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Best Malignant Power for Druids

Druid Malignant Powers

Season 1 is well underway, and people are scrambling to figure out the best Malignant Powers they should get for their characters. These items provide powerful augments to their builds, and using them will significantly boost their fighting capabilities. Certain Hearts are exclusive to specific classes and offer more advantages. This list will give the players the best Malignant Powers for the Druid. 

Diablo IV Malignant Powers Overview

Diablo IV'sIV's Malignant Powers is a core feature in Season 1, acquired through Malignant Hearts, legendary items obtained by defeating Malignant Monsters. These adversaries are tied to the "Season of the Malignant" theme. When equipped in amulet and ring slots, Malignant Hearts provide substantial stat and ability bonuses depending on which category they fall under. There are four types of this theme'stheme's power, which are Vicious, Brutal, Devious, and Wrathful.

Across these categories, players can access 32 unique Malignant Powers. Each of them offers diverse effects that can make or break your build. These powers span from general stat enhancements to specialized benefits like amplified damage against specific enemy types and improved crowd control abilities. 

By integrating Malignant Hearts into their builds, players can significantly augment their character'scharacter's performance, making these items highly valuable. The potent bonuses provided by Malignant Hearts enable players to confidently confront even the most formidable challenges in Diablo IV'sIV's Season 1 content, solidifying them as a sought-after and indispensable aspect of the game.

Diablo IV Malignant Power Categories

Four categories of Malignant Hearts provide various effects to boost a specific aspect of your Druid. Knowing which will help players understand what and where to farm the items they seek. Here are all the current categories of Malicious Hearts:

  • Vicious powers (Red) - These powers are offense-oriented and increase your damage output. They are socketed into jewelry with Vicious sockets. Be cautious; some may have adverse effects that can impact you and your allies.
  • Brutal powers (Blue) - Prioritizing defense, these powers enhance survivability and are socketed into jewelry with Brutal sockets. While they help you endure tough fights, they may lack the damage potential of Vicious powers.
  • Devious powers (Purple) - Offering utility, these powers provide additional abilities or effects and are socketed into jewelry with Devious sockets. They add versatility to your build, making it more unique.
  • Wrathful powers (Any Color) - The most potent type, Wrathful powers have diverse effects and can be socketed into jewelry with any Infested Socket. They significantly boost your build'sbuild's power but may come with dangerous consequences.

Selecting the right Malignant Powers for your character depends on your playstyle, strategy, and desired balance between offense and defense. Careful planning and experimentation will lead to a powerful and effective build in Diablo IV. Understanding the different types of Malignant powers can help players appreciate the best Hearts for their Druids.

Best Malignant Power for Druids

There are tons of Malignant Hearts available for usage for this class. However, some of them synergize with Druids better than others in terms of overall effectiveness. The best ones offer a considerable boost in offensive capabilities since this class already has good sustain and durability. Here are the best Malignant Powers for the Druid:

