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How to Farm Decorations MHW Iceborne

how to farm decorations

Unlike in the other titles, Monster Hunter World’s Decorations are random drops. Filling up just one more level of Weakness Exploit or Attack Boost can be a massive pain since you cannot craft one. With that in mind, you’ll need a surefire method to collect as many Decorations as possible without spending too much time wandering about.

Decorations are introduced in your playthrough after you unlock High Rank (HR) activities. They’re used to increase the power and capabilities of your build, but the catch is they’re not easy to find. Thankfully, MH World has many ways to improve your odds of receiving them; you’re not stuck with just one means to farm Decorations.

The Best Way to Farm Decorations in MH World Iceborne

Are Iceborne Main Quests the Answer?

The easiest way to get as many Decorations as needed in Monster Hunter World Iceborne is not by farming Main Quests but by Event Quests. These can be found in the Quest Board, and in terms of which one you should pick, we recommend going with the ones that involve slaying small monsters. For example, you can choose an Event Quest that tasks you with slaying 13 Shamos.

You can also farm the tougher Event Quests, but know they’ll be more time-consuming. But at the very least, you’ll get more rewards for your efforts. For example, the Triple Threat Showdown quest, which involves hunting three large monsters, can take a while to complete. However, you can receive up to five Decorations.

Best MHW Iceborne Event Quests for Decorations

In Iceborne’s case, six Event Quests reward you with bonus Decorations guaranteed.

Quest Name

Monster(s) to Hunt

Decoration Rewards

The Cold Never Bothered Me (Master Rank)

Tempered Lunastra

Level 4 Decorations, Rarity 11-12

In the Tempest’s Wake (Master Rank)

Tempered Kushala Daora

Level 4 Decorations, Rarity 11-12

Day of Ruin (Master Rank)

Tempered Teostra

Level 4 Decorations, Rarity 11-12

The Wrath of Thunder Descends (Master Rank)

Tempered Zinogre

Level 4 Decorations, Rarity 9-12

The Greatest Jagras ★9

Greatest Jagras

Level 1-2 Decorations, make sure to grab the shiny objects on the ground to receive them

The Name’s Lavasioth! ★9

Tempered Lavasioth

Level 2-3 Decorations, make sure to grab the shiny objects on the ground to receive them

The last two quests are High Rank, while the rest are only available for Master Rank players.

What An Extra Challenge? Do Tempered Investigations

Once your Hunter Rank grows into double-digit territory, you should do more challenging quests to spice things up. If you’re itching for quests to test your patience, you’ll want to look out for Tempered Investigations; these are good sources of Decorations. It’s best to hunt Elder Dragons like Nergigante and Zorah Magdaros since they’ll almost always drop a Decoration or two. If we had to pick one of the two, we’d say go with the Nergigante hunts, as anything that involves Zorah Magdaros can be an arduous process.

As for how to unlock Tempered Elder Dragon Investigations, it’s best to take advantage of your quest involving the Tempered Kirin, which is unlocked at HR 49. Since Kirins are docile, you can stalk the Tempered Kirin around the map and pick up the tempered tracks it leaves behind. Doing so will provide you with investigations for other Elder Dragons as well, including:

  • Nergigante
  • Kushala Daora
  • Vaal Hazak
  • Teostra

You can also unlock Tempered Dragon Investigations by fighting Tempered Elder Dragons. Whenever you pick up a track left behind by the tempered monster you’re hunting or break its parts, you’ll have a chance to unlock a new Tempered Investigation.

Beyond the normal Tempered Investigations, you can try Master Rank Tempered Investigations, which pack more punch but yield better rewards and Decorations.

Visit the Melding Pot Through Elder Melder

It’s understandable to feel bored after repeatedly farming the same Iceborne monsters for Decorations. If you do feel that way, there are other methods you can try. For starters, you can use the Meld Decorations menu by talking with the Elder Melder NPC in Seliana and Astera.

The Melding Pot turns a lot of your low-quality Decorations into something useful. No doubt you already have a lot of cheap Decorations accumulated that you don’t need after doing too many Tempered Investigations. If that’s the case, you can trade these Decos and Guiding Lands materials in Master Rank or Streamstones in High Rank to meld new ones. As long as you have the necessary resources to meld your old Decorations, you can potentially earn a useful one.

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