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Palace of the Dead Guide

Palace of the Dead

Final Fantasy XIV offers players hundreds of contents for them to explore. Gamers will never run out of things to do, from fighting celestial beings to simple trade skills or life skill activities. The Deep Dungeon content is one of the game's core features that have adventurers always on their toes. This system showcases multiple rogue-like mechanics and situations that will definitely challenge players. The Palace of the Dead, one of the Deep Dungeons, is a great place to level up and gain tons of Gil.

What is the Palace of the Dead?

PotD is the very first Deep Dungeon released in Final Fantasy XIV. The rogue-like dungeon was released during the Heavensward expansion back in 2016. The challenge mainly featured the story of Edda Pureheart. Originally, PotD only had 50 floors, but later on, the developers would add another 150 floors, which they would call the Hellsward floors.

How to Unlock Palace of the Dead?

Before players can enter PotD, they need to satisfy several requirements to unlock the dungeon. To fully access this Deep Dungeon, gamers will need to reach Disciple of War or Disciple of Magic Lvl. 17. They should also have completed the "Into a Copper Hell" main sequence quest given by Momodi in Ul'dah.

Once players have reached 17 and finished the quest, they will need to head over to the Adventurer's Guild in New Gridania to accept a mission called "The House that Death Built" from Nojiro Marujiro. This task requires them to find and enter the Palace of the Dead. The dungeon itself will be located near the Quarrymill West of the South Shroud. Players will have to interact with the Wood Wailer expeditionary captain to enter the dungeon.

Palace of the Dead Leveling System

The PotD instance is separate from the main game world of Final Fantasy XIV. Players will not be able to carry over their level, stats, and equipment once they enter the Deep Dungeon. Upon entering the new instance, gamers will be given new gear and start from level 1.

The level cap for the Palace of the Dead is rank 60. Gamers should not take that leveling in the dungeon does not translate or impact the character's level outside the palace. Experience can be gained from defeating monsters and bosses on every floor. The EXP gained is fixed even when players are raiding with parties. Experience points bonuses and rested EXP also do not count in this instance.

The Gear System in the Palace of the Dead

When players enter PotD, they are given a new set of items called Aetherpool and Pomanders. Aetherpools are the dungeon's exclusive items that can only be used within the instance. This gear should be enhanced to increase their stats as gamers go through multiple floors. Aetherpool arms increase the damage dealt by players, while Aetherpool armor represents defense or damage reduction stats.

More Aetherpools can be acquired by looting Silver Treasure Coffers. These items can be enhanced by accessing silvers coffers in the dungeon. The max rank for each gear is +99. However, the equipment's power is directly tied to the current level of the players in the palace. If the strength of the equipment exceeds the cap for the current character rank, the Aetherpool power will not go over the limit and will only sync once gamers reach the appropriate level. In addition, gear durability and spirit bonding do not function in Deep Dungeons.

Pomanders are a unique item in the dungeon that provides various boons to the party. These bonuses can either be buffs, status effects against enemies, or anything related to the current or the next floors. These runes can only be acquired through gold coffers. Here are all the Pomanders in PotD:

Pomanders that Affect the Current Floor:

  • Fortune – increases the chances of a treasure coffers drop
  • Intuition – reveals the hidden treasure
  • Lust – transforms the caster into a succubus
  • Purity – cleanses the Pox status
  • Rage – transforms the caster into a manticore
  • Resolution – transforms the caster into Kuribu
  • Raising – resurrects the first party member knocked out
  • Safety – eliminates all traps
  • Serenity – eliminates all the floor enchantments
  • Sight – reveals the map of the current floor and all hidden traps
  • Steel – provides 40% damage reduction
  • Strength – provides a 30% increase in damage dealt and healing magic potency
  • Witching – hexes all enemies in a particular range into frogs, imps, or chickens

Pomanders that Affect the Next Floor:

  • Affluence – increases the number of treasure coffers
  • Alteration – replaces opponents on the floor with mimics or mandragora
  • Flight – reduce the number of enemies

Floor System in the Palace of the Dead

There are a total of 200 floors in PotD. While there first 100 floors can be accessed by every player, level 101 onwards can only be challenged by gamers who meet the criteria. Only parties who haven't experienced any party deaths from floor 1 to 100 are eligible to enter the 101st level and above.

