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Best Camera EA FC 24

best camera ea fc 24

The camera angles in EA FC 24 can be realistic, akin to a football broadcast in real life at times. Still, it’s understandable if you might want to adjust these settings to get the most ideal visibility on the pitch. Optimizing your gameplay settings can go a long way in improving your performance.

The camera is one of the most overlooked parts of the settings menu. Little do people know that it’s a feature that could help win more games. It’s essential to have a nice view of everything during a match, whether you’re playing a relaxed session or online competitive modes. In this guide, we’ll share the best camera settings in EA FC 24 that you can use.

EA FC 24 Best Camera Mode for Beginners

You can utilize several settings in EA FC 24’s camera menu. The first four presets are essentially the same, so in that regard, we strongly advise you to use different cameras for different modes, as it’ll interfere with the consistency of how you play. If you’re a total newbie to the game, you can start adjusting preset camera options and work your way up from there.

Each camera preset can be customized by setting your Custom Camera Settings to Custom. From then on, you should lower every main setting you have to zero since the issue that lies in most preset options is that they zoom in on the camera. And it’s the last thing you want it to do when you're in an intense match.

EA FC 24 How to Change Camera Settings

Here’s how you can change your camera settings in EA FC 24:

  • Go to EA FC 24’s main menu.
  • Click the Settings icon on the top right, which looks like a cog.
  • Select ‘Settings,’ then ‘Game Settings.’
  • Press the R1 or RB button to open ‘Camera.’
  • Once you’re in the Custom Camera settings option, select ‘Custom.’

Inside the section, you can make any edits you want. You can change the zoom levels, camera angles, camera height, etc. You’re also free to edit your camera by pausing during the game. Simply follow the same process above to tweak your settings. If you’ve made a mistake or are unhappy with your edits, you can reset your camera by pressing the Y or triangle button, depending on which console platform you’re on.

Why You Should Use the EA FC 24 Tele Broadcast Camera Settings

Tele Broadcast is one of the best camera settings in the game, bar none. It offers players a mid-ranged perspective of the pitch while still having enough visibility on either side. Here are the camera settings for it:

  • Tele Broadcast
  • Camera Zoom: 0
  • Height: Ranging from 12 to 17

Once you’ve applied these settings, modify it however you like. You can edit the ball tracking speed and the far-side focus and zoom in on the penalty area. But as far as base settings go, Tele Broadcast is the best gamers have tried. If you want to see more of the pitch and you’re playing on a TV, you can try Co-Op.

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