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Genshin Impact Characters

  • Genshin Impact

    Gorou Build and Lore

    Name: Gorou Vision: Geo Birthday: 18 May Constellation: Canis Bellatoris Titles: Canine Warrior, General of the Watatsumi Army Gorou is a purely […]
  • lisa

    Lisa Build and Lore

    Name: Lisa Minci Vision: Electro Birthday: 9 June Constellation: Tempus Fugit Titles: Witch of Purple Rose, Librarian of the Knights of Favonius, […]
  • Rosaria build and lore

    Rosaria Build and Lore

    Name: Rosaria Vision: Cryo Birthday: 24 January Constellation: Spinea Corona Titles: Thorny Benevolence, A Nonconforming Sister How to Build Rosa […]

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