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Wild Hearts Maul Guide

Wild Hearts Maul

Hunters have various weapons at their disposal when taking down Kemono. One of these weapons is the Maul, a slow-moving yet mighty hammer that delivers the most impact out of all the options. Thanks to its extending handle, you can use the Maul to destroy any structures and Kemono that crosses your path. However, it requires a lot of patience and practice when using. Each strike requires you to think carefully; if you can get the timing right, you will devastate the Kemonos. This means that the Maul has a bit of a learning curve to using it, so in this guide, I’ll walk you through how to use the Maul effectively and the combos you can do with it.


The Maul is a heavy-hitting weapon perfect for dishing out heavy damage, but it has caveats. For one, it’s terribly slow—the weapon sacrifices all types of speed, whether animation or attack speed, in exchange for raw power attacks. If you’re well-versed with the Karakuri Katana or Bladed Wagasa, it might take some time for you to get used to handling the Maul.

Another disadvantage of the Maul to the other weapons is that you’ll be more vulnerable to taking hits from a Kemono. Due to its long animations, it’s easy to be unaware of a Kemono’s attack until you get hit with it. Thus, knowing when there’s an opening for you and not getting greedy matters significantly if you want to have a successful run.

While it pales in comparison to those weapons in terms of speed, it more than makes up for it with its reach. Unlike the other hammer weapons in other hunting games, Wild Heart’s Maul has a ton of reach—provided that you correctly trigger the effects of the Maul’s extended attacks. Patience is vital to mastering the Maul; you must wait for the perfect moment to strike. It’s not a weapon you can just spam on when facing a Kemono. The timing between inputs is almost rhythm-esque, requiring you to make attacks at the right time to extend a combo.

Going Over the Basics

First, let’s talk about the basic combos you can do with the Maul. The Maul has the following attacks:

  • Power Smash (Special Attack)
  • Pummel (A1, A1, A1)
  • Jumping Smash (A2)
  • Aerial Pummel (Aerial A1)
  • Aerial Smash (Aerial A2)
  • Crate-Based Attack (Crate Kakuri Jump + A1)
  • Power Smash + Finisher (Hold Special Attack)

As far as the basics go, the Maul has a three-hit Pummel combo, a spinning Special Attack that sends crates flying at a Kemono, and another three-hit combo but using the Aerial Pummel instead. Note that the Special Attack consumes your stamina since it yields high damage. Meanwhile, Jumping Smash moves players forward at a fair distance, making it a nifty way to close the gap between you and a Kemono.

Advanced Combos That Pack A Punch

Now that you’ve got the basics down, it’s time to look at more advanced combos. They’re essentially basic combos but with the integration of the Maul Extension System. If you press the Power Smash input as your Maul flashes a tint of orange, you’ll see that you can extend the hilt of the Maul before entering the following attack animation. Then, if you make that attack for the next attack, you’ll unleash a new attack with a more extended reach than usual.

Here are all the advanced attacks you can do with the Maul:

  • Extended Smash Burst Combo 1: A1, SA+A1, SA+A1
  • Extended Smash Burst Combo 2: A2, SA+A2 (can be repeated until stamina runs out)
  • Extended Smash Burst Combo 2 w/ Finisher: A2, SA+A2, SA+A1
  • Extended Smash Burst Combo 3: A1, SA+A2
  • Instant Extended Power Smash Combo: After a Maul Extended animation + SA

You’ll most likely want to go for the Extended Smash Combo 2 since it’s repeatable. By pressing SA at the perfect time with A2, you can keep the spin-to-win thing going until you run out of stamina. Either that, or you can end the combo with a spinning slam via the Finisher. Many combos I’ve listed are inexplicably linked, provided the last attack gives that same flash of orange to indicate it’s extendable.

Tips on Using the Maul

Hunting with the Maul can be tricky since you don’t have a way to create an opening for yourself to all these combos. With that in mind, here’s some advice to get you started on your bonking adventure.

  • Whenever an enemy stops— like falling after a rush attack or for a rest—take that chance to rush and do a barrage of combos!
  • Since the Maul has no defensive capabilities, you’ll have to practice falling back and looking for an opportunity to do some bonking.
  • Dodging constantly is unavoidable with the Maul, so remember that the Maul extension burns a bit of your stamina.
  • Since the Maul’s Power Smashes can destroy structures and Karakuris you’ve built on the battlefield, ensure you’re clear before activating it. The Power Smash can help if you’re looking to destroy your Karakuris, but you’ll most likely be irritated by annihilating structures you may need.

Bonk and Run

Timing is crucial when executing combos with the Maul. Because of how clunky it is, you’ll have to practice the “hit and run” process when using the weapon. Nevertheless, it’s an excellent choice if you love to see those chunky numbers whenever you bonk a giant Kemono.

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