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Wild Hearts Weapons

  • Clawblade

    Guide to Using the Clawblade in Wild Hearts

    When hunting kemonos, you want to use the best weapon for your preferred playstyle. This will increase your effectiveness and enjoyment of the game an […]
  • Karakuri Guide

    Wild Hearts Karakuri Katana Guide

    The Karakuri Katana might be the most basic weapon in the Wild Hearts Arsenal, but it's not to be underestimated. It's a quick weapon, though slower t […]
  • Bladed Wagusa

    Bladed Wagusa Guide

    There are so many cool weapons out there, from guns and blades to weapons that are, somehow, both. However, you don't usually find something like an u […]
  • Hand Cannon Guide

    Hand Cannon Guide

    Wild Heart’s Hand Cannon is one of the most complex weapons because you must manage your heating gauge, Thread Ammo, and Ki Bases to ensure succ […]
  • How to Unlock More Weapons

    How to Unlock Every Weapon in Wild Hearts

    Wild Hearts is Omega Force's answer to the monolith franchise Monster Hunter. It's got giant monsters (kemono) to kill, materials to collect, and weap […]