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BDO Power Leveling & Boosting Service

The action never stops in Black Desert Online. Dropping you right smack in the middle of the Calpheon and Valencian conflict, it’s up to you to step up and save the day! Skipping a beat in BDO is like skipping leg day at the gym. Unorganized stat distribution will surely hinder your character if not every aspect is trained properly.

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2 Offers found
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Trading Information

What is Black Desert Online

Black Desert is one of the most recent big Korean MMORPGs, and perhaps the only one that has found and continue to enjoy a considerable success in the west despite much competition. There are many good reasons for its success and the fact that it was able to keep a lot of its player base.

One of them would be its combat system, which is more active and combo-oriented. Unlike tab targeting, it will be completely up to the players to dodge, attack, chain these attacks, and time these attacks. In fact, this is Black Desert’s biggest selling point, and it’s what sets it apart from most MMOs.

Another would be its intricate class system. There are over 21 classes, and each of them vary in skills, play style, role, and gear used. With enough progress, these classes get to unlock Succession and Awakening skills. The former gives skills that are in line with the original skills of the class, further improving its original play style. Awakening, on the other hand, unlocks a completely different skill set and even a new weapon to certain classes, further expanding what the class can do.

Black Desert’s Leveling System

However, much like in other MMOs, grinding to the level cap in Black Desert takes some time. It also doesn’t help that Black Desert has a rather complicated and difficult leveling system. The game has no hard cap, but it has a soft cap and many levels beyond it. The former is the level that is easily attainable and is the level that most endgame gear require players to have. After that, players can choose to level up past the soft cap. One level from the soft cap to the next, however, takes a significant amount of EXP, and in turn more silver for consumables and other items. Then the next level in the hard cap requires even more EXP, ad infinitum.

Those that level up past the soft cap gets more ability points compared to those that don’t, giving their character/s an edge over others. However, it takes a lot of levels past the soft cap – around five to ten – to make a difference. It’s already been said before, but it’s worth repeating: leveling up after soft cap really takes a lot of time. In fact, those that have the highest levels are just 10-14 levels beyond the soft cap.

Energy and Contribution Points

Black Desert also uses an energy system, a resource that is used in activities such as talking to NPCs, practicing professions such as crafting, trading, and fishing, and many others in between. Energy is gained by gaining knowledge, which is in turn obtained by traveling and interacting all sorts of content. To hit max energy,

Finally, the game has a resource called Contribution Points. This allows players to purchase houses, unlock nodes, rent items, and increase drop rates in certain areas.

What is Black Desert Power Leveling Services

For those that really want to level past the soft cap but understandably don’t want to do the grind can buy Black Desert Power Leveling services from power levelers. This is also available to those that want to level from 1 to the soft cap. This is done by having the power leveler access the account and level it up on behalf of the player that availed their service.

An alternative to this is leeching, where another player can give a lower-level player a leech boost. The one doing the leeching boost gets paid a fair price.

Also, aside from power levelers and leechers, there are those that do CP boosting and increase energy so that the one that bought the service won’t have to.

The prices of these services depend on the power leveler or leecher. In turn, power levelers weigh how much they’re going to charge for the levels/points they’re going to grind for, and how long they’re going to do it. The more levels/points and the faster the process will be, the higher the price will be. As for the hard cap, there will be those that get paid per level.

While power levelers determine the terms Black Desert boosting services, buyers can also negotiate the number of levels/points and how long the grind will be. After that, it’s up to the power leveler if he or she will agree with your terms and will then adjust the prices.


PlayerAuctions makes it safe to buy from our members by securing your payment and guaranteeing delivery.

  • Buyer creates order and send payment to PlayerAuctions
  • PlayerGuardian secures payment
  • Seller completes delivery within delivery guarantee
  • Buyer confirm delivery
  • Seller receives disbursement

The most common form of delivery is Account Training. For this process, you’ll provide your account login information and turn over dominion to a professional Account trainer to properly level up and develop your account for you. While it may seem nerve racking to do so, every one of our PowerLevelers are professional players who have been vetted by our team and have a proven track record of performing high quality account leveling. Each PowerLeveler is also required to post a monetary deposit to keep their accounts active as a pledge towards solid and high quality delivery of account training. These types of orders are great for players who are already experienced at game play, and are poor on time as a resource to invest in their gameplay but still wish to keep up with their fellow players.

During the Account Training/Leveling Process:

  • Do not login to your account during the training process. This could set off a multiple-login suspicious IP flag which may raised for account compromise even from in-game chat logs.
  • Mute your friends list if possible for your particular game client during the order process.
  • Do not log into another account and chat with the professional gamer. Remember that game publishers can have flags raised for account compromise even from in-game chat logs.

For Coaching orders, instead of turning over your account details to the seller, a professional player/coach–or team of coaches–will play with you. Often times, you can order these to get special achievements rewarded only for group efforts, or take place in competitive arena cycles wherein team efforts are needed to reach specific goals or ratings.

These are by far the most fun type of leveling, because you are actually engaged in the process yourself, and have the opportunity to learn from others.

Low Prices: Prices set by other players or PowerSellers on PlayerAuctions are significantly lower than the high markups you would find on expensive retail sites.

Guaranteed Security: PlayerAuctions is quite simply the most secure place to buy and sell MMO game assets. Through PlayerGuardian, you are 100% guaranteed full and as-described delivery, or your money back.

Reliable Delivery Speed: PlayerAuctions calculates each seller's average delivery speed from the seller's latest successfully completed deliveries, which gives you a clear idea of how fast the seller will deliver your order.

PlayerAuctions guarantees that the seller will deliver your order, or your money back. The overwhelming majority of transactions through our site occur successfully. As for the very exceptional cases, you can rest assured that they have been carefully considered by our systems and processes, and we are well prepared to handle them in the rare event that they do occur. Read more.