When players clear the 50th floor, they will need to complete a quest to unlock the 51st level. After completing the "House that Death Built," gamers must finish the "What Lies Beneath" task to fully access the next floor. Once the 51st level is unlocked, raiders will be given an option to start the dungeon from the current level or restart from the 1st floor. Choosing the 51st will cause all current pomanders to be removed, and players will automatically start at level 60.

Enemies in every 10 sets of floors will feature the same monsters. However, the level at which they will appear will be random. The bosses for every 10 stories are also set, so gamers will have time to prepare. While most mobs will stay within a particular zone, several opponents will continuously roam around the area. Here are the opponents for every set:

Floors 1 to 10

  • Normal Mobs: Palace Antelope, Palace Sprite, Palace Ziz, Palace Coblyn, Palace Bat, Palace Deathmouse,Palace Yarzon, Palace Dung Beetle, Palace Hippocerf, Palace Beetle, Palace Hornet, and Lost Goblin
  • Patrols: None
  • Boss: Palace Death Gaze

Floor 11 to 20

  • Normal Mobs: Palace Uragnite, Palace Toad, Palace Pudding, Palace Slime, Palace Nanka, Palace Ninki-Nanka, Palace Ochu, Palace Biloko, Palace Seedling, and Palace Morbol
  • Patrols: Palace Cobra
  • Boss: Sporge

Floor 21 to 30

  • Normal Mobs: Palace Puk, Palace Drake, Palace Adamantoise, Palace Dullahan, Palace Wivre, Palace Peiste, Palace Spriggan, Palace Effigy, Palace Marolith, and Palace Centaur
  • Patrols: Palace Minotaur and Palace Skatene
  • Boss: Ningishzida

Floor 31 to 40

  • Normal Mobs: Nightmare Ogre, Nightmare Bogy, Nightmare Hecteyes, Nightmare Eye, Nightmare Gourmand, Nightmare Monk, Nightmare Dahak, Nightmare Catoblepas, Nightmare Mummy, Nightmare Haagenti, Nightmare Troubadour, and Nightmare Gnat
  • Patrols: Nightmare Succubus
  • Boss: Ixtab

Floor 41 to 50

  • Normal Mobs: Nightmare Gravekeeper, Nightmare Bloodguard, Nightmare Dragon, Nightmare Wraith, Nightmare Knight, Nightmare Manticore, Nightmare Hellhound, Nightmare Gargoyle, and Nightmare Demon
  • Patrols: Nightmare Bhoot and Nightmare Persona
  • Boss: Edda Blackbosom

Floors 51 to 60

  • Normal Mobs: Palace Imp, Palace Gremlin, Palace Idol, Palace Voidriga, Palace Arch Demon, Palace Deepeye, Palace Anubys, Palace Taurus, Palace Pudding, Palace Soulflayer, and Palace Pot
  • Patrols: None
  • Boss: The Black Rider

Floor 61 to 70

  • Normal Mobs: Palace Tyrannosaur, Palace Mylodon, Palace Pteranodon, Palace Elbst, Palace Wivre, Palace Croc, Palace Diplcaulus, Palace Blade, Palace Sarcosuchus, Palace Triceratops, and Palace Raptor
  • Patrols: None
  • Boss: Yuquaru

Floor 71 to 80

  • Normal Mobs: Palace Bear, Palace Coeurl, Palace Bandersnatch, Palace Wolf, Palace Dhalmel, Palace Lion, Palace Cyclops, Palace Sasquatch, Palace Anzu, Palace Aurochs, and Bird of the Palace
  • Patrols: None
  • Boss: Gudanna

Floor 81 to 90

  • Normal Mobs: Palace Eruca, Palace Galliminus, Palace Claw, Palace Worm, Palace Bomb, Palace Chimera, Palace Dragon, Palace Wamouracampa, Palace Vinegaroon, Palace Wamoura, and Palace Hapalit
  • Patrols: None
  • Boss: The Godmother

