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Best Void Knight builds for Last Epoch

void knight lost ark

A Mastery within the Sentinel class, the Void Knight is someone who has taken part of the Void inside himself and uses it to obliterate foes. Every swing you do leaves trails of Void that consume the essence of your enemies. It’s definitely one of the more unique Masteries you can choose in Last Epoch.

With multiple ways for you to kit out your Void Knight, it can be overwhelming to try and tinker with the skill trees and passives the game offers, especially if you’re still an ARPG noob. In this guide, we’ll be taking a look at all the best Void Knight builds you can use.

Echo Warpath Void Knight Build

Spin2Win enjoyers will feel right at home with the Echo Warpath Void Knight build. Providing excellent movement speed and high damage, anyone can use this great farming/clearing build. Best of all, it doesn’t require you to have good mechanics—you can just sit back and relax as you watch entire mobs scatter across your screen. Currently, this is one of the best builds to speedfarm timelines.

Echo Warpath Void Knight Skills

The build has five skills, four of them being mandatory. Since one of them is optional, you can choose whatever skill you prefer the most for it—we’ll still give a suggestion, though.


Known as the cornerstone of this build. You can’t do an Echo Warpath build with the active skill that’s at the forefront. This enables you to execute the spin-to-win playstyle, with the Void Knight Mastery further enhancing it by generating multiple echoes of the skill. You also get additional movement speed and 100% Stun Immunity while channeling it.

Sigils of Hope

Sigils of Hope summons a sigil that orbits around you, giving you and your allies’ spells to deal additional fire damage and increased health regeneration by 30%. The power of the buffs can increase depending on the stacks you currently have.

Volatile Reversal

This skill is unique in that it returns you to the spot where you’ve been two seconds ago. However, it’s best to use Volatile Reversal with care since it also reverts your Health and Mana to the amount you had previously. In other words, it’s a double-edged sword.


Anomaly is an excellent utility skill that scales your single-target DPS every time you cast it. It’s beneficial against boss fights and other targets in general.

Void Cleave

As for the last skill, we opted to suggest the Void Cleave since it allows you to blink/teleport through terrains, such as the barricades in Soulfire Bastion. It has three charges. If you’re not one to blink through your surroundings, you can use other traversal skills, like Lunge or Shield Rush.

Best Passive Points for Echo Warpath Void Knight

The Void Knight has 113 passive points to pick. Most of the points for this build are used in the Void Knight tree due to the Void Corruption passive, which adds a 15 Critical Strike Multiplier for every point spent. Meanwhile, the Paladin tree doesn’t provide many useful stats for the built, but you must put 15 points into it for the Sigil of Hope.

Paladin Passive Points

  • Valor (10/10) - Increases Health and Health Effectiveness
  • Defiance (5/5) - Increases Elemental Resistances and Attunement

Sentinel Passive Points

  • Fearless (7/8) - Increases Health Regeneration and Vitality
  • Juggernaut (8/8) - Increases Fire and Void Resistances and Strength
  • Valiant Charge (5/5) - Decreases Cooldown and Health recovery speed for movement skills
  • Armour Clad (5/5) - Increases armor and reduces damage taken from nearby enemies by 10%
  • Blademaster (5/5) - Increases attack speed by 30% if you use swords or axes

Void Knight Passive Points

  • Temporal Corruption (2/6) - Increases Void damage
  • Rot Grip (5/5) - Increases Time Rot Chance
  • Abyssal Endurance (7/10) - Increases Health and Physical and Void Resistances
  • Time Legion (10/10) - Adds 20% Time Rot Chance, 30% attack speed, and 10% Echo Chance
  • Singular Purpose (4/4) - Increases Void Damage to 100% with no downsides
  • World Eater (6/6) - 1.55% of melee damage leeched /lifestealed as health
  • Echoing Strikes (5/5) - Increases Echo Chance by 10% for all skills
  • Doom Knight (8/8) - Increases Health and Strength
  • Avatar or Regret (1/1) - Reduced Attack Speed by 10%, but adds 10% Echo Chance
  • Void Blades (8/8) - Increases Melee Void Damage
  • Eternal Form (10/10) - Adds 10 Vitality and increases Health by 20%
  • Void Flux (1/1) - Adds Time Shift effect on all enemies when your HP falls at 20% and below


When you’re using the Echo Warpath build for the Void Knight, you’ll be charging through the maps most of the time and crushing hordes of enemies on the way. You just need to hold down the magic button and watch how the multiple instances of the Warpath skill wipe out waves of monsters.

The skill usage for this build is quite simple. You’ll want to put 4 stacks of Sigils of Hope first, then use Volatile Reversal to regain the mana. After that, just hold down the Warpath skill all the time while placing an Anomaly on tougher bosses at times. You can also use Volatile Reversal to get some of your Health back if you get hurt or retreat to a safe spot using Void Cleave.

