[NA] [US] server, 15 tier X, 41 premium, WN8 1500

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$ 500.00

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Hi, I have NA account for sale with many rare tanks

5k battle, WR:51%, WN8:1500

In Garage 61 tanks:
Tier X: T110E3, E100, Maus, FV215b(183), TVP T50/51(3 season camo), Type 5 Heavy, M48A5 Patton(3 season camo), Japd E100, Object 140(5 skill, 3 season camo), Object 430U(3 season camo), IS-7(3 season camo, 4 skill), Object 268 Version 4(3 season camo, 4 skill), Super Conqueror(2 female crew), Panhard EBR 105(4 skill), Batchat 25 t(4 skill, 3 season camo), WZ-11 model 5A(4 skill), 60TP Lewandowskiego(4 skill, 3 season camo) 
Tier IX: T-95, Object 257(3 season camo)
Tier VIII: M40/M43, M6A2E1, Chryslker K, T26E5 Patriot(4 skill), T34, TS-5, HWK30, M41 90(4 skill), Lowe, Skorpion G, LT-432(3 season camo), T-54 proto, Object 252U, Object 25U Defender(female commander, 4 skill), IS-6, IS-3A, ISU-130, SU-130PM(3 season camo), Centurion MK, Caernarvon Action X, ELC EVEN 90, M41A1 Revalorise, Lorrain 40 t, STA-2 WZ-120-1G FT, 50TP proto(3 season camo), Lansen C(4 skill, 3 season camo), Strv S1, Progetto M35 mod. 46(3 season camo)
Tier VII: T26E3 Eagle 7, W 25,AMX 1357
Tier VI: Type 64, KV-2(R)(3 season camo), Cromwell B(5 skill)
Tier V: KV-220-2(3 season camo), 105 leFTH18B2
Tier IV: Luchs, T-28E f-30(3 season camo)
Tier IJI: Pzkpfw AusC, Sexton I, Pzkpf II Ausf, FCM 36 Pak 40
Tier II: L-60, MKA, TKS znkm

In garage: 145 slots, In barracks: 144 bunks.

Also 19,000 gold and 32,000,000 credits, 306 personal reserve, 8,800 free xp.

All tanks have equipment, all tanks ready for tournament, almost all tanks have at least 2 skill and camo or paint, 28 tier 8 premium tank with premium account until 24 Feb 2021.  

i give the account with email, phone number not registered...
Please see screenshots
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