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A player-driven economy is always a huge and even enjoyable aspect in MMOs, and Elder Scrolls Online is no exception. Players looking for items they don’t have time to gather or are tired of not getting what they want or need because of RNG sometimes start searching for an ESO Market.

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About Elder Scrolls Online Online Marketplace

Gamers Buy and Sell in an ESO Market

Elder Scrolls Online’s economy is similar to a lot of other MMORPGs in many respects. At the same time, however, it is vastly different. As far as what is the same, it would be the fact that the same kind of items that sell well in other MMOs also sell well in Elder Scrolls Online.

And now, with Legacy of the Breton’s year long adventure beginning with Ascending Tide, players have the chance to experience a brand new set of content which will only serve to set ESO apart even more from the rest of the MMO pack. Whether it’s tackling Coral Aerie, or creeping through Shipwright’s Regret, players have no shortage of pirate themed joys to look forward to in the new DLC.

Back to the matter at hand, a lot like in other MMOs, crafting plays a huge role in the Elder Scrolls Online economy. Many items, especially those that are often needed by other players, are made through these various means. Among them, the most popular ones are Alchemy, Blacksmithing, and Enchanting. Because of this, items needed and created by these professions sell quite easily, and in certain cases, for a lot.

Crafting materials are easy to either buy or sell, as there is a demand for it. Players that have no time buy them, and players that need more gold sell them.  They will never be worth as much as crafted items, but they are obtained without cost and sell for a rather good price.

There are, however, exceptions to this rule. A good example is the Jaedi and Lire Runestones, which are used to improve weapon damage. The item has already been phased out, so those that are still in the game are worth a lot.

The same principle applies with crafted items, as they are bought because players are not willing to craft them by themselves. At the same time, they are crafted and sold because they fetch rather good prices. Rare drops from specific sources are also worth considerable amounts. A good example of that is the Clockwork Reliquary costume, which has a low drop rate and is only dropped by specific enemies.

Is There an Auction House in ESO?

The biggest difference the player-driven economy of Elder Scrolls Online has with other MMOs, however, is the lack of a global trading hub, or simply put, an ESO Auction House. Instead, players sell items in the guild store, where only members can buy. This has been done to encourage people to join trading guilds, as the game has a huge emphasis on guilds. This is true not just for trading, but also for other endeavors that can be done in the game. In fact, the game allows players to join up to five guilds, and each guild can have up to 500 players. That means players that decide to sell in all the five guilds with 500 members can have up to 2500 potential buyers.

It is possible for players to find none of the items they need in the guild store. While they can ask guildmates to check on guild stores of the guilds they are a member of, it can still be possible for other guild stores to not have them.

Another usual problem is the lack of gold. Because of how tricky buying and selling can get, it’s not always easy to earn gold by trading. There are more conventional ways to farm gold, but they take up much more time compared to relying on the player-driven economy. Lastly, there are a lot of Elder Scrolls-related things that cannot be bought using gold. Non-tradable items, especially those bought from the Crown store, Crowns, items that have been discontinued, and many other things.

What Do Gamers Trade in an ESO Marketplace?

The answer to all these things is PlayerAuctions’ Elder Scrolls Online Marketplace. Here, players are able to meet and connect with each other to buy and sell things related to ESO. Some gamers prefer trading this way as they can find things they wouldn’t normally be able to find in the game.

Other than items, players also trade ESO Accounts and gold. Buying accounts is a way of skipping the grind and getting to the endgame right away. On the other hand, players sometimes buy gold and then buy items that are available in the guild store but unavailable in the ESO Marketplace.

How Traders Set Their Prices in the ESO Marketplace

The value of goods sold in the ESO Marketplace depend on various factors. For items, this is determined by their rarity and importance. For gold, this depends on the current trends in the economy. Lastly, for Accounts, this is determined by the level of the character/s, total value of items, and the amount of gold and Crown in it.


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