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Bladed Wagusa Guide

Bladed Wagusa

There are so many cool weapons out there, from guns and blades to weapons that are, somehow, both. However, you don't usually find something like an umbrella in a game's arsenal. That's precisely what a Bladed Wagasa in Wild Hearts is, a weaponized umbrella that could parry attacks.

Since it's an unusual choice, we don't have a frame of reference for using it. Some games might have umbrellas as weapons, but they're coded as something else (i.e., a gun or sword). This one is an actual bladed and fortified parasol for hunting. Here's a guide to help you hunt kemono with it and some tips and tricks for more efficient usage.

Bladed Wagasa Basics

You can do three things with the umbrella:

  • Light Attacks (square/X)
  • Heavy Attacks (triangle/Y)
  • Parry (R2/RT)

With the first one, you can do a 5-hit Spindance Combo. This is a series of quick hits which, unfortunately, doesn't do much damage. It has another functionality once we get into more exciting mechanics, though.

Heavy Attacks mean a Reverse Lunge that launches you into the air, primed for aerial combos. Lastly, parrying lets you avoid damage from a kemono's attack, provided you do so right before it hits you. Depending on your gauge level, this also enables you to counterattack with some moves.

The Spindance Gauge

The Bladed Wagasa has a unique mechanic/resource like the other weapons. That's the Spindance Gauge. It has three sections colored light blue, yellow, and red, providing different buffs and boosts depending on how much it's filled. It also changes up some animations for the attack combos you have.

Chaining your attacks increases it while stalling the flow of battle decreases it. Examples of the latter include retreating to heal or taking the time to build something. Anything that breaks your combo can lower the Gauge.

Advanced Bladed Wagasa Techniques

Now, we'll get into the meaty part of using the umbrella. Its moves and combo change when you parry once (it doesn't matter if you used it to block an attack or not). It becomes easier to fill the Gauge and keep the combos going when you do so.

The basic 5-hit combo becomes a 3-hit Trey Star combo. You can parry at the end of it to loop the cycle, or you can do a Void Shift, the alternate Heavy attack. Follow that up with another Heavy, and you'll do a Twenty-Tatami Split, dealing damage to the target. If you do a Light attack instead, you'll flow into an Aerial Spindance, chaining 5-hits in a row.

At any time in the last-mentioned combo, you can use a Heavy Attack for a Plunging Comet to get back on the ground. Be careful not to use these combos too much because these enhanced attacks use up stamina. Use basic combos to keep your Spindance Gauge level from dropping. They don't increase it much, but they can sustain it until you can do another round of enhanced attacks.

Bladed Wagusa Tips and Tricks

Stamina Management

The weapon is heavy on the use of stamina. Being the way to increase the Spindance Gauge efficiently, you can be left without the essential resource if you don't watch your consumption. The best way to combat this is to use a Spring Karakuri to help with regen.

Alternating your basic and enhanced combos can also help with management. The former doesn't use stamina, which lets you sustain your gauge level while replenishing it. With a good strategy, you can keep your Gauge high while maintaining some stamina for emergency use.

Parrying and Timing

Find a balance between counterattacking and parrying to get enhanced combos. This will take practice, but you won't be using the weapon efficiently if you do one thing. If you keep doing the former, you run the risk of using up too much stamina. On the other hand, just parrying to get the good combos can leave you defenseless.

Still, you have many mobility options, and with the tip below, some of the stamina requirements are alleviated. When you can read the flow of battle, it becomes easier to tell when to either. Practice makes perfect!

Build Walls, Crates, and Springs

These three structures give you many chances to build up your Spindance Gauge without using stamina. Using Plunging Comet directly from walls or crates deals a ton of damage and increases your Gauge, though it can depend on how big the enemy is.

Springs can quickly close distances and replenish your stamina, which is necessary for continuing your combo chain. Plus, the dashing attack you can do with them is on par with the damage and gauge-refilling abilities of the dive attacks from walls or crates.

Bladed Wagasa User's Role

In a team, the one who uses this weapon becomes a tanker/DPS hybrid. They'll keep the attention of the enemy, letting it focus on them so teammates can set up their Karakuri or weapon safely. While this isn't a hard and fast rule, it will make some hunts easier when you're coordinated.

As the previous tip attests, this also doesn't mean you shouldn't build. You're only the primary damage dealer and the best candidate to avoid damage.

Keeping the Gauge Up is Easier Than You Think

As long as you're hitting the enemy with various combos, you can keep up the red glow around the umbrella indefinitely. The diving and spring strategy also helps significantly with this. You don't have to worry about your Gauge depleting because you know a few ways to regain it.

Ground Combos are (Almost Always) Better Than Aerial Ones

Barring some specific circumstances, your ground combo of throwing your umbrella is the highest DPS a Wagasa wielder can do. As it is bound to a combo you can only do on foot, you don't have to go airborne for the most part.

However, there will be situations where you should get some air. You could use it to avoid an attack or target a more vulnerable area of the kemono. It's an excellent technique for quick movement. While you can do it indefinitely, it costs stamina to perform, so you'll eventually have to land.

In conclusion, stay grounded as much as possible to conserve stamina and deal the most damage.

Extremely Fun

While it is an unusual weapon, it's also fun to play. All the combos you can string up are satisfying. Plus, you can always get to where you need with several mobility techniques to lay down a beating. Of course, it won't mesh with everybody's playstyle, so it's a good thing that it's only one of eight choices.

Go and Try It For Yourself

While you can read all about the weapon, nothing is better than trying it out for yourself. It might look attractive on paper, but you'll never know whether you like it or not if you don't give it a twirl.

Go on a lovely hunt with a deadly parasol, and enjoy Wild Hearts!

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