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Fastest The First Descendant Weapon Proficiency Guide: How to Level Up

Fast Weapon Proficiency Guide for The First Descendant


The First Descendant has already attracted thousands of players to the game and unlock various characters. Most of the game’s content is grindable, and you will spend about 90% leveling up certain things. Gamers will mainly focus on increasing their character level, mastery rank, and weapon proficiency. However, only Mastery and weapon rank carry over throughout each Descendant you collect. This guide will show you how to increase your proficiency with each gun quickly.

What is The First Descendant Weapon Proficiency

You gain weapon EXP every time you use them in missions and other challenges. This gained experience accumulates over time to increase your weapon proficiency. Once you’ve reached certain milestones, these guns will unlock more Module Socket Types, letting you insert mods to make the weapons even more powerful. 

Unfortunately, weapon proficiency only increases per individual armament, so you have to grind all of them separately. To unlock a gun’s full potential, you must max it out to level 40 to open up all its mods slots. In addition, increasing your proficiency for a specific weapon type can also lead you to use other more powerful and higher-tier guns. Gamers must reach the maximum gun rank as fast as possible to start farming more armaments. 

What are the Benefits of Weapon Proficiency

The main reason why you want to increase Weapon Proficiency is to unlock more mods slots. However, you also gain additional stats from leveling up armaments, such as additional accuracy. Increasing weapon proficiency makes them more powerful and efficient during missions.

Increasing your Weapon Proficiency also contributes to your Mastery Rank. Both of these come in handy because leveling them increases the number of mods you can use on your weapons. When farming for weapon experience, you also get to progress your mastery, killing two birds with one stone.

How to Increase Weapon Proficiency

You increase your weapon proficiency by using them during missions. However, when you want to add a mod to one, you must use an item called Crystallization Catalyst. You can only assign one module per use. The drawback is that it reduces weapon proficiency to one, so you must regrind the ranks back to the max cap.

Another way to increase your weapon proficiency is to use the Workbench in Albion. You need to improve your Master Rank to three to unlock this station, which you can find near Anais. If you have the Workbench unlocked, you can use the Weapon Level transmission feature to increase your proficiency for a price. 

What weapon Level transmission does is it sacrifices a weapon you already have and transfers its current rank to a targeted item. You can use a standard gun that is leveled up to increase the rank of an ultimate weapon, which is more accessible than grinding missions. However, it is more expensive since you must use Precision Phase Exchangers. While you only need one stack of this material, you need many resources to create one.

It would help if you increased your weapon proficiency on one you like. On top of this, it's best to farm EXP on higher-rarity items. Otherwise, farming weapon experience for standard guns would be a massive waste of time. To be efficient with your grind, you must find out which items fit your characters the best, or which ones you would enjoy the most.

Fastest Way to Increase Weapon Proficiency

You have two modes of increasing weapon proficiency, but we’ll focus on the EXP farm first since you can’t access the Weapon Level transmission if you don’t already have a base item to sacrifice. Here are clear guides to both methods:

Weapon Proficiency EXP Farm

The most apparent thing players will try to do is run clear, challenging missions because the EXP and loot gained here are pretty valuable. However, you must ensure that you’re correctly geared and that your Descendants are adequately leveled—otherwise your grind will be counterproductive. Here are some of the best places to farm EXP:

  • Any First Time Missions: Missions you complete for the first time will yield extra rewards, so they are the best ways to boost your Weapon Proficiency. Try to do excursions that you haven’t done yet but are within your capabilities.
  • Defend Missions: Any Defend Missions would be the best places to farm EXP since the waves of enemies mean you get to use your weapons more. In addition, you gain extra rewards for every three to four waves after the 7th one, which means you gain significant drops and experience for a single mission. Even if you do the first seven, you can raise to five ranks for your most used weapon while raising other sub-weapons by two ranks. One of the best examples of the Defend Missions is the one in Kingston called Kingston Albion Resource Defense. Aim for these tasks to be efficient with your grinds.

You ideally want to bring solid weapons for this that you also don’t mind sacrificing later for other higher-tier items. We advise that you search for the most potent common and uncommon guns to use if you don’t have a rare gun available for leveling. This ensures that you don’t have difficulty clearing your missions and don’t lose out on sacrificing the weapon you leveled up for Weapons Transmission.

Weapon Level Transmission

Once you’ve obtained levels for various guns, you can use them for the Weapon Level Transmission. However, your main issue with this is that you will need Precision Phase Exchangers to transfer the EXP from one gun to another. You can get this material from Anais with a Research Request. There are three options to craft one, which will require different resources. Here is what you need for each:

  • Option 1: 250 Liquid Metal and 50,000 Gold
  • Option 2: 250 High Precision Exchange Components and 50,000 Gold
  • Option 3 (x4): 1,000 High Precision Exchange Components and 200,000 Gold

We want to focus on the first option because Liquid Metal will be the most available to players. You can get this resource by dismantling guns. You want to farm missions that will yield the most rewards, so you have more weapons that you can dismantle for the necessary materials. Like Weapon EXP farming, the best place to farm more guns is via Defense Missions, particularly the one in Kingston. The Kingston Albion Resource Defense mission gives many rewards, especially if you do the extra rounds after the 7th.

Once these two methods are down, you can quickly grind weapon proficiency in no time. The most helpful tip is to ensure your Descendant is appropriately leveled and to use solid and expendable weapons during the grind. Following these steps, you’ll be able to max out your Ultimate guns quickly.

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