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Senna Build & Rune Guide

lol senna runes builds guide

Senna is a hyper-carry, hard-scaling champion that can out-damage almost any ADC in the late game. With a unique playstyle of collecting the souls of downed enemies near her, she might need some time to get online. But once she’s at a few items, she can definitely accomplish some interesting outplays. Not to mention her global ultimate that not only damages enemies but also shields allies simultaneously.

How To Play Senna?

Senna is not your typical ADC that stacks attack speed while being good at just dealing damage. She can gain bonus attack range, attack damage, critical strike chance, and lifesteal attributes as she collects souls. The best part is that her stacking ability is infinite, meaning the longer the match goes on, the harder she’ll be to deal with.

This allows Senna to be flexed into both roles in the bot lane, ADC, and support. As she scales, she also gains bonus attack range which can be extraordinarily difficult to deal with late game.

How Do Senna’s Abilities Work?

Senna’s kit is pretty well-rounded to include a small AOE heal, AOE root, and even an ability to make her and nearby allies untargetable. Even as a marksman support, she can slow down or root enemies long enough for the ADC to deal a significant amount of damage. She can also steal the target’s movement speed, adding that to her own movement speed. This is why she is a great support as long as you dodge the enemy's engages.

Absolution (Passive)

Senna’s passive, Absolution is her stacking ability. Each time Senna damages an enemy champion through basic attacks or abilities, she applies a Mist charge on them. Attacking the target again within 4 seconds consumes this charge and deals bonus physical damage based on the target’s current health. This damage applies 100% on-hit lifesteal.

Each time an enemy dies near Senna (monsters, minions, or champions), they spawn a Mist Wraith. This Mist Wraith lingers on the map for 8 seconds before disappearing and can be collected by Senna to increase her base stats. She also receives 8 gold per Mist Wraith collected.

Senna can also use her basic attacks to steal up to 10/15/20% of the target’s movement speed and deal 20% additional AD physical damage. Due to all these passive buffs, she gains through stacking her passive, she receives reduced benefits from stacking attack speed and critical strike damage.


Bonus Attack Damage Per Stack

Bonus Range Per Stack

Bonus Critical Strike Chance Per Stack/%

Total AD Physical Damage On-Hit/%






Piercing Darkness (Q)

Piercing Darkness is how Senna can keep herself and her ADC healthy throughout the laning phase. Senna shoots a beam toward the targeted unit. This beam heals all allies in its path while simultaneously damaging all enemies it connects with. It also slows all enemies hit and applies on-hit effects. Piercing Darkness can collect Mist Wraiths alongside Dawning Shadow.

This ability is great for dealing poke damage using minions as the primary target. You can also collect souls from afar without having to get too close.


Mana Cost


Healing (+30% Bonus AD) (+40% AP) (+1.6 Per 1 Lethality)

Physical Damage (+50% Bonus AD)

Slow Duration/s







Last Embrace (W)

Senna has a great AOE root ability that is Last Embrace. She throws a globule of Black Mist in the targeted direction. This mist attaches to the first target it hits and places an AOE root around them once the target dies or the duration ends.

This is a great ability to start an engagement as if both support and ADC are close together, you can root them in a small radius. This can also be used on minions to root enemies standing nearby. The small amount of physical damage this ability deals is enough to kill off the minion, proc-ing the root.


Mana Cost


Physical Damage (+70% Bonus AD)

Root Duration/s






Curse of the Black Mist (E)

Curse of the Black Mist is a very unique ability as its effects aren’t replicated in any other ability on the Rift. Senna can surround herself in a shadowy aura that camouflages her for the rest of the ability’s duration. Allies that enter this aura become Wraiths and gain the same effects as Senna.

Attacking or using abilities can break the camouflage, although it can be regained by entering the aura once again. When in Wraith form, enemies can only see Wraiths moving around rather than the champion, giving you a big tactical advantage. Champions in the aura also gain 20% (+5% per 100 AP) movement speed.


Mana Cost


Effect Duration/s





Dawning Shadow (R)

Dawning Shadow is a global ultimate that affects both enemies as well as allies. Senna shoots a wave of spectral light in the targeted direction. The wave is divided into two parts, the center, and the side. The center deals physical damage to all enemies in its path and reveals them. The side waves grant a shield to all of Senna’s allies hit for 3 seconds.

This ability also grants vision along its path. While it does not have massive damage output like Lux or Ezreal’s ultimate, it can help save your teammates from dying. It also collects all the souls along its path.


Mana Cost


Physical Damage (+115% Bonus AD) (+70% AP)

Shield Strength (+40% AP) (+1.5 Per Mist Collected)






Senna’s Build Path (Items + Runes)

Senna has a variety of builds, ranging from Kraken Slayer to Umbral Glaive as the first item. Depending on which position you’re playing, plus your duo champion, the builds can vary heavily. As she’s mostly played as a support marksman, we will focus on that build.


  • Starting Item: You want to start with a Spectral Sickle. This is a support starting item that will give you some mana regen plus AD stats to keep you viable in the early game.
  • Core Build: Your core build is an Umbral Glaive rush into Eclipse second. This is purely because, as a support, you need to take out as much vision as you can from the map. Umbral Glaive allows you to spot and take out vision wards in one auto attack. It also provides some AD, lethality, and ability haste to help you out. Eclipse primarily gives you AD and movement speed buffs which are amazing on Senna.
  • Situational Items: After these items, the rest of the build is pretty matchup dependent. Infinity Edge is a good pickup, but you will need some items with a critical strike chance first. Rapid Firecannon syncs very well with Senna’s abilities, as you can apply on-hit effects from far away.
  • Boots: Since you are not the primary damage dealer, Boots of Swiftness are good for repelling slow effects while increasing your own move speed.


  • Primary: Go Fleet Footwork into Presence of Mind, Legend: Alacrity, and Cut Down. Fleet Footwork is to heal back from any poke you receive, while Presence of Mind keeps your mana bar full. Auto attacks can easily proc, so don’t lose track of it. Legend: Alacrity stacks your attack speed throughout the game, while Cut Down is amazing with Eclipse as it shreds through armor and tanky champions.
  • Secondary: Bone Plating and Revitalize are the way to go with Senna. Bone Plating deflects some of the pokes in the early game, allowing you to bully your enemies out of the lane. Revitalize increases the healing on your Q and lifesteal from your on-hit effects.

Final Thoughts

Senna is a very tactical champion and requires some game knowledge and skill to prove useful. While she may seem tempting as a support marksman, engaging with her in the early game is extremely easy. Knowing when to use your E and how to get the most out of your Q and R are elements only understood with experience. But if you want, give her a try and see if you want to invest more time into learning her.

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