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PlayerAuctions offers a secured player to player marketplace for wow gold, ESO gold, runescape gold and many more!

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PlayerAuctions is the world’s safest marketplace dedicated to the player to player exchange of digital assets.

Our members use our marketplace to trade game assets to other members. We support over 300 leading titles including: WoW, Runescape, Guild Wars 2, ArcheAge, Fifa 15 and ensure buyers and sellers enjoy a fraud-free experience. View more »

Our mission is to make the digital worlds in massively multiplayer online games (MMOG) a better place through services to players that enhance and reward their gaming experience, discover better deals and earn increased profits.

At the heart of PlayerAuctions is PlayerGuardian™, a powerful proprietary technology that provides unparalleled protection for all players, payments and trades. Buyers are guaranteed delivery of their purchase or their money back. Sellers have complete protection against payment fraud and chargebacks.

Our members trade a range of products: League of Legends accounts, WOW accounts, Guild Wars 2 Gold, WOW Gold, Runescape Gold, ArcheAge Gold, CS:GO items, Clash of Clans accounts. In 2014, we broadened our product range and added CD keys, Cosplay and Gaming gear to our marketplace.

PlayerAuctions is a trusted game gold trader.We have been protecting our players since 1999. We are headquartered in Los Angeles with additional offices in Seoul, Hong Kong, Manila and Shanghai.

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