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Jhin Build & Rune Guide

jhin build

Summoner Rift’s very own artist of destruction, Jhin, is one of the most contested marksman Champions out there. With a well-rounded kit and devastating damage, Jhin can take out half a health bar in one auto attack. He has one of the most unique champ designs, as he needs absolutely no attack speed upgrades at all, rather, he aims to finish his opponent in 4 shots.

This is the build we’ll be covering today, as it is the most efficient way to play Jhin. All the tips and tricks plus the build path you will need to master this the Virtuoso himself.

How To Play Jhin Effectively

If you think Jhin is like every other ADC, for e.g. Miss Fortune, you’re in for a surprise. The Champion utilizes AD and critical strike chance + damage stats to output some insane damage. Jhin does not have any escape tools in his kit, so positioning is vital.

Using his long-range W to root enemies, he can quickly engage with Galeforce and finish off his opponent. If someone’s trying to flee, snipe them with Curtain Call (R), bringing them to their demise.

How Do Jhin’s Abilities Work

Jhin does not rely as much on auto attacks, so landing his abilities is pivotal if you want to be successful with him. Both W and R are long-range skill shots that can guarantee a kill if you land them.

Since Jhin only has 4 bullets before needing to reload his auto attacks, his Q is a great tool for last-hitting minions and dealing decent damage to Champions later in the game. Let’s look at his kit in more detail:

Whisper (Passive)

Jhin’s passive, Whisper, is also the name of his main weapon. It can store 4 bullets at a time and needs time to reload after every 4 shots. The bullets can also be refreshed in between shots, albeit it takes more time. 

The 4th shot always does critical damage and bonus execute damage. Jhin gains bonus movement speed for 2 seconds on every critical strike, but his auto attacks are not affected by attack speed.



Bonus Physical Damage (% of target’s missing health)

Bonus Attack Damage/%

Bonus Move Speed/%


2.5 (10 between shots)




Dancing Grenade (Q)

As we mentioned before, newer Jhin players may struggle to last hit many times. With only 4 rounds and a slight recharge period, it can be difficult to manage. Dancing Grenade bounces off the targeted enemy onto 3 more enemies. The damage is increased by 35% for each enemy killed. If no enemy is nearby, the grenade will disappear.


Mana Cost


Target Range

Min. Physical Damage (+60% AP)

Single target





Deadly Flourish (W)

If you need a long-ranged root, Deadly Flourish will do the job for you. With an estimated range of 2520, Jhin’s W can root enemies even if they are off-screen. The only catch is they need to be marked. Enemy Champions gain a mark if they trigger Lotus Trap (E) or have been recently damaged by Jhin or his allies. This ability pierces through all target’s in a straight line but deals 25% less damage to minions.


Mana Cost


Physical Damage (+50% AD)

Root Duration/s






Captive Audience (E)

Jhin’s E, Captive Audience, allows him to set up traps all over the map. These traps cannot be seen without vision and slow enemies, by 35%, that walk into its radius. Jhin can store up to 2 traps max, and these traps grant a small pocket of vision around themselves. Jhin summons a Lotus Trap each time he kills an enemy Champion. Enemy Champions that trigger the trap are revealed for 4 seconds.


Mana Cost


Effect Range

Magic Damage (+120% AD)(+100% AP)






Curtain Call (R)

Curtain Call might be one of the coolest ultimates in the game due to its cast animation. Aside from that, it is popular as a sniping tool where Jhin gains increased map vision and can snipe low-health enemies from off-screen. The cannon can fire 4 times while channeling for 10s. If a round hits, the enemy takes physical damage and is slowed by 80% for 0.5s. The damage is based on the amount of missing health, and the 4th shot always critically hits for 100% bonus physical damage.


Mana Cost



Minimum Physical Damage (+25% AD)

Single target





Jhin Build Path (Items + Runes)

While Jhin utilizes a few different mythic items, the most effective is Galeforce. Now we know what you must be thinking; Jhin doesn’t need attack speed, so why Galeforce? Jhin heavily lacks mobility and movement speed. That is why combined with Galeforce, he also needs Fleet Footwork. We’ll explain why.


  • Primary: Fleet Footwork. Jhin’s kit has no sustain and very low mobility. Fleet Footwork helps resolve both these issues as ‘Energized’ attacks help Jhin heal off of minions and gain a movement speed boost. 
    Follow this with Presence of Mind, Legend: Bloodline, and Coup de Grace. Presence of Mind will help sustain your mana bar, while Legend: Bloodline helps sustain and heal back up. Coup de Grace works perfectly with Jhin’s playstyle as you have better chances of executing enemies below 40% health with one auto attack.
  • Secondary: Celerity and Gathering Storm. Celerity enhances all move speed buffs on Jhin, helping him reposition himself faster in team fights. Given the amount of damage Jhin’s abilities do, Gathering Storm helps to take off a few chunks from the enemy’s health bar.


  • Starting Item: As Jhin, going Longsword over Doran’s Blade as your starter is preferred. Jhin does not need the Doran’s Blade to sustain if you are running Fleet Footwork. Another benefit of Longsword is that it builds into higher-tier items, while Doran’s Blade needs to be sold eventually.
  • Core Build: For your core build, Galeforce is the way to go 95% of the time. Unless you are really experienced at running Jhin with a different mythic, we would not recommend doing so. After your mythic, you can build into Rapid Firecannon as its ‘energized’ attack will sync with your Fleet Footwork perfectly. Once you’ve built these two, Infinity Edge is an amazing choice as it increases the already amped-up critical strike damage Jhin does.
  • Situational Items: While looking at your 4th and 5th items, you can buy Lord Dominik’s Regards against a tanky team or The Collector for squishy Champions. Some Jhin players may buy The Collector as a second purchase. This is also viable but requires more experience with Jhin.
  • Boots: You will almost always want Boots of Swiftness as they give a higher movement buff as compared to other boots, are cheaper, and also reduce the strength of movement slows. This reduces the chances of you getting caught out and dying due to mispositioning.

Final Thoughts

Jhin may look like a difficult Champion to play, but his entire kit is based on patience. You need to look for your opening when to chip the enemy and when you can go all in. Mistakes made by Jhin players are usually punished harder due to his lack of mobility, so we would not recommend him to newer players. But if he seems fun, go ahead and give him a try.

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