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Selling Information

Xbox Live accounts are multi-tiered, in the sense that there are various membership levels available for an account. Whether the account is with Xbox Live Gold membership, Ultimate Game Pass subscription, or just either Xbox Gold or Game Pass, these membership levels provide flexible layers of gamer requirements whether they want to just be able to play online or perhaps fixate themselves on awesome games without wanting to play online.

Xbox gamers tired of their accounts may choose to sell Xbox Live accounts to buyers who could potentially want to buy Xbox Live accounts. Some buyers on the world wide web even prefer to buy Gamertags or boost Xbox achievements by getting new Xbox accounts.

Selling OG Gamer Tags 2021

The Xbox is about OG as they come. With Halo as their forefront title in introducing the exciting world of Gamertags, gamers all over take pride in displaying their awesome Xbox cards complete with their high achievement scores. Sadly though, some gamers are unable to fill up their Xbox cred with achievements; others regret the awful usernames they signed up with and may choose to start fresh.

This is where selling OG Gamer Tags come in. Sellers who’ve quit their Xbox careers may decide to sell their Xbox profiles to gamers who might be wanting them. There might be a few solid reasons why sellers choose to part with their Xbox profiles in exchange for payment.

Whether it’s the Switch, the PS5, or the Series X or S, consoles have their own line of first-party titles. Gamers can sometimes get burned out with a specific game series and would like to try a new list of games available on other consoles. Instead of letting the account go dormant, they may choose to sell it for good. This is very natural in the world of gaming and like most online games or MMORPG accounts, players who are certain they will never get back to it may choose to retire the account completely and sell it.

What are buyers looking for in an Xbox Account

There are a lot of levels when it comes to deciding what makes an Xbox account worth it. We’ve listed down some factors based on what Xbox gamers generally go for when it comes to accounts.

  • Subscription: Ultimate Game Pass, Gold, or just Game Pass
  • High score when it comes to Achievements or Gamerscore
  • Amount of digitally purchased games
  • Other sub-accounts included such as a Bungie, EA, or Ubisoft account
  • A cool-sounding and exclusive Gamertag!

Sell Your Xbox Live Account for Real Money

Sellers who decide to sell their Gamertags or Xbox Live accounts on online marketplaces should ensure the account is active and free from any ban history. They should generally attach an email address separate from the one they use personally. 2FA should be deactivated while doing the transfer. In the process of transferring, sellers should include access to the email address so their potential buyers can change the email address to the one they like. Moreover, it’s a good practice for sellers to list down what the subscription type is for the account (if there’s any) and list down all the games included as well as what the Gamertag and amount of Gamerscore there is. If in any doubt, we urge sellers to consult the console’s website first for guidance and other information.

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