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Valheim is a survival sandbox game that is all about Vikings. Living in the days of the old, players must do their best to survive the harsh lands and unwelcoming opponents that reside within the in-game world. Items in Valheim play a huge role in the sustenance and survival of a player.

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Any Weapon piece in the game - 4 level maxed, from bronze to padded, choose what you want!
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Why Gamers Want to Buy Valheim Items

Valheim has been quite a head-turner amidst the saturated market of online survival sandbox video games. Gamers have seen almost everything imaginable that was added to the genre. There are games like Rust that were once an open-world survival game worth playing but fell because of cheaters that resulted in many players outright uninstalling the game. But what does Valheim offer to players that other games do not? For starters, the developers did an immense job in formulating the gameplay in a way where everything just feels satisfying to do. No task can be a slog because each action that players do in Valheim is satisfying and familiar. But of course, it can’t always be rainbows and sunshine. Valheim punishes players for certain actions as well, but not to the point where it’s too much. Everything is done well in all the right aspects of what makes an online open-world survival game so special. Valheim isn’t exactly as pretty compared to the other online games out there, but it just goes to show that gamers don’t need great graphics just to have fun. The proof is in the pudding.

What Valheim Players Need to Know About Items

Whether a player has already poured hundreds of hours into Valheim or is just starting, they can all learn something new every day into the game thanks to its plethora of items. In every survival game, no matter what the theme, items are the key to the upkeep of the community. Items are, after all, the focal point of this genre. Without great items, gamers would have a hard time finding a reason trying to play a game about survival in the first place. Here are some things that Valheim players need to know about items:

  1. Get More Than One Weapon

    Most players in other online survival video games just stick to one weapon until it breaks and they have to make another one. Well, they can’t do that here in Valheim. There is an abundance of weapon types in Valheim, and to not use them would be such a huge waste. Each weapon type has a specific skill set that grows/levels up whenever a player uses that certain weapon. For example, if a player were to use a hammer, then their skill set for the hammer weapon would level up. Players can earn these skills by simply using different weapon types. The skill tree is similar to that of an open-world video game called Skyrim. So what’s the benefit of using more than one weapon type? The answer is: to abuse the strengths and weaknesses of each weapon. All weapons in Valheim have an advantage and disadvantage, depending on the scenario. Mixing things up not only gives players an edge compared to others in terms of having a broader skillset, but it’s a great way of mastering all the weapon types as well. Some of the best weapons in Valheim are considered to be one of the more unusual picks, and what better way to get those “endgame weapons” than to have a bit of knowledge for every weapon type?

  2. Wood and Stones Are A Beginner’s Best Friend

    For every player that’s just starting their journey in Valheim, they’re in for a wild ride. It may be daunting at first but with a little know-how and smart thinking, Valheim can easily become a time-sinker because of how addictive the gameplay is. Gathering supplies is the most important action that a player can do after just plopping down into the terrain. It might look intimidating for the newbies since they don’t have any tools with them yet, but they can gather two items with no trouble at all. These items are, of course, wood and stones. Players can look for fallen branches that are underneath some trees and voila! They now have wood. Punching trees are also an option, but be sure to only do so in smaller trees, not the humongous ones. Stones, on the other hand, are much easier to obtain than wood. Players might be thinking that they have to punch rocks to obtain smaller stones, but in reality, they can just pick them off the ground. These two items are key to surviving early in the game. Players can build a fireplace and a small hut with these simple resources, letting them live for another day.


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