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FFXIV Crafting and Gathering Guide 1-90

FFXIV Crafting and Gathering Guide

If you’ve been looking to get your crafting skill up to 80, there are many activities for you to do. In this FFXIV crafting guide, we will be looking at what methods you can use to get yourself up to the highest levels. Crafting and gathering skills are referred to ‌as Disciple of Hand and Disciple of Land, respectively‌. ‌By having a maximum level in all Disciples, ‌players can take advantage of all the new content that‌ was introduced in Endwalker, ‌as well as have ‌a head start in the grind to level 90‌. Without further ado, here are the most efficient and easiest ways to level up crafting in FFXIV.

Level 1-20

  • The Crafting Log

We will need to get started somewhere when we are leveling FFXIV crafting. So firstly, we’re going to work through our crafting log. This is a fast way of leveling up from the very start before we delve into Levequests at level 15. It will become more expensive, and the XP you earn will be pretty low as you level up, so it is only a temporary measure.

  • Helping Hand Action

The majority of players in FFXIV are part of a Free Company. These are unique ways in which you can obtain experience and will give you a ranking for taking part. Once you’ve gotten to rank 5, you can add a buff to the company that can last up to a day. There is a method that can work slightly better than just eating food. The Helping Hand action for the Free Company adds to the experience that crafting earns. You’re looking at a 5% boost for this, so it’s worth your time doing if you want a way to get crafting XP that you wouldn’t have been able to get elsewhere.

  • Eat Your Vegetables

If you need an easy way to get some additional XP, simply eat food. You don’t have to worry about what’s your food either. You are looking at a few percent XP boost from whatever food you decide to eat. An effective way is to find a bartender and buy orange juice. As strange as it might sound in a crafting guide, it is inexpensive and time-efficient.

  • Class Quests

Go to your respective guild and start doing job quests. After completing this ‌and equipping ‌your primary tool, you can begin crafting and gathering. For the crafting skills, you can use the guild reception to buy materials to craft each of the items available to you‌, ‌as you will get a big bonus the first time you do so. Doing this alongside our job quests will quickly get‌ you ‌to level 20‌. With gathering skills, you can do the same , but this involves going out and finding nodes to mine. Mine everything you can at least once for that first‌-‌time bonus. Each class quest will lead you to a new node where you will discover more materials you can gather.‌

  • Levequests

Once you’ve hit level 15, you can start doing Levequests. It might seem odd on the surface that quests only allow you to level up a combat class but fear not. You can use Levequests that you get from NPCs. These are found throughout the game and can be beneficial for crafting classes to get that much-needed XP. This is when your crafting XP will be minimal so these quests can boost this income nicely.

Level 20-60

  • Ishgard Restoration

You can obtain the next chunk of levels ‌in the Ishgardian Restoration location Firmament. This is unlocked at the end of the Heavensward expansion in Ishgard. After completing Heavensward‌, ‌there will be a poster near the Ishgard Aether Crystal that will grant the quest “Towards the Firmament”. This is a short quest that allows access to the Firmament. ‌

For crafting‌, ‌you will want to buy the ingredients for the class 4 recipe you can craft from the market board for crafting. There is a new recipe unlocked every 20 levels and will require better gear to craft each time. The ingredient prices vary from server to server‌, but generally‌, ‌the level‌ 20 and level 40 class 4 materials are cheap‌. ‌Otherwise‌, ‌check other server market boards in your data center. After crafting the class 4 items, you’ll hand them in‌ and get a massive chunk of experience.

You can use this method when you get to level 20, as your experience is changed to major for it. You also receive scripts as well. These can be used to purchase many excellent items in the game. Whether you want new gear, a mount, or housing items, these scripts can come in very handy. This isn’t something you should focus on for too long, as you will run into a point where it starts costing too much.

  • The Market Board

You might have reached a point of monotony when leveling your crafting skill through the Ishgard Restoration. If that is the case, then be sure to check out the Market Board. You have probably experienced a slow down regarding the amount of XP you are earning. Our goal is to keep those earnings up, so this is a simple way to mix proceedings up and make some gil.

