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Ezreal Build & Rune Guide

ezreal build

If the reason you hate being the ADC is a lack of mobility and escape tools, Ezreal may be the Champion you’re looking for. Even though Ezreal excels in the bot lane, he is hypermobile and very hard to lock down. With long range Q’s to farm minions, you never have to stand still. He is also one of the few ADCs that don’t require excellent kiting ability to thrive in lane. All you need is to keep your distance and farm till you get at least two items.

How To Play Ezreal?

Ezreal has a very unique playstyle in the sense he doesn’t need to auto-attack as much. If you are good at positioning and can land your Q’s on target, you can play a viable Ezreal. Spam your Q in the lane to either last-hit minions or poke your enemy.

Stay away from engaging supports as they can nullify your mobility aspect, and E away if anyone does try to engage you. Ezreal is also very good in team fights, where he can knock down Champs to half-health before the fight even starts, forcing them to retreat.

How Do Ezreal’s Abilities Work?

Ezreal’s Q is a straight-line shot and expires on the first target hit so you need to position yourself before firing at the enemy. Brushes work great for Ezreal as you can W and Q unsuspecting enemy Champions.

Save your E until you need it because it will save your life on multiple occasions. Since it can also be used over terrain, the outplay potential is very high. Snipe enemies from across the map with your R when it’s up.

Rising Spell Force (Passive)

Rising Spell Force is a stacking ability that stacks up to 5 times. Each time Ezreal hits an enemy with an ability, he gains a stack for 6 seconds. These increase up to 5 stacks and are refreshed on subsequent hits. Each stack gives Ezreal an additional 10% bonus attack speed meaning he can receive a total of 50% bonus attack speed at max stacks.

This passive is important to take into account as you can weave auto attacks between your Qs to deal extra damage to your target.

Mystic Shot (Q)

Ezreal’s Q is his main source of damage, especially if you are not good at keeping his passive stacked up. Ezreal fires an energy bolt in the targeted direction that deals physical damage to the first enemy hit, be it a minion or Champion.

This ability can apply on-hit effects to the affected enemy and reduces the cooldowns of all of Ezreal’s abilities (including Mystic Shot) by 1.5 seconds. Positioning is important for this ability otherwise, you will keep damaging the wrong target.


Mana Cost


Target Range

Physical Damage (+130% AD) (+15% AP)

Single Target





Essence Flux (W)

Essence Flux is a damage-amping ability that can deal bonus magic damage if followed up with a Q or basic attack. This ability fires an orb that attaches to the first enemy Champion, jungle monster, or structure hit. Ezreal can then use his Q or basic attack to detonate the orb.

This deals significantly more damage as compared to a normal Q or basic attack. On successfully detonating the orb, Ezreal restores 60 mana plus the cost of the ability.


Mana Cost


Bonus Magic Damage (+60% Bonus AD) (+70/75/80/85/90% Bonus AP)





Arcane Shift (E)

Arcane Shift is Ezreal’s main escape tool, but it is a great way to engage in team fights as well. Arcane Shift allows Ezreal to teleport 475 units to the targeted destination. If there is an enemy nearby, he will fire an energy bolt at them, dealing magic damage and revealing them for 1 second.

The bolt prioritizes enemies marked by Essence Flux. This ability can teleport through the terrain.


Mana Cost


Magic Damage (+50% AD) (+75% AP)





Trueshot Barrage (R)

If you see a low-health enemy, but they are all the way across the map, don’t worry. Ezreal can simply use his ultimate, Trueshot Barrage, to snipe them from anymore. As a global ultimate, Ezreal fires an arc of energy in the targeted direction. This arc does not stop and deals damage to all enemies and jungle monsters it passes through.

It is also used to gain vision as it provides temporary vision over its path. A great ability to steal neutral objectives as well due to its high damage output. Minions and monsters take 50% reduced damage.


Mana Cost


Magic Damage (+100% Bonus AD) (+90% AP)

Reduced Magic Damage (+50% Bonus AD) (+45% AP)






Ezreal’s Build Path (Items + Runes)

Ezreal uses a different build path compared to traditional ADCs as he is not auto-attack-reliant. Rather, he needs more AD, especially after when he uses an ability, as Q is his main source of damage. He also prioritizes poking the enemy from a distance rather than engaging, as he can’t do a lot of burst damage.


  • Starting Item: Your starting item can be either Doran’s Blade or Tear of the Goddess. Tear of the Goddess is a bit harder to pull off as you don’t get additional battle stats, only extra mana. If you can dodge enemy skill shots and farm efficiently, prefer Tear of the Goddess over Doran’s Blade.
  • Core Build: For his core build, you can either go with an Essence Reaver, Trinity Force, or Divine Sunderer. Essence Reaver is more popular as it is cheaper and more effective in most cases. Divine Sunderer can help take down champs with high defenses, and Trinity Force is great if you auto-attack a lot.
  • After this, you will always build into a Muramana for that extra mana and AD. 3rd item will be the Duskblade of Draktharr in Essence Reaver’s case and Serylda’s Grudge for the other two Mythics.
  • Situational Items: You can build Navori Quickblades as they have gotten severely buffed after the rework. Ravenous Hydra is also a great choice for some AOE damage on auto attacks.
  • Boots: Ionian Boots of Lucidity are the way to go for Ezreal.


  • Primary: Press the Attack. Press the Attack is easy to proc on Ezreal, especially if you are good at landing his Qs. It does a burst of damage every time you land 3 attacks which can help chip down the enemy’s health bar.

    Follow this with Presence of Mind, Legend: Bloodline, and Coup de Grace. Presence of Mind helps you with early mana control as you don’t have sufficient mana for Q spam. Legend: Bloodline can help sustain your health, while Coup de Grace is a staple on most ADCs due to high damage output.

  • Secondary: Magical Footwear and Biscuit Delivery are beneficial to Ezreal throughout the game.

The Takeaway

Ezreal is an extremely fun champ to play and does not require too much finesse. He is a Champion we would recommend everyone to try out at least once before giving up. His long-range damage output can be very beneficial in team fights and easy to pull off. Just make sure to not get immobilized, as it will be game over.

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