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Gorou Build and Lore

Genshin Impact

Name: Gorou

Vision: Geo

Birthday: 18 May

Constellation: Canis Bellatoris

Titles: Canine Warrior, General of the Watatsumi Army

Gorou is a purely supportive character. It's hard and generally not practical to use him as a DPS. His skills revolve around buffing party members, with various effects depending on the composition.

His Elemental Skill, Inuzaka All-Round Defense, sets up a General's War Banner that buffs allies in an area around it. Effects are based on how many Geo characters there are in the party. With one, the banner increases DEF. Adding another one increases resistance to interruption. A third Geo party member would increase Geo DMG Bonus by 15%.

Allies can only gain buffs from one War Banner. Boosts linger for 2 seconds after leaving the area of effect. Banners are not Geo constructs, making them safe to place without having other constructs disappear. You can decide where to place the banner by holding the skill button. Leveling up the talent will only increase the skill's damage and DEF bonuses. Everything else would stay the same.

His Burst, Juuga: Forward Unto Victory, works much the same as his E. This time, it's mobile and follows him (or the active character) around. It also gains a Crystal Collapse ability, where it automatically attacks enemies in its AoE with Geo DMG every 1.5 seconds. It overwrites and destroys any existing War Banners when the Burst is used. If Gorou falls, the Burst's effects disappear.

His second Ascension passive talent increases nearby allies' DEF by 25% for 12 seconds when using his Burst. His fourth one increases his skills' damage by a percentage of his DEF. For exploration, he reveals any nearby nodes for Inazuma specialties.

Various Constellation upgrades increase his skills' effectiveness in multiple ways. His first upgrade decreases his E skill's cooldown when allies hit enemies with Geo DMG. The second upgrade increases the duration of his Burst by 1 second when obtaining Crystallize shards (max 3 seconds). Getting two more (C4) lets him heal allies within his Burst by a percentage of his defense. His final upgrade increases the Crit DMG of allies' Geo-infused attacks. This buff's strength depends on how many Geo characters are in the party. It maxes out at a 40% increase with three characters.

Genshin Gorou Builds

As a supporting character, you'll want to keep his DEF as high as possible. That means artifact sets like Husk of Opulent Dreams or Guardian's Will. Because his Burst has a high energy cost, the Emblem of Severed Fate is also an option. However, some other Energy Recharge weapons are enough, especially since you'll be using him in a Geo mono team. The other characters can act as a battery. Still, it depends on your preference.

Possible Sets: Husk of Opulent Dreams, Emblem of Severed Fate, Noblesse Oblige, or a combination of the first two sets

Main Stats: 3x DEF or have an Energy Recharge timepiece

Substats: DEF, Energy Recharge, Elemental Mastery


Like most other four-star characters, Gorou doesn't have a signature weapon. Here are the most recommended bows to use:

  • Elegy of the End
  • Favonius Warbow
  • Sacrificial Bow
  • Fading Twilight

He doesn't have too many options because of his DEF scaling, and he's not suited for a DPS role. You can still build him as one, as these are just guidelines. Still, despite his leadership position on the front lines, he's better at hanging back and giving support.

Genshin Impact Gorou Lore

Like any other general, Gorou did not start out as one. He was once a rank-and-file soldier under the Gorgasia II unit. On a particular operation, his unit fell into an unexpected crisis. Their captain fell by a stray arrow, and enemies in the mountains surrounded the remaining people of the team.

They could ask for reinforcements, negotiate with the enemy, or surrender entirely. Their supplies decreased as they waited in indecision, and morale slowly dwindled. When they were on the verge of giving everything up, Gorou stepped up and proposed a daring plan.

He and the majority of the remaining unit will launch an attack to buy time for the others to call for reinforcements. Once the smaller half was successful, they and the arriving back-up could combine for a pincer attack. When asked about failing this mission, Gorou would take all the responsibility. All he wanted to do was take the chance and do all they could for Watatsumi.

It took a few days before their efforts to hold the line bore fruit. Reinforcements arrived to replace the exhausted Gorou and his fellow soldiers. It's even more impressive that the leader of the relieving force was Sangonomiya Kokomi herself.

This led to a series of promotions that resulted in his being named general.

To his men, he is strict but humble. Gorou's pretty straightforward and easygoing, and he treats his men like they are his family. He's always ready to share anything with them, whether good or bad. He's always the first to lead a charge, a banner that encourages his men to fight with enthusiasm. He puts the safety of his men first, even at the cost of his own.

Some people might see him as just a kid, but to his men, this kid is the best general they could ask for.

For all his accolades and accomplishments, he has one flaw he hasn't quite mastered yet. He has a somewhat finicky temper, and his blood is prone to rush to his head at the height of battle. He is relatively inexperienced but learns fast and makes an effort to compensate for his failings. Among the appointed leaders of the army, Gorou is the one who could choose the correct series of actions from the directives given to them.

With time, he hopes to understand the principles of the directives, so he doesn't have to rely on them as often. By then, he believes he'd be more confident in the field.

Speaking of weaknesses, Gorou's biggest one is most likely the Guuji Yae. Through the treaty between the Shogunate and Watatsumi, he had more interactions with Yae. He would always be defensive when talking to her, something shown in his hangout events. Some branches of the event try to figure out a way to give Gorou the upper hand, or at least to hold his own.

Despite his natural weakness to Yae's teasing nature, he ended up agreeing to a job offered by the Guuji. Yae would send him letters from readers trying to ask for advice. For the privacy of either side, Yae changes the names of the readers and Gorou. To the readers, he became Ms. Hina of the advice column of "That's Life" magazine.

That section became popular indeed, as even Arataki Itto is a fan of 'Ms. Hina'. Yae had a pamphlet depicting Ms. Hina made, and 'she' closely resembled Gorou such that he is mistaken as a brother to 'her.' It's also why editors would ask about Ms. Hina when delivering royalties to him.

Before the Traveler came, Gorou would pile up or set aside his worries to put up a severe and proper front. He's internally worried about his tail fur, his inferior physique when compared to the others, and how he's weak to women like Yae Miko. Most of his men were aware of these problems, but they played along with his front. Yet they hoped that someone he could air these worries to would appear. They breathed a massive sigh of relief when the Traveler came.

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