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Genshin Impact Guides

Genshin Impact Characters

  • Genshin Impact Yoimiya

    Genshin Impact Yoimiya Build and Lore

    Name: Naganohara Yoimiya Vision: Pyro Birthday: 21 June Constellation: Carassius Auratus Titles: Queen of the Summer Festival, Frolicking Flames, […]
  • Genshin Impact Eula

    Genshin Impact Eula Build and Lore

    Name: Eula Lawrence Vision: Cryo Birthday: 25 October Constellation: Aphros Delos Titles: Dance of the Shimmering Wave, Spindrift Knight, Captain […]
  • Klee

    Genshin Impact Klee Build and Lore

    Name: Klee Vision: Pyro Birthday: 27 July Constellation: Trifolium Titles: Spark Knight (of the Knights of Favonius), Fleeing Sunlight, Red Burny […]

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