What Diablo 4 Class Are You?

In the shadowed realm of Sanctuary, darkness and chaos reign supreme. Diablo 4 plunges players into a world where every class wields unparalleled power and harbors deep secrets. From the relentless strikes of the Barbarian to the arcane mysteries of the Sorceress, each class offers a unique journey through the abyss. Have you ever pondered which Diablo 4 class resonates with your soul? Delve into our 'Diablo 4 Class Quiz' and uncover your destined path in the battle against the Prime Evils. Are you prepared to confront the forces of darkness and reveal your true class? Step forth, champion, and let the eternal conflict guide your fate!
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In the decades since the inception of the Diablo series, one question has always intrigued its vast player base: "Which Diablo class truly represents me?" With four main games and numerous expansions, the choices have evolved, presenting players with a rich tapestry of characters, each with their own lore, abilities, and playstyles.

In this quiz, we won't be diving into the broad spectrum of every Diablo class across all games. Instead, we'll narrow our focus to the upcoming "Diablo 4" and its unique classes.

What Are Diablo 4 Classes?

These are the character archetypes you choose at the beginning of your journey into the dark world of Sanctuary. Each class offers a distinct gameplay experience, from the raw power of the Barbarian to the mystical arts of the Sorceress. Your choice determines not only your combat style but also how you interact with the world and its denizens.

While some players might stick with their chosen class throughout their entire Diablo experience, others might experiment with different classes to find the one that truly resonates with their playstyle. And with Diablo 4 promising a more open-world experience, your class choice might influence how you approach the game's challenges and narratives.

However, some long-time fans have expressed concerns about the evolution of class designs, especially with the introduction of new abilities and the potential for classes to overlap in their roles. For instance, while the Druid class, reintroduced from Diablo 2, has always been known for its shapeshifting abilities, how will it differentiate itself from other classes in terms of gameplay in Diablo 4?

Classes in this Diablo 4 Quiz

This quiz encompasses all the announced classes for Diablo 4. This means your result could be any of the following:


Barbarians excel as tanky characters, absorbing heavy damage while maintaining mobility to engage enemies up close. Their high damage output and skills for stunning and slowing foes make them formidable choices. Play a Barbarian if you enjoy enduring punishment, want mobility, deal substantial damage, or control enemies with stuns and slows. If you have fun wreaking havoc at the frontline, this character is for you.


Necromancers offer versatile gameplay suitable for both PvE and PvP. With minions dealing significant damage and the ability to wield dark magic for harm, they provide varied combat options. Opt for a Necromancer if you seek versatility, minion-based wear, or the appeal of inflicting damage with dark magic. If you like overwhelming your enemies with sheer numbers of the undead, this class is your best pick.

Druid Druids

balance tanking, damage dealing, and healing roles, adapting to diverse situations. Their potent attacks and shapeshifting abilities, allowing them to transform into powerful animals, enhance their versatility. Play a Druid for a balanced and adaptable playstyle, powerful spells, or the appeal of shapeshifting into potent forms. If you like playing it safe with powerful sustain and durability, this character will best fit your playstyle.


Rogues excel in stealth and ranged combat, adept at evading attacks while dealing damage from a distance. They're excellent damage dealers with strong ranged attacks, distraction skills, and enemy-weakening abilities. Opt for a Rogue if you prefer stealth, consequential ranged damage, or distracting and weakening foes. If you like being able to move around while waiting for the opportune time to strike, then this class fits that role the best.


Sorcerers wield formidable spellcasting prowess, dealing substantial ranged damage while providing crowd control options. Playing a ranged role, they excel at crowd-controlling enemies. Choose a Sorcerer for high spell damage, a ranged playstyle, or the ability to control enemies with spells. This is the best class if you prefer playstyle decimating enemies with arcane blasts.

Some classes have always been fan favorites due to their iconic abilities or the lore surrounding them. For instance, the Barbarian, with its brute strength and whirlwind attacks, has been a staple since its introduction. On the other hand, the Rogue, making a comeback from the original Diablo, has piqued the interest of many with its adaptability and finesse.

Engage in This 'What Diablo 4 Class Are You?' Quiz

Remember, this quiz is designed for fun and to stoke the flames of anticipation for Diablo 4. It's not a definitive guide to your gaming personality. If you don't resonate with the result, you're always free to dive back in and try different answers or even choose a different class when the game releases.

No matter your class preference, the world of Sanctuary awaits. Delve deep, champion, and may your chosen class guide you through the shadows to victory!

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