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Why Gamers Sell Valheim Items

There is an abundance of items in Valheim, but that doesn’t mean that they’re all easy to get. Some items require a combination of different resources to craft the said item. These can be applied to weapons, accessories, clothing, and many more that ensures a higher survival rate for each player. Some players just don’t have the ability to gather all of the items that they need. This is where people who sell Valheim items come in. Sellers are gamers who are particularly skilled in the game and are able to gather items efficiently, meaning they make profit when they sell items.

How Do Players Sell Valheim Items?

Players who wish to sell Valheim items generally go online in order to search for buyers for their items. Sellers will look for online platforms, such as marketplaces, social media sites, etc. on which they can show off their wares. They tend to prefer online marketplaces, as they have larger communities and security measures in place to protect both buyers and sellers during the transaction process.

Getting Better Items in Valheim

It’s not all sticks and stones in Valheim. There are better items out there for players to use to better their in-game lives; however, they’re not that easy to obtain. Better items mean a higher risk of dying in Valheim, but if players make calculated decisions and are willing to take that risk, then they’ll be rewarded for their efforts. The first step to getting better items is by defeating bosses. Bosses in Valheim are powerful and not easy to take down, but rest assured that the reward is high. For example, the very first boss in Valheim, Eikthyr, must be defeated if players want to progress through the game. Defeating a boss for the very first time may look tough, but with a little bit of elbow grease, it can be done. Players that have defeated Eikthyr will be rewarded with crafting materials that can be used to make a Pickaxe, an essential item for mining materials in Valheim. Just like in any other game, if gamers want to get better items, then they’ll have to work for it.

Upgrading the Workbench

If players want to craft better items, then they’ll have to invest in their workbench. The workbench is every Valheim player’s best friend. This is where the magic happens, after all. The bread and butter. The most important tool for crafting in Valheim. That is the workbench. So what can players craft use the workbench? Well, anything! From tools to buildings, players can make almost anything imaginable with the use of a simple workbench. But of course, they’ll need to upgrade their workbench first if they want to broaden the number of items they’ll be able to craft. Since Valheim is still growing, there’s room to improve in future updates. But for now, there are four levels that players can reach when it comes to upgrading their workbench.

  1. The Default Workbench

    The Default Workbench is what players start with. To craft this level 1 workbench, players will need 10 Wood and a Hammer. This is the most basic form of all the workbenches on this list. While using this type of workbench at the start is doable, players will need to upgrade it down the line if they want to better their quality of life in Valheim.

  2. The Chopping Block Workbench

    The Chopping Block Workbench is the level 2 type workbench in Valheim. To upgrade the Default Workbench to a Chopping Block Workbench, players must find 1 Flint along with the Default Workbench. For those that want to craft the Chopping Block Workbench from scratch, they’ll need 10 Wood and 10 Flint. Keep in mind that Flint is the most important resource in Valheim, and they’re not easy to obtain.

  3. The Tanning Rack Workbench

    For the Tanning Rack Workbench, players must obtain the recipe for it to be able to craft it. The recipe can be obtained by hunting a deer for the first time and having the Chopping Block Workbench in the player’s spawn point of choice. To be able to craft the Tanning Rack Workbench, players must first accumulate 20 Leather Scraps, 15 Flints, 10 Wood, and 5 Deer Hides to be able to upgrade their previous workbench.

  4. The Adze Workbench

    The Adze Workbench is the best workbench that players can have in Valheim. As the level 4 workbench, they can craft anything in the game--provided that the players have the materials for it, of course. The recipe for upgrading the Tanning Rack Workbench to an Adze Workbench calls for a piece of Fine Wood which can be found by chopping a birch tree down and a bunch of Bronze Nails. The Bronze Nails can be harvested from the smelting process of Bronze Ingots. This is the final form of what a workbench can be in Valheim. There’s no news as of yet if there are plans to have additional upgrades for the workbench down the line, but for now, the Adze Workbench is the dream piece of every Valheim player.

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