About Black Desert Power leveling

The Wonders of Black Desert Online & How It Came to Be

Black Desert Online is a new MMO that has been brought to North America and Europe after a couple of years of dominating the online gaming scene in Korea, Japan, and Russia. It is being hailed as the first true next generation MMO, and one of the few high-profile titles that actually have a chance to claim the WoW killer title.

Black Desert Online accomplishes a lot for an MMO by progressing its genre due to a larger scope, level of detail (worker system and crafting systems blow many MMOs out of the water), and innovative combat mechanics (tab targeting FOR THE WIN).

On the scope side of things, this game is just massive—both in terms of physical space and when it comes to what you can do. Black Desert spent years in development just to bring this level of grandiosity to the game, which features an enormous world of various biomes, cities, intense physical features like mountains and sweeping coasts, and more.

Scattered across the many nations and realms of Black Desert Online are thousands of questing areas, NPCs and unique items to collect; almost all of which are involved in one of the deepest crafting systems ever created for a video game. Laid over all of these physical features is a complex story of international strife, focusing on a dramatic and vicious conflict between the nations of Calepheon and Valencia, and one in which the player will find their part in endless loops of gameplay because of its inherent sandbox qualities of emergent, player driven content.

For such a massive game, Black Desert's focus on detail is truly stunning, both visually and conceptually. As mentioned, there are thousands of items to find, farm, hunt, craft, and more in this game; so many, in fact, that players often find themselves using complex spreadsheets and taking detailed notes of their inventory in order to keep track of everything.

Perhaps the most impressive part of Black Desert, though, is the level of detail with the way this game looks. The graphics on this game put pretty much almost every other MMO to shame, being both next generation in rendering and also featuring some of the nicest models for items, characters, buildings, landscapes and more that have ever been seen in a massively multiplayer game.

The game even features complex weather systems which are random, and completely affect the environment. The character creation is particularly spectacular, allowing for deeply customized avatars that make every single player unique.

All of that is great, but what about the gameplay? As it turns out, the combat and general play of Black Desert are two of the most praised facets of this emerging titan of a game. Black Desert uses an action combat system where you click or press buttons for each attack, instead of the traditional targeting auto-attack system of WoW and other MMOs. This game also has a groundbreaking castle siege system and a fresh approach to large-scale battles that feels like no other MMO out there, and which allows for some of the most epic fights you'll ever see in an online game.

Black Desert Online has been in development since 2010—a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that’s published by Korean video game developers. The game has a massive following so it’s no surprise that boosting services for it are sought after by players who are looking to gain items, silver, and level up quicker.

What is BDO Power Leveling?

To give buyers an idea of what power leveling in Black Desert Online is, it’s basically where a highly geared player will bring along a low leveled player to a grinding area for players with a high level and kill monsters there. While that sounds a bit dangerous for a low level player, there’s nothing much to worry about since the strong of the two will be doing all the heavy lifting for both of them. With the use of buffs such as an XP bonus increase, bringing up the level of the weaker player can be done within a day. Power leveling can also be done through a party, but this can be difficult as there are not enough mobs in the game that can level up more than two players efficiently. Grinding spots are usually crowded, so it’s hard to find one where a party can hack monsters a way without a disturbance. One of the things that players do when they’re going on a leveling session with a party is to switch channels to see if there are less crowded grinding spots in other places.

What is the Level Cap for BDO?

There is no level cap to be found in Black Desert Online. However, there is a “soft cap” that players refer to and it’s almost impossible to get to that certain level for the time being. Note that the level cap for the PC and mobile version of BDO is different.

Types of BDO Boosting Services Available

BDO Silver Farming – The seller will simply farm silver, the in-game currency of Black Desert Online for you. You can use the silver to buy many items and equipment to help you along the journey.

Account Level Boosting – Boost up your character’s level by letting the seller take over your account for a while. You can choose different varieties or until when you’d like your character to be levelled up.

Taxi Boosting – You yourself will be using your account and join the seller or his group. You will be placed in a safe position to gain experience while the seller and his group will be the one doing the grinding. In this case, there is no need for users to share their username and password to the seller/service provider since everybody will be online in a party.

Other Black Desert Services – There are many other types of BDO services available, including Contribution Point/Energy Points farming and Bonus Awakening Quest completions. Many sellers offer a custom order for these kinds of things, so it’s best to send them a message should buyers have any inquiry.

Why Leveling in BDO Can Be Difficult

As such a gigantic game, leveling a character in Black Desert is no small feat. In fact, the game actually has particular limits that make leveling in this game particularly tricky and long-term in nature.

For one, there is no fast travel in Black Desert. There are mounts that can cut travel time down, and you can set your player to automatically run themselves to waypoints and targets that you set for them, but the fact remains that you have to actually sit and watch your player run all the way to wherever they need to go, if you want to be safe. In such a big world, this means you'll be spending a lot of precious play time just staring at the screen, waiting for your player to get to a quest or other location.

When you actually do get to where you're going, you'll need to spend quite a lot of time grinding in order to level. For many players this is fun, and Black Desert does provide a very entertaining experience, but you can't get around the many hours you'll need to plug into each level, not to mention any crafting or other activities you might want to partake in. Black Desert also features a system for player deaths that will essentially erase 1-2% of your experience on each occasion that you die. That translates to about 20 minutes of grinding, meaning you need to play very well in order not to lose your invested time and efforts.

Additionally, with so very many things to keep track of in Black Desert, you'll be spending a lot of time just learning the details of the game. The use of spreadsheets to track items is no joke – most hardcore players really do have to use them – and making sure you play efficiently takes a lot of practice and experience.

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