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Best Starter Builds in Last Epoch

last epoch starter builds

ARPGs revel in their replayability, and Last Epoch does so, too. However, you must start with you first character before playing experimental builds and discovering new classes. You might be tempted to play a class you want to play from the get-go, but there might be better ones for speedrunning the campaign to reach the end game. Fortunately, many starter builds can quickly clear the game in several hours.

Why Use the Best Starter Builds

Last Epoch offers several systems that allow you to bypass the story if you are playing on your second or successive characters. You can try out different builds without undergoing the long campaign grind. However, you must finish the standard method with your first character beforehand.

You can only access the campaign skip feature once you have collected Dungeon Keys from previous playthroughs. You must quickly finish the first character if you want to do multiple builds and classes. Several specializations do this better than others, so consider these builds for your starter.

Best Last Epoch Starter Builds

Wraith Shade Necromancer

  • Minion Builds have been a staple in any ARPGs, so this build should be no surprise. This setup focuses on summoning as many minions as possible while augmenting their fighting abilities. It lacks sustainability due to a lack of recovery skills, but it can be remedied with passive perks and items with leech bonuses. The build is good for leveling and even in end-game content.

Werebear Druid

  • This build focuses on mobility and brawn. While it’s not as fast as the Rogue, it does have leap attacks that lets Primalists traverse terrain while dealing damage. On top of this, the Werebear builds give players a more durable but lethal character that can easily take on mobs and bosses without much risk. The only adjustment that users need to make with this loadout is to ensure they have movement speed items to compensate for their lack of traveling speed.

Acid Flask Falconer

  • The Acid Flask Falconer uses fast movement speed and pairs up with lethal attacks from afar. This loadout uses several long-range attacks and traps to keep enemies at bay. You also have the Falcon active to ensure DPS upkeep. Moreover, you can easily pass by enemies while placing traps to ensure they get eliminated as you let them be. This tactic can easily take on the campaign, but it will have trouble fighting bosses with teleport abilities that can jump over mines.

Fissure Chaos Warlock

  • This build has several variations, but the general template is to have Chthonic Fissure and Chaos Bolts as best-in-slot skills (BiS). While it lacks mobility abilities, it possesses very efficient clearing speed, which lets characters travel undeterred. By getting most of the mobs along the way without spending too much time on them, you effectively gain more EXP than other classes. This build also excels in boss battles due to its Bone Curse debuff, which triples the damage you directly deal.

Wolfpack Beastmaster

  • Beastmasters excel in melee battles and become more ferocious when accompanied by their companions. The Wolfpack build provides buffs and utilities to help your character and wolf quickly deal tremendous damage. The only downside to this loadout is that you don’t do that much direct damage since you rely more on the pets, but they do an excellent job in killing enemies that you won’t have trouble clearing up content to level up.

Dive Bomb Falconer

  • Dive Bomb Falconer boasts fast mob clearing and movement speed, which allows them to clear out most content quickly and easily. They have multiple skills that can do indirect damage while being able to kite around to ensure DPS upkeep. Their kit allows them to blitz through most of the campaign and bypass most mobs to reach objectives quickly. The only catch is that the gameplay becomes more challenging when you enter the Monolith of Fate stage.

Glacier Sorcerer

  • While less mobile than other classes, this build offers high DPS, good utility, and adequate protection. It has good apparent speed because of its AoE attacks and can easily keep enemies at bay with its ice abilities. However, players might find its damage output against single targets could be better, but you can easily overcome this by making slight adjustments to items and passive builds.

Non-Stop Spin Void Knight

  • Void Knight is a good mastery, but the only downside to it is we don’t have enough items to optimize it for end-game. However, it’s one of the best classes if we are talking about leveling up. This build optimizes the Void Knight’s Cleave and AoE damage to clear out content quickly. You can take down enemies while walking through areas because of Warpath, which makes you continuously execute spinning damage. The build is also durable enough that you don’t have to worry about getting killed and resetting.

Unstoppable Paladin

  • Paladins are seen as mainly support characters in Last Epoch but can considerably buff their fighting potential. When they are not busy providing bonuses to their allies, they can augment their stats to make them unstoppable. They can easily fight on par with the best damage-dealing classes by equipping battle-oriented perks like Holy Aura and Sigils of Hope. In addition, they have several sustainability skills and maneuverability to ensure they are mobile.

These are just some of the game's best leveling or starter builds, and there are many for other classes. Try out one of these setups to quickly level up your first character. Afterward, you can go wild and experiment on any future builds.

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