat style:

  • Red for Melee
  • Green for Ranged
  • Blue for Magic

These signal the Protection Prayer you need to activate when encountered. You can disable the traps using either Thieving or Agility. In the case of leaping over man traps, running could decrease your success chance, so slow down a little bit when seeing one.

Grab the key piece from the central room, and you can teleport to the entrance from the plinth where it used to be. If you want, you can take a slight detour to a skeleton on the northern wall that details some lore about the temple you're in.

Morytania Piece

Tristan held on to this one piece, so you ask Reldo in Varrock about it. He'll ask you to find the census record, a book with a red cover. Search through the bookcases for it, and return to Reldo. It says that Tristan's descendants might be in Port Phasmatys.

Go there with your Ghostspeak Amulet. Ghosts will lead you to Sarah, whose house is west of the bank. Alternatively, you can go directly to her if you know where she is. She'll tell you she buried the key in the swamp to prevent vampyres from getting it. She won't tell you exactly where it is either, as she believes it is safer for nobody to have it.

You have the idea of a device finding it for you, so go to Ava in the Draynor Manor. The inventor can make a device for that purpose but needs an Inert Locator Orb. You can create one from 2 Molten Glass, a cut Dragonstone, and a Glassblowing Pipe. Give it to Ava, and she'll turn it into a Locator Orb.

Stock up on healing items, and look for the Mort Myre Swamp fragment. The Locator Orb damages you in return for the location of a nearby object, and there are ghasts around which can whittle down your HP. The latter could also rot your food, so be careful. Once you find the location (signified by red text), use a spade to dig it up.

Ungael Piece

Bob mentions that he hid a key piece northwest of Rellekka in an abandoned dragonkin fortress. Talking to Brundt the Chieftain will inform you of the dangers of exploring it, as none of his people sent to investigate had come back. You'll agree to battle Vorkath to get the fragment you need.

He will wake up as soon as you enter his arena. Make your pre-battle preparations before entering!

Mechanics-wise, he has regular attacks for all three styles of combat (Melee, Ranged, Magic). He can breathe three types of dragonfire:

  • A normal orange one (requiring two layers of dragonfire protection)
  • A green one that can envenom unprotected players
  • A pink one that disables active prayers

He also has a special version of orange dragonfire that he throws overhead and deals extreme damage. It's enough to one-hit kill unprepared players and hits through dragonfire protection. Avoid it at all costs by moving two tiles away. It has splash damage on adjacent tiles, thankfully dealing half damage, but even that can still hit hard.

After every 6 standard attacks (any of the above), Vorkath will use one of his two special attacks alternatively as the 7th. One sprays acid pools all across the arena. Standing on one will damage you and heal Vorkath for the same amount of points. Following the acid spray, he'll barrage you with fireballs, which you must avoid (both pools and projectiles) by moving.

The other freezes you with an icy projectile and spawns a zombie crawler. The latter will slowly move toward you. If allowed to approach, it will explode upon reaching you, dealing a lot of damage. The most recommended action is to use Crumble Undead on the spawn as soon as possible.

Take your most potent equipment. Dragonbane weapons are recommended but not required for the fight. Vorkath is weak to stab and Ranged, so using those styles will shorten the fight.

For more details, check this guide.

After defeating him, go to the northwest to find a laboratory. There are spiders here that can poison you, so bring and take the appropriate potions. Investigate around the room, looking through machinery, equipment, and incubators. Collect 6 Old Notes that details the experiments done in the lab.

The key is in a locked room in the east, opened by pulling a lever in the southwest. Be sure to grab it along with an Ancient Key before leaving. You won't have to battle Vorkath again, but returning will waste some time.

Kourend Piece

This piece was hidden in a land far west. You can talk to several historians for more lore. Otherwise, you can go directly to Amelia in Shayzien to move on to the next step.

With a tinderbox and a light source, talk to Amelia. She recommends going to the Shayzien Crypts through the Graveyard of Heroes. Make your way to the bottom floor and find the crypt. Use your Protect from Magic Prayer to avoid the worst damage from all the mobs scattered around.