  • The Dark Dance (Vicious) - The Dark Dance Malignant power allows your Druid to spend Life instead of Spirit when above 60% Health. This unique ability enables your character to deal 10-20% more damage with each skill cast through Life. While this may initially seem risky, it becomes a powerful way to increase your overall damage output. Given the Druid'sDruid's natural durability, experimenting with The Dark Dance could be rewarding and beneficial for offensive-focused builds.
  • The Calculated (Devious) - For those who enjoy utilizing the Ultimate abilities of the Druid, The Calculated Malignant power is a perfect fit. This power allows your character to Stun enemies after spending 150-200 Spirit, triggering multiple effects when foes are stunned. The synergy between The Calculated and various passive abilities and skill upgrades enhances the Druid'sDruid's performance, especially in PvP encounters within the Fields of Hatred.
  • Prudent Heart (Brutal) - Not every Druid build emphasizes defense, which may leave some Werewolf and elemental magic paths vulnerable to heavy boss damage in Diablo IV. The Prudent Heart Malignant power addresses this vulnerability by providing your character with Immunity for a short duration after losing more than 20% of Life in a single hit. Although this trait activates only every 110 seconds, it can be a game-changer, allowing you to escape dangerous situations or secure the final blow against formidable enemies.
  • The Barber (Wrathful) - The Barber Wrathful Heart is a versatile and potent Malignant power that can be equipped in any color Infested Slot. This power is an excellent choice for Druids who damage their targets significantly. With The Barber, Critical Strikes and subsequent damage are absorbed by enemies temporarily before erupting in a massive attack on all foes in the area. The stored damage increases by 10% per second, rewarding Druids, who can deliver rapid hits on enemies.
  • The Malignant Pact (Wrathful) - The Malignant Pact Wrathful Heart is a straightforward and diverse power in Diablo IV. This Malignant power cycles between three different abilities, each providing distinct advantages. The Vicious trait grants your character a 20% increased Attack Speed, enhancing your offensive capabilities. The Brutal effect generates a Barrier every 21 seconds, offering valuable protection against incoming damage. Lastly, the Devious feature fully restores your Spirit each time you use a Core or Basic skill, providing versatility in various combat situations.
  • The Agitated Winds (Brutal) - The Cyclone Armor skill significantly improves with The Agitated Winds Malignant power. This power automatically activates Cyclone Armor when your character is surrounded by 8-13 enemies considered "Close." Despite its cooldown of 10-20 seconds, gaining instant Damage Reduction against physical attacks can be invaluable when facing overwhelming hordes of Malignant Tunnels in Diablo IV.
  • Revenge (Brutal) - The Brutal Heart called Revenge is an excellent addition to any Druid build, especially those who rely on Defensive Skills for survival. With Revenge, your character suppresses nearly 10-20% of all incoming damage before creating an explosion that damages all nearby enemies. This power synergizes exceptionally well with Druid abilities like Blood Howl, Cyclone Armor, Debilitating Roar, and Earthen Bulwark, amplifying fire damage by nearly 250%.
  • Inexorable Force (Devious) - The Inexorable Force Devious Heart addresses a common issue with the Druid'sDruid's Ultimate Skills. Many Ultimate abilities struggle to deal with distant enemies, limiting their effectiveness in certain situations. However, with Inexorable Force, your character can pull up to 30-50 Distant enemies toward them, ensuring that no foe can escape your wrath while using powerful forms like Grizzly Rage, Cataclysm, and Lacerate.
  • The Unconstrained Beast (Wrathful) - The Unconstrained Beast Wrathful Heart is an essential Malignant power for Druids who rely on their Ultimate Skills. This power gives your Druid a 60% chance to instantly enter Grizzly Rage when hit with Stun, Freeze, or Knock Down effects. Considering that many powerful Elite enemies and bosses often impose these conditions, The Unconstrained Beast provides an incredible opportunity to gain a free Ultimate for 3 seconds. The duration of Grizzly Rage can also be extended through subsequent kills.
  • The Moonrage (Vicious) - The Moonrage Vicious Heart is the best Malignant power for Druids due to its unique benefits for the Wolves' skill. With The Moonrage equipped, your character gains +3 Ranks to the Wolves skill, summoning wolf companions that attack enemies on your behalf. These wolf allies act much like the Necromancer'sNecromancer's Minions but with a maximum of two most of the time. Furthermore, upgrading the Wolves skill can grant additional benefits, such as fortifying your character or increasing the Attack Speed of these companions. What makes The Moonrage exceptional is its 5% chance to summon an additional Wolf companion with each kill, even from hordes of easily defeated enemies like bats or spider hatchlings. As a result, this Malignant power can lead to a formidable pack of wolves that fight alongside you, significantly enhancing your combat capabilities and making it the best choice for Druid builds in Diablo IV.

Players should note that while these Malignant Powers are considered the bests for this class, they do not need to limit themselves to them. Depending on your build, some Hearts might provide better benefits to you or offer niche advantages that are uncommon but powerful when built correctly. Always check your skill set and gear to determine whether the Malignant Hearts you seek synergize perfectly with your character.

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