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How Do Players Make Money Playing WoW TBC Classic?

There are many ways that gamers manage to make money playing WOW TBC Classic. Some players might try to make money by streaming gameplay or creating content about the game for social media. Others might decide to write articles about the game. But there is another method that some gamers choose that requires playing on another player’s account; selling WoW TBC Classic power leveling services.

Why Do Gamers Want Power Leveling Services?

Players will have the same reason to avail of Power Leveling in The Burning Crusade Classic as they did in Vanilla Classic and even in Retail: they do not have time to grind. Players have grown with the game, and those that were teens or those in their twenties that used to have enough time to play no longer do because of responsibilities.

Thankfully, World of Warcraft has aged and has seen many changes, including in leveling, which is why lots of players don’t feel too daunted in Retail’s leveling process. That, however, does not apply to Classic, which brought back the old leveling system. While many players do miss the old system, some of them want to play TBC again but don’t want to go through the whole leveling process again.

The Various WoW TBC Power Leveling Services Offered

Power levelers already know this, so they are already well-equipped with the knowledge on how to level up fast in WoW Classic. Now, with World of Warcraft’s first ever expansion, Burning Crusade, the level cap has been raised to 70. While new players think that leveling from 60 to 70 is easy and fast, power levelers know better. Therefore, this increase in the level cap is a perfect opportunity for them to offer Level 58-70 power leveling.

There will also be those that will be starting at level 1 but will not have the patience to grind all the way to level 70, and that is where those that offer Level 1-70 powerleveling step in. This is especially true for players that will only just be joining Classic, as well as those that have decided to start an alternate character or completely from scratch in the next expansion. However, it mostly to players taking up Blood Elf and Draenei as their races for Burning Crusade.

For those that joined retail World of Warcraft in the old days before making all classes available for both factions, the Blood Elf and Draenei were indispensable for the respective factions that they are in, as they are the only ones that had access to classes that would otherwise be exclusive for the other faction. Because both Blood Elf and Draenei are in demand, power levelers that will have clients requesting to grind for either race and have chosen to respectively be a Paladin and a Shaman will have to be more efficient than usual. 

Other than Power Leveling, power levelers also frequently provide Reputation power leveling, Quest power leveling, PVP power leveling, and Professions power leveling. Provided that the Power Levelers what to do and how to do it in efficiently, they can offer it as a service. Among these, power leveling professions is probably one the hardest, if not the most, as it entails gathering the necessary materials. This is true for both gathering and crafting professions.

Power Levelers can also do Currency Power leveling. Or more precisely, WoW gold farming. There is a huge difference between Power Leveling and farming for WoW gold, so those that want to get paid for farming need to know the most effective farming methods in WoW Classic. 

Finally, gamers might also choose to sell a WoW TBC Classic Raid Service. This, however, is limited to power levelers with a static or a guild that can finish raids quickly.

How the Price of WoW TBC Power Leveling Services Are Determined

Power levelers are able to determine the terms of their own service, including their prices. Nevertheless, they will generally set their prices fairly based on objective factors such as the time needed to get to the level cap and how many levels needed to get there. This also applies to other forms of services, such as the number and difficulty of raids and quests that will be done or the amount of gold that will be farmed.  

Power levelers also check if potential buyers have a few requests regarding the terms. They can ask request for more levels, more quests or raids done, or a faster grind in exchange for a higher price. Conversely, they can also ask power levelers to either take their time or grind fewer levels in exchange for them being charged less. The power leveler can either agree with this or not. The service provider can also set more realistic expectations and agree with the buyer on a more limited capacity. 

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