Your goal is Camorra's tomb, which is locked by a riddle. Collect the busts of the heroes and put them in their proper place according to the clues. The clues are:

  • The one from [location] sat at the north of the table… (north)
  • …opposite the one with [weapon] (south)
  • The one with [weapon] asked the…. (west)

Identify the bust with the matching location or weapon; the leftover one is on the east. Here's a handy guide for the person, weapon, and place:

  • Aivas uses a Crossbow and is from Zartharim
  • Cammora uses an Axe and is from Saranthium
  • Robert uses a Bow and is from Arkney
  • Tristan uses a Sword and is from Karville

Getting the puzzle wrong will teleport you back to the top floor and change the riddle clues. When you get it open, grab the key piece.

Key Reforging

Dragon Slayer 2 Quest Guide-Key Reforging

Go to the Ancient Cavern with your collected fragments. For context, you can talk to Bob and Dallas. Ensure you've reached the Firemaking section of Barbarian Training and learned from Otto how to create Pyre ships.

Move to the floor with the Brutal Green Dragons. Follow the east wall and use the stairs to reach the Mithril Dragon floor. There's a door to the south. Unlock it using the Ancient Key you got with one of the fragments. Three dragon head structures are waiting here. Light them up with a spell (Fire Wave or Fire Surge).

Return to the prior floor and go east and down some stairs. Run toward the southwest, where some barbarians are, then go up the stairs. At the end of the corridor are some anvils where you can reforge the Dragon Key.

Weapon Discovering

It's time to unlock the mysterious Dragon Doors back in Lithkren. Travel back to the west coast of Fossil Island for your boat to your destination. Enter through them, and walk down the corridor. Talk to either Dallas or Bob to begin a cutscene.

The three of you observe a dragon in an enclosure. A dragonkin approaches, introduces himself as Zorgoth, and reveals its name as Galvek ('Fate' in their language). He notices and recognizes Bob and you but not Dallas. The latter asks him why Elvarg attacked Crandor.

In Zorgoth's explanation, the dwindling dragonkin needed a new weapon to turn the tide of the battle. Elvarg was the first who intended to destroy humans but mentions that she was a failure. He continued his experiments on creatures, trying to make the ultimate dragon weapon. It would be one that can control the minds of other dragons.

However, Robert attacked the island, forcing the dragonkin to seal himself in the lab. He'd hoped another of his kind would open the door to resume their work. Unfortunately, because Robert scattered the key fragments, it never happened.

Still, Zorgoth was grateful that sealing himself in the lab gave him hundreds of years to perfect the salvation of dragonkin. Dallas then interrupts to ask why he's so bent on destroying humanity. Zorgoth explains that only a few who succumbed to the Stone attacked humans. However, people didn't distinguish between peaceful and aggressive dragonkin, leading to a bitter battle between the races.

He then wakes Galvek, and the dragon launches fireballs at your group. You and Bob avoided the barrage, but Dallas was not as able or lucky. Outside, Jardic finds the dragon pair and tries to stop them. He's not successful, and Zorgoth and Galvek fly away to prepare for a battle against humans.

World Uniting

Jardric and Bob agree that you should ask for King Roald's help. Travel to Varrock and warn the king. He'll believe you and asks you to enlist the aid of the other kingdoms. You must visit the king of Ardougne (variable depending on a quest), Sir Amik Varze, and Brundt the Chieftain. Meanwhile, his advisor Aeonisig Raispher will reach out to some other people.

Once you've rounded up the council of rulers, go back to the castle and interact with Roald. He organized a meeting in the dining room. Everybody agreed to an assault on Ungael, where the dragonkin forces were gathering. Whatever you say about the plan, Bob will ask to speak to you outside.

Bob explains that dragonkin are immune to most weapons, and their assault will continue as long as Zorgoth is alive. He then tells you that when Jardric attacked Galvek, the cat noticed Zorgoth also got injured. Both of you conclude that the two are linked and that stopping one will stop the other.

After the conversation, you should head to Rellekka.

Army Marching