You gain natural stun immunity with the Echo Warpath Void Knight, and with its high movement speed and mobility, it’s the perfect build for Empowered Monolith speedfarming. Sure, it’s one of the weakest builds in the early game and requires a lot of time to unlock its full potential, but it’s ultimately worth it, especially for filthy casuals like us.

Rive Void Knight Build

Using the Rive skill, this Void Knight build is all about engaging in melee combat and moving around the map quickly using Healing Hands. The goal of the Rive Void Knight build is to brutally slash your enemies to tiny pieces, with the echoes finishing those strong enough to withstand the first cuts.

Rive Void Knight Skills


Rive will be your main damage skill for this build. You must set it up to maximize its damage with Scrap Metal, Savagery, Flame Drinker’s Blade, and Ripples of Oblivion. We’ll talk more about those passive skills later.

Sigils of Hope

Sigils of Hope returns for the Rive Void Knight, and it’s hard not to see why. Despite having high Mana costs, it provides valuable buffs that increase your team’s survivability.


Anomaly is a combo skill that sends enemies forward in time for five seconds. You can then reactivate the skill to bring them back in the timeline early.

Volatile Reversal

Volatile Reversal is another skill that’s also part of the Rive Void Knight build. With its unique movement ability and utility, it’s hard not to recommend it. You can also use it for animation canceling, but it takes a lot of practice to execute it consistently.

Healing Hands

This skill heals all allies in a target area and applies health regeneration over the next three seconds. It can provide extra damage if you proc it with Rive through Seraph Blade and Cleric’s Hammer, turning it into a melee attack.

Best Passive Points for the Rive Void Knight in Last Epoch

Your passives dictate the playstyle of your class and Mastery. In the case of the Rive Void Knight, you’ll want to increase your damage and resistances as much as possible, considering that most of your skills are melee-focused.

Paladin Passive Points

  • Holy Icon (5/7) - Increases Health, Healing Effectiveness, and Necrotic Resistance
  • Valor (10/10) - Increased Health and Healing Effectiveness
  • Defiance (7/8) - Increased Attunement and Elemental Resistance
  • Honour (1/5) - Increased Block Effectiveness, Stun Avoidance, and Block Chance

Forge Guard Passive Points

  • Weapons Master (10/10) - Increases Melee Damage and Throwing Attack Damage by 30%, as well as Strength
  • Steel Aegis (1/5) - Increased Block Effectiveness and Block Chance

Sentinel Passive Points

  • Time and Faith (2/5) - Increased Health and Mana gained
  • Valiant Charge (5/5) - Increased cooldown recovery speed for movement skills and Health
  • Juggernaut (8/8) - Increased Fire and Void Resistance by 32%, as well as Strength
  • Armour Clad (5/5) - Decreased damage taken from nearby enemies, +75 Armor
  • Fearless (1/8) - Increased Vitality and Health Regeneration
  • Stalwart (1/5) - Increased Block Effectiveness and Block Chance

Void Knight Passive Points

  • Abyssal Endurance (10/10) - +40% Void and Physical Resistance, as well as Health
  • Void Corruption (1/1) - +1% Critical multiplier per point spent on the Void Knight
  • Time Legion (10/10) - Increase Time Rot Chance, Echo Chance, and Melee Attack Speed
  • Avatar of Regret (1/1) - Increased Echo Chance, but decreases Attack Speed and increases Mana Cost
  • Void Flux (1/1) - Time Shifts enemies with 20% and below Health
  • Eternal Form (10/10) - Increased Vitality and Health
  • World Eater (6/6) - 6% Melee and Void Damage leeched as Health
  • Doom Knight (8/8) - Increased Health and Strength
  • Finality (5/5) - Increased Melee Kill Threshold and Melee Void Damage
  • Echoing Strikes (5/5) - +10% Echo Chance


You’ll want to dive in and spam Rive immediately to wreak havoc. If you’re unfamiliar with an enemy or boss’s mechanics, use your Support Skills to stay alive. You'll be fine if you stay out of their range and pay attention to their attacks. Then, cast Sigils of Hope to gain buffs and move with Healing Hands towards enemy mobs. It’s best to always maintain Sigils of Hope since it’s your primary way of healing yourself.

When it comes to bossing, take advantage of all your defensive buffs; keep them active. Use Anomaly to main your Time Bubble, then proceed with Volatile Reversal to ramp up your damage. From there, keep spamming Rive.

Overall, the Rive Void Knight is a great boss-killing build that’s easy to play and scales excellently with gears and uniques. However, there are some caveats as well. It has limited AoE capabilities and requires heavy buff management. What’s more, melee attacks aren’t exactly optimal against certain enemies. But if that doesn’t bother you and you’re after single-target DPS builds anyway, this is for you.

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