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Best Seele Builds

Seele Best Build

Seele is an excellent unit. Her description says she's a single-target damage dealer, and she does it well. This guide goes over the absolute best Seele builds in Honkai Star Rail. For a guide to optimal Seele team compositions, check our other guide here.

Here's an overview of her skills and the best Relics and Light Cones you can give her.

Abilities Overview

Seele has the standard Basic Attack, Skill, Ultimate, Technique, and Talent. We'll review her more exciting capabilities, which are the last two. However, one thing to note is that her Skill buffs her SPD for two turns.

Her Technique, which you can use in the overworld, puts her into stealth mode for 20 seconds. Under its effects, enemies won't see you, making ambushes or sneaking by easier. If there's ever a sneaking mission in the future, this will be handy (if you got lucky with the Warp).

Now, her Talent is where the magic happens. If Seele defeats an enemy during her turn, she gets one extra action called Resurgence. During this additional turn, she deals 40% more DMG (at level 1). This is not a follow-up attack, but it doesn't count as a turn taken. That makes something like Forgotten Hall a cinch to complete and has ramifications that make her an effective damage dealer.

Because Resurgence isn't a standard turn, Seele can effectively double the length of a buff, assuming she kills targets consecutively. It makes her very efficient to buff with Tingyun (with a bonus of energy recovery) or Bronya.

She sounds too perfect, so let's give her a flaw. All these extra turns mean she's Skill-point-hungry. Although she can kill enemies in 1-2 hits, she devours these points like candy. Assuming Seele uses her Skill at any given opportunity, taking three turns will use up 6 points, which is over the cap. If at least one of those turns was using her Ultimate, that only knocks off one, fitting with our usable limit.

However, if you're also using Bronya to push up her turns, that costs another Skill point, bringing it back up to 6. Seele's kill chain will prematurely stop if you don't use the other characters to replenish this vital resource.

Honkai: Star Rail Seele Best Builds

With that out of the way, let's go over how to build Seele. As a damage dealer, you'll want stats in ATK, Crit (Rate and DMG), and in the early game, Break Effect. Later on, you'll build more of the former two.

Relics for Seele

Her best-in-slot Relic set is definitely the Genius of Brilliant Stars. It increases Quantum DMG by 10% (2-set). Also, it lets the wearer penetrate 10% of DEF, with an additional 10% if the enemy is weak to Quantum (4-set). So you'll have high damage dealing Seele, who can ignore 20% of the target's DEF if Quantum is one of their weaknesses once she wears a complete set. It's definitely worth farming for her.

An alternative is going for 2-set Genius and 2-set Wild Wheat for bonus ATK, but still, the above is leagues better.

For Planar Ornaments, the recommendations are:

  • Talia: Kingdom of Banditry for Break Effect
  • Space Sealing Station for bonus ATK
  • Inert Salsotto for Crit Rate and bonus Ult damage

Of course, you'll want Quantum DMG Bonus on your Planar Sphere. ATK% or Break Effect are the best stats for the Link Rope, depending on what you'll use Seele for. The latter is less effective for bosses as it's harder to break them, making ATK% the more general use.

Light Cones for Seele

The best-in-slot Light Cone for Seele is definitely 'In the Night.' It gives her Crit Rate, conditional bonus damage for her attack and Skill, and dependent Crit DMG bonus for her Ultimate. If you want to maximize Seele, you'll want to pull for this Light Cone.

Other alternatives are:

  • Sleep Like the Dead (5-star)
  • Cruising in the Stellar Sea (5-star)
  • Return to Darkness (4-star)
  • Subscribe for More! (4-star)
  • Only Silence Remains (4-star)
  • River Flows in Spring (4-star)
  • Arrows (3-star)
  • Darting Arrow (3-star)

It's worth noting that Swordplay could work against Seele, especially when not battling bosses. She will likely keep changing targets, especially if she can one-shot mooks.

Eidolons for Seele

The recommended stopping point is E2 or E3, with her signature Light Cone. This maximizes her damage output across all enemy kinds without having too specialized passives. Her E6 is too specific for bosses or high-HP enemies, which are few and far between. Also, Seele is more fun when you keep a killing streak, so you won't use her against bosses often.

Something to Note: Why Not Build SPD?

Seele is already speedy by default and gains a speed buff when using her Skill. Understandably, you want to maximize her signature Light Cone. However, increasing her SPD will make her turns come up sooner, making skill point regeneration somewhat harder.

Also, her ability to deal damage (and kill enemies) is more important than taking the first turn or having her turn come up faster. Building speed will cut into her damage-dealing stats, making her less effective in the long run. In short, she doesn't need more SPD to be effective. The relatively smaller damage boost from the Light Cone is not worth it.

Seele Floats Like a Butterfly, But Stings Like a Bee (For More Than One Target)

That's all for Seele, the first limited banner character for Honkai: Star Rail. With the above builds, you can maximize her damage and make her a one-woman-army who can cut most anything down in one shot. Have fun, and enjoy her killing sprees!


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