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Akali Build & Rune Guide

akali build

If you’re into assassins that have an infinite amount of dashes, Akali might be the champ for you. Being one of the highest skill-ceiling assassin Champions in the game, Akali does not mess around as a solo laner. On top of being hypermobile, she is also a mana-less Champion meaning all she’s missing is some cooldown reduction to make her an all-around Champion.

If you’ve been meaning to try our Akali in your game, then you are at the right place. In this guide, we will assist you with how to effectively build Akali. 

How To Use Akali Effectively?

Akali is an assassin Champion, so long, drawn-out fights are not her strong point. She’s most effective if she can secure a few kills early game to snowball you into a victory. Once she gets an item advantage over her opponent, she is able to kill them in one skill rotation. In case they somehow get out, use an Ignite to finish them off.

Akali is also a mana-less Champion, so you need to wait before engaging. Always watch your energy bar before engaging, as mana-less Champions usually have high energy-consuming abilities. Once her cooldowns are up and her energy bar is nearly full, hit the enemy with your full combo.

What Do Akali Abilities Do?

As a burst assassin Champion, Akali’s abilities are more focused on doing high damage in a short duration and escaping. Her kit is extremely unique as she has a shroud ability that allows her to become invisible wherever she uses it, plus 3 dashes in total. Her Q helps her chip the enemy’s health bar until they are under the execution threshold and last hit minions during the lane phase.

All of this might seem extremely complex but don’t worry, as we will explain everything in detail to help you pull off the perfect Akali skill rotation.

Assassin’s Mark (Passive)

Akali has a unique passive where every time she damages an enemy Champion with an ability, the target gains an Assassin’s Mark. This mark creates a circle around the target. If Akali leaves the radius, her next auto attack is empowered for 4 seconds, and she gains a burst of movement speed for 2 seconds.


Effect Radius

Bonus Move Speed/%

Bonus Magic Damage (+60% bonus AD)(+55% AP)





Five Point Strike (Q)

As Akali, auto-attacking minions for last hits may prove to be harder than expected. Due to low defensive stats, it is easy to harass Akali if she gets too close. That’s why most Akali players use their Q to gain CS. Akali throws kunai in a cone shape in front of her, damaging and slowing enemies for 50% when hit. This is an easy ability to understand but timing it constantly with the last hits requires experience.


Energy Cost


Magic Damage (+65% AD)(+60% AP)

Target Range 






Twilight Shroud (W)

Twilight Shroud is Akali’s best escape tool. By allowing her to recharge her energy and get her cooldowns back, this ability can change the outcome of a battle. Akali summons a shroud of smoke at the targeted location, rendering her invisible as long as she does not recall or use an ability. This shroud gradually becomes a ring and expands towards nearby enemy Champions. Akali gains bonus movement speed and increased energy limit + energy recharge.



Effect Radius

Bonus Move Speed/%

Shroud Duration/s






Shuriken Flip (E)

Shuriken Flip is definitely the ability to master as it is tailored perfectly with Akali’s passive, Assassin’s Mark. In Shuriken Flip, Akali throws a shuriken in the targeted direction and flips backward. This deals magic damage, activating her passive. On recasting this ability, she dashes towards the marked target, regardless of distance.

This ability can also be cast on her W, allowing her to reposition herself between fights. When she recasts her ability, she closes the distance between herself and the enemy and can easily land her empowered auto attack, courtesy of her passive.


Energy Cost


Magic Damage (1st Cast) (+25.5% AD)(+36% AP)

Magic Damage (2nd Cast) (+59.5% AD)(+84% AP)

Single target





Perfect Execution (R)

Akali’s ultimate is a perfect example of a skill shot needing high expertise. On the first cast, Akali dashes toward the targeted enemy Champion, jumping over them if it connects. She does magic damage to all enemies in her path.

After a 2.5s cooldown, she has a 10-second window to recast Perfect Execution. On the recast, she dashes in the targeted direction and does magic damage to any enemies she passes through. This damage is increased based on the target’s missing health.



Magic Damage (1st Cast) (+50% bonus AD)(+30% AP)

Min. Magic Damage (2nd Cast) (+30% AP)





Akali’s Build Path (Runes + Items)

Akali’s build path changes with each upcoming patch. Due to her high versatility and well-rounded kit, there are several builds that can work for her. As she is most popular in the mid-lane with Hextech Rocketbelt, that is the build we will be focusing on.


  • Primary: Conquerer. Since Akali has very little to no sustain, Conquerer helps keep her healthy during the laning phase. The more important aspect is that it also amps up her damage, increasing the chances of her finishing her enemy. Since she is a melee Champion, she will get 2 Conquerer stacks per hit.

    Follow this up with Presence of Mind, Legend: Tenacity, and Coup de Grace. Presence of Mind helps her regain energy much faster so she can easily use her Q for poke, Legend: Tenacity is important as if Akali gets locked down, she is as good as dead, and Coup de Grace for extra damage.

  • Secondary: Second Wind and Overgrowth. Second Wind is a great rune for mid-laners as they rarely have extended fights. Second Wind will help Akali heal up after every engagement. Overgrowth helps increase her max health to increase beefiness and survivability.


  • Starting Items: Doran’s Shield is a great starting item as it will help ward off some extra damage during the early laning phase. This is when Akali is weakest, so you will definitely need those defensive stats.
  • Core Build: Her core build consists of Hextech Rocketbelt into Shadowflame. Hextech Rocketbelt is a great gap closer or escape tool so Akali can get in range of her targets. It also provides additional magic penetration that allows her to do extra damage. Shadowflame gives some additional health and AP that works perfectly into her kit.
  • You can also build a Zhonya’s Hourglass since you will be going up against many assassins in the mid-lane. It also helps with survivability.
  • Boots: Akali uses Sorcerer’s Shoes for the added magic penetration. The more magic penetration stats she has, the faster she can send her opponent to the fountain.

Final Thoughts

Akali has some of the highest outplay potential, but she is not an easy champ to master. If you are thinking of taking her on, you will need loads of practice matches and time to get the hang of her abilities. Mastering them is another story. But if she seems fun, definitely invest the time to learn her properly.

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