Floor 91 to 100

  • Normal Mobs: Palace Hippocerf, Palace Gourmand, Palace Wraith, Palace Corpse, Palace Dragon, Palace Swarm, Palace Mummy, Palace Roselet, and Palace Knight
  • Patrols: Palace Gravekeeper
  • Boss: Nybeth Obdilord

Floor 101 to 110

  • Normal Mobs: Deep Palace Gaelicat, Deep Palace Doblyn, Deep Palace Hornet, Deep Palace Ladybug, Deep Palace Hyppogryph, Deep Palace Dung Beetle, Deep Palace Ziz, Deep Palace Yarzon, Deep Palace Squirrel, Deep Palace Stag, Deep Palace Sprite, and Goblin Adventurer
  • Patrols: None
  • Boss: Alicanto

Floors 111 to 120

  • Normal Mobs: Deep Palace Biloko, Deep Palace Cobra, Deep Palace Bifericeras, Deep Palace Leech, Deep Palace Morbol, Deep Palace Gigantoad, Deep Palace Seedling, Deep Palace Slime, Deep Palace Salamander, Deep Palace Ochu, Deep Palace Pudding, and Deep Palace Nanka
  • Patrols: Deep Palace Gigantoad and Deep Palace Cobra
  • Boss: Kirtimukha

Floor 121 to 130

  • Normal Mobs: Deep Palace Dullahan, Deep Palace Effigy, Deep Palace Centaur, Deep Palace Basilisk, Deep Palace Biast, Deep Palace Adamantios, Deep Palace Urolith, Deep Palace Wivre, Deep Palace Spriggan, and Deep Palace Pteroc
  • Patrols: Deep Palace Minotaur and Deep Palace Skatene
  • Boss: Alfard

Floor 131 to 140

  • Normal Mobs: Deep Palace Dahak, Deep Palace Tarus, Deep Palace Guard, Deep Palace Hecteyes, Deep Palace Gourmand, Deep Palace Catoblepas, Deep Palace Troubadour, Deep Palace Soul, Deep Palace Mummy, Deep Palace Ogre, and Deep Palace Monk
  • Patrols: Deep Palace Ahriman
  • Boss: Ah Puch

Floor 141 to 150

  • Normal Mobs: Deep Palace Bhoot, Deep Palace Demon, Deep Palace Succubus, Deep Palace Ked, Deep Palace Hellhound, Deep Palace Gargoyle, Deep Palace Manticore, Deep Palace Persona, Deep Palace Knight, and Onyx Dragon
  • Patrols: Deep Palace Manticore, Deep Palace Wraith, and Deep Palace Keeper
  • Boss: Tisiphone

Floors 151 to 160

  • Normal Mobs: Deep Palace Deepeye, Deep Palace Abaia, Deep Palace Soulflayer, Deep Palace Pudding, Deep Palace Shabti, Deep Palace Gremlin, Deep Palace Devilet, Deep Palace Pot, and Deep Palace Taurus
  • Patrols: Deep Palace Marolith and Deep Palace Arch Demon
  • Boss: Totesritter

Floors 161 to 170

  • Normal Mobs: Deep Palace Croc, Deep Palace Diplocaulus, Deep Palace Mylodon, Deep Palace Pteranodon, Deep Palace Lindwurm, Deep Palace Archaeosaur, Deep Palace Wivre, Deep Palace Vinegaroon, Deep Palace Triceratops, Deep Palace Tursus, and Deep Palace Sarcosuchus
  • Patrols: None
  • Boss: Yulunggu

Floors 171 to 180

  • Normal Mobs: Deep Palace Bandersnatch, Deep Palace Anzu, Deep Palace Dhalmel, Deep Palace Lion, Deep Palace Bear, Deep Palace Black Coeurl, Deep Palace Wolf, Deep Palace Sasquatch, and Bird of the Deep Palace
  • Patrols: Deep Palace Wisent and Deep Palace Snowclops
  • Boss: Dendainsonne