So what you need to do is go to the Market Board and see what is selling for the highest amount. What you make will depend on your crafting prowess at this point. You will need to be able to craft a decent number of the item in question. By doing so, you are getting high experience in crafting while making gil. You can then use the gil you’ve earned to purchase materials that can be used for crafting. As you reach higher crafting levels, you should keep this in mind, as resource buying will be essential.

Level 60-80

  • Custom Deliveries

After you have crafted your way to the heights of level 60, you can then start with custom delivery quests. You will also need to have reached Idyllshire in Heavensward for this method to work. This is another method that can help you earn valuable gil and crafting experience.

To do these quests, go to Idyllshire to find Zhloe. You can also go to Stomblood to find M’naago and Kai-Shirr in Shadowbringers. These are refreshed weekly and even provide a little narrative to get yourself involved.

  • Kugane Levequests

At level 60‌, ‌players can continue creating and gathering resources for the Ishgardian Restoration. The crafting tends to get much more expensive‌‌, and the gathering process ends up being grindy. If you don’t mind that or if you do not have any spare leves, then continue as you were to level 70. However‌, ‌if you have spare leves, the Kugane quest giver Keltraeng provides excellent levequests that will accelerate your leveling. Look out for the charity levequest type as it allows three ‌turn‌-ins per single leve allowance. Each turn‌-in yields vast ‌amounts of experience on top of some respectable Gil for your service. Depending on the server you play on, many of the requested items can be bought from the market board at little to no loss once turned in. This dramatically ‌speeds up the time it will take to get to level 70.

The Fieldcraft leves for Disciple of Land skills require players to venture out and collect particular ingredients from Eorzea. The quests are very straightforward and yield a ton of experience. You can collect these quests from Keltraeng by selecting the Disciple of Land option in the chat dialogue. At level 70, the experience reward is heavily punished , and players must move onto the next segment as they get each skill into the last stretch of training.‌

  • Beast Tribe Quests

Throughout the years, we have seen FFXIV release many expansions. These have brought with them their own Beast Tribes. Sadly, not many of them have created opportunities for those looking to raise their levels in crafting. However, there are a few choices for us to use to get some much-needed XP.

Here we had the Ixals to help us in A Realm Reborn. Meanwhile, Heavensward had the Moogles, Stormblood had Namazu and Shadowbringers had Dwarves. The Ixal quests can take you nicely to level 20. You can then take on Moogles quests from level 50. After that, you will look at the Namazu quests from level 60, and finally, when you hit level 70, you can focus on the Dwarves.

  • Crystarium Levequests

The final step to finishing leveling requires players to head into the Crystarium on The First. Very similar to the last ten levels, players will be receiving their levequests from Eirikur , who will provide both the Disciple of Hand and Land levequests. It is recommended that all players start doing levequests as it is far superior to continuing Ishgardian Restoration. Players that are low on leve allowance will have to save them up over time and train their other combatant jobs. It does not take long to build up an allowance to finish off skills , as it will only take a handful of quests to finish the remaining ten levels.‌

In between levequests, you ‌can start doing Facet quests at various levels. Facet quest gets players into doing Crystarium Deliveries for local NPCs that reward them with large amounts of experience, Gil , and Scripts. However, these quests are not repeatable and come in 5 facets that dictate what skills can use in each branch of quests. Crystarium Deliveries involve gathering or crafting collectibles to turn into the NPC. High-quality turn-ins provide double the reward‌s, including experience.‌

Level 80-90

  • Gearing

I don’t recommend trying to obtain over-melded Aesthete crafting and gathering gear‌ since it's obsolete now that the Endwalker expansion is out. Instead, it is better to obtain white scripts to trade in for Handsaint’s and Landsaint’s Gear. Players can do this at scrip exchange such as the one in Eulmore or at the Crystarium. Only one set of each is needed as you can bind the same gear across multiple job gear sets however the tools will need to be individually obtained.‌


Now you should be well on your way to getting every hand and land job up to‌ the ‌maximum level cap. Some players may wish to focus on a single skill or set of skills , and that’s fine as long as you get some level 80‌-90 ‌jobs under your belt.‌ This FFXIV crafting guide should give you plenty of options for finding ways to level up to 90. Many methods can get tedious, especially when the experience that you earn starts to die off. Thankfully, there are plenty of alternatives to switch things up for you to keep it both exciting and cost-effective.

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FFXIV Crafting & Gathering

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