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85 Tauren Paladin 358 gear score. 40,000 gold. 310 speed on both characters    Offer ID:  66589390
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85 Tauren Paladin 358 gear score. 40,000 gold. 310 speed on ...

LV 85

None Rare Mount
Epic Land Mount
Epic Flying Mount
Epic Underwater Mount
Epic (purple) 11/19
Uncommon (Blue) 6/17
Whole Account for:


View Profile Cold Weather Flying
Mastery Riding
Mal'Ganis (PVP)

Pet 1: none

Title 1: none

Pet 2: none

Title 2: none

Justicar Points: 0   Valor Points: 0
Conquest Points: 0   Honor Points: 0

Gametime remaining: No remaining time

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paladin gear is mostly boe. havent really raided or 5 manned anything. account has 41,000 gold on it and both the 85 paladin and 82 druid have their 310 flight speed already. paladin has 358 gear score so can 5 man very easily to get raid gear. game time is good until april 20th. other than that, nothing special about the account. thanks for looking.

Price: $150.00
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Seller: quellnecro32    
Feedback: 68 reviews (97.1% satisfied)
Please contact me to confirm my availability.
Member: since Nov-20-2005
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Offer ID: 66589390
Offer views: 82
Market: World of Warcraft US - Mal'Ganis
- Horde
End time: May-02-2012 04:51:27 PM
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