Floor 181 to 190

  • Normal Mobs: Deep Palace Archaeosaur, Deep Palace Worm, Deep Palace Wamoura, Deep Palace Grenade, Deep Palace Sprite, Deep Palace Claw, Deep Palace Crawler, Deep Palace Wamouracampa, Deep Palace Vindthurs, and Flood Dragon
  • Patrols: Deep Palace Garm
  • Boss: The Godfather

Floor 191 to 200

  • Normal Mobs: Deep Palace Bicephalus, Deep Palace Wraith, Deep Palace Iron Corse, Deep Palace Keeper, Deep Palace Hippogryph, Deep Palace Gourmand, Deep Palace Mummy, Deep Palace Trap, Deep Palace Knight, and Onyx Dragon
  • Patrols: Deep Palace Fachan
  • Boss: None

How to Proceed to the Next Floor?

The objective of each level is to find the Cairn of Passage, which will allow players to proceed to the next floor. In addition to locating this monolith, gamers will need to defeat a certain number of opponents until the cairn glows up. All members must be within its radius to activate it, and the cairn will not transport the group when at least one member of the party is still in active combat.

How to Revive Fallen Teammates?

Getting KO'd in PotD does not mean the end for players. Teammates can still be resurrected by locating Cairns of Return. These statues need to be activated by defeating monsters to revive any knocked-out party member.

Floor Enhancements and Traps

While gamers traverse through each floor, not only will they face off against strong monsters, but they also have to be wary of traps and debuffs. Each level will have a chance to inflict floor effects that will affect the party and will always spawn traps. Here are all the enchantments and traps in PotD:

Floor Enhancements

  • Auto-heal Penalty – party HP regen is disabled
  • Blindness – reduces Accuracy of the party
  • Damage Penalty – minimizes the damage dealt by the whole party
  • Gloom – increases movement speed and damage dealt by enemies
  • Haste – delays weapon skill recast time, spell recast time, and auto-attacks
  • HP/MP Boost – increases the max HP and MP of the whole party
  • HP Penalty – reduces the max HP of the party
  • Inability – restricts the use of abilities
  • Item Penalty – limits the use of items (including pomanders)
  • Knockback Penalty – disables knockbacks and vacuums for the party and opponents
  • Sprint Penalty – prohibits the action Sprint


  • Enfeebling Trap – inflicts Enervation status
  • Impeding Trap – inflicts Pacify and Silence for 30 seconds
  • Land Mine – causes an explosion damaging everything in its radius for 80% of Max HP
  • Luring Trap – spawns random enemies
  • Toading Trap – inflicts Toad Status for 20 seconds

Coffers and Rewards

Inside the dungeon, players have the chance to discover four types of chests that will contain various loot. These chests may yield pomanders, armaments, consumables, or special items. Here is all the potential loot in PotD:

  • Gold Coffer – may yield pomanders
  • Silver Coffer – enhances Aetherpool arms and armor
  • Bronze Coffer – may produce potions or Gelmorran potsherd
  • Cursed Hoard – can be exchanged with the Expedition Bishop at the South Shroud Quarrymill

Depending on the players' progression, the party will receive various rewards. Several factors would determine what type and how much loot each party member will receive. Here are all the criteria to be eligible for prizes:

  • Entering the dungeon at level 90 – receive Allagan tomestones and Gil based on the dungeon progress
  • Entering the dungeon at levels between 50 to 89 – receive Allagan tomestones, Gil, and experience points based on the dungeon progress
  • Entering the dungeon while under level 50 – receive exp points and Gil based on dungeon progress
  • Reached floor 50 or 100 – receive Gelmorran potsherd
  • Achieved +10 Aetherpool armor and cleared floor 50 – receive Aetherpool grip


When players proceed beyond the 100th level, their progression from that point will all be saved and calculated. Two factors would affect the total score of the party when they finish or exit the dungeon. These are the highest floor reached and the number of enemies slain. The total tally can be confirmed with the Wood Wailer expeditionary captain at the Quarymill.

The Palace of the Dead is one of FFXIV's most popular content. The randomness of each floor and the challenge they present are sure to interest many raiders. However, it is always more enjoyable to experience this content with friends or other people.

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