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*** 1300+ CP Account | 6 Max Leveled Characters | Big Craft Bag | 10 Million+ Gold | Master Crafter *** 7 days Seller After-sale protection

I Want to Sell

$ 490.00

  • 1. Check out and complete the payment
  • 2. Receive an email with the Game Account details
  • 3. Log in to the Game Account and verify description
  • 4. Confirm the delivery
  • 5. Seller gets paid


All 6 Classes Leveled/Maxed w/ necessary skills leveled (Mages, Fighters, Psijic, Assault, Support, Vampire, Werewolf etc…)

Master Crafter (All Professions 50 / All Traits Researched)

Endgame PvE and PvP Characters

Craft Bag w/ Lots of Materials (Including Dreugh Wax, Tempering Alloy, Chromium Plating, Rosin, and more)

13.7 Million+ Gold

1.4 Million+ Alliance Points

1 Alliance Change Token

100k + Tel Var Stones

2600+ Crowns

200+ Gems

400+ Bank Space (After ESO Plus)

Banker – Ezabi (Cat)

Merchant – Fezez (Cat)

Mounts (Mount Speed All 60) (Some with Stamina + Capacity)

Variety of Exotic, Flying, Daedric Pets

5 Mythics

Sets: Too much to list out. 40% of my sets are Gold60% are Purple


Characters: All Daggerfall Covenant – All w/ Alchemy – 50

Nightblade – High Elf – 50 (Master Crafter)

  • Scrying/Excavation – 9/10
  • Fighters, Mages Guild, Psijic, Undaunted, Assault, Support – Maxed
  • All Crafting Professions – 50
  • All Traits Researched
  • All Class Skills – 50
  • 180 Skill Points

Sorcerer – High Elf – 50 (Main PvE)

  • Fighters, Mages Guild, Psijic, Undaunted, Assault, Support – Maxed
  • All Class Skills – 50
  • Almost All Weapon Skills – 50
  • 170 Skill Points

Dragonknight – Dark Elf – 50 (Main PvP/Prior Tank)

  • Fighters, Mages Guild, Psijic, Undaunted, Assault, Support – Maxed
  • All Class Skills – 50
  • All Weapon Skills – 50
  • Vampire – 10 (Max)
  • Armor Skills – 50
  • Campaign Rank – 16
  • 161 Skill Points

Necromancer – Orc – 50 – (Main PvP/Prior PvE DPS)

  • Fighters, Mages Guild, Psijic, Undaunted, Assault, Support – Maxed
  • All Class Skills – 50
  • Almost All Weapon Skills – 50
  • Vampire – 10 (Max)
  • Armor Skills – 50
  • Campaign Rank -17
  • 166 Skill Points

Templar – Breton – 50 (PvE/PvP Healer)

  • Fighters, Mages Guild, Psijic, Undaunted, Assault, Support – Maxed
  • All Class Skills – 50
  • Vampire – 10 (Max)
  • 143 Skill Points

Warden – Breton – 50 (Newest Character)

  • Mages Guild – Maxed
  • All Class Skills – 50
  • Vampire – 10 (Max)
  • 118 Skill Points


Mounts: Alliance War Horse, Noweyr Steed, Rahd-M’athra, Sorrel Horse, Hollowjack Rider Senche, Hailcinder Vale Elk, Baandari Dwarven Spider, Tuxedo Bear.

Non-Combat Pets: Scorion Pyreling, Slate-Skinned Daedrat, Stonefire Scamp, WickerFright Banekin, Blue Dragon Imp, Bright Moons Lunar Moth, Green Dragon Imp, Long-Winged Bat, Monarch Butterfly, Scintillant Dovah-Fly, Shadowswift Bat, Vampiric Dragon Imp, Alinor Ringtail, Dusky Fennec Fox, Echalette, Frostbite Spider, Gloomspore Bear Cub, Heartland Brindle Badger, Ice-Glow Salamander, Icebound Dwarven Spider, Jackal, Masked Bear Cub, New Moon Wolf Pup, Noweyr Pony, Pedlar Pack Spider, Prong-Eared Odd-Eyed Cat, Rihad Coffee Scorpion, Senche-Serval Kitten, Striped Senche-Panther Cub, Twighlight Striped Lynx, Unholy Glow Bone Dragon, Verdigris Haj Mota, Abecean Ratter Cat, Alik’r Dune-Hound, Alliance War Dog, Senchal Striped Cat.

Emotes: Angry Dust Off, Bite Me, Bright Moons Greeting, Bull horns, Chaos Ball Boom, Desert Rain Kata, Festival Beggar, Festive Treats, Flower Fling, GoutFang Kata, Let There Be Lichen!, Play Esraj, Play Tiny Violin Whispering Claw Kata, Wickerman Mishap.

Hats: Alliance Rider Hood, Arkthzand Anfractuosity Shroud, Ayleid Royal Crown, Blackmarrow Necro-Turban, Crown of Misrule, Dibella’s Doll Mask Khajiiti, Graverobber’s Appraising Hood, Nightmare Daemon Mask Khajiiti, Oblivion Explorer’s Headwrap, Psijic Skullcap, Rajhin’s Cat Mask, Renegade Dragon Priest Mask, Thicketman Spectre Mask, Vosh Rakh Ceremonial Mask, Werewolf Hunter Hat, Winter Corsage Broadbrim, Winter Garland Broadbrim, Winter Wreath Broadbrim.

Costumes: Alliance Rider Outfit, Ancestral Honor Garments, Blacksmith, Breton Hero Amor, Cavalier Of the Sworn Oath, Centurion Dress Armor, Covenant Scout, Cyrod Gentry’s Town Gown, Dark Seducer, Dark Shaman, Doeskin-And-Chamois Woods Wear, Elder Council Tunic and Sash, Fishfolk Work Wear, Golden Saint, Grim Harvester, Imperial Chancellor, Kinlord’s Alinor Attire, Lion Guard Knight, Mages Guild Formal Robes, Mannimarco, Moon-Sugar Festival Suit, Morthal Jarl Finery, Nobal Clan-Chief, Old Orsinium Sentry, Queen’s-Eye Spymaster, Regalia of the Orsimer King, Royal Court Jester, Rumare Waterfront Casual Wear, Shrike’s Nocturnal Frock, Timbercrow Wanderer, Toxin Doctor, Trinimac’s Penitent Knight, Vengeance Day Dress.

Skins: Fabrication Sheath, Meridian Purified, Peryite’s Afflicted.

Personalities: Assassin, Brassy Assassin, Heroic, Jester, Zombie.

Polymorphs: Factotum, Maelstrom Baron, Skeleton.

Mythics: Markyn Ring of Majesty, Ring of the Wild Hunt, Malacath’s Band of Brutality, Torc of Tonal Constancy, Thrassian Stranglers

** This is about 80% of what I have. The last 20% are sets and I have at least 50-100+ Sets so I am not listing it all out lol. I was very serious about PvE and PvP content so I always had best in slot for the timeline that I played. Therefore, getting new items should be a breeze. **

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