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Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team’s campaign is fun and all, but Online Mode is where it’s at for those that want to get competitive. This is where players can duke it out with other people from around the world to see who reigns supreme; but to stay competitive, gamers have to construct the ultimate team--the dream time--with the best players in the game. This task isn’t necessarily impossible, but it takes a lot of time and energy, especially when they’re trying to snag those UR and SSR tier characters. With that in mind, sellers should keep these players/heroes in the spotlight should they want to entice a buyer:

  1. Deuter Mueller - Stuttgart’s Custodian

    Part of the Stuttgart club, Deuter Mueller is one of the best goalkeepers in Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team. He’s not a limited player unlike all the other ones on this list, but what makes him so special is his Force stat which reaches almost 10,000. Deuter also has Hidden Skills which gives a debuff to all of the stats of his opponents by 4% which isn’t too shabby. Plus, thanks to Tenacity, Deuter is still able to use these skills as long as his stamina doesn’t drop to zero. The only weakness he has is that his Main Skill, Double Hammer, has a small momentum compared to the Giant Punch. Other than that, Deuter Mueller is a solid option for those that want a keeper that’s readily available in the market compared to other limited players/heroes.

  2. Tsubasa Ozora - Fearless New Face

    With a 9000 Hit stat and the Pedal to the Metal passive skill which gives a 15% stat increase to Tsubasa during Full Power Football, the Fearless New Face variant of Tsubasa Ozora is one that’s feared by almost all players when they’re up against it. Another benefit that Tsubasa has up his sleeve is that he’s the only player who’s able to do a one-two move with Roberto Hongo. The main caveat that this version of Tsubasa Ozora though is that it’s recommended that gamers should replace his Shot Skill with Miracle Drive Shot, which they don’t always have.

  3. Thoram - Fearsome Ace Killer

    Thoram is a character that’s inspired by the famous French defender, Lilian Thuram. What makes him so special is his Passive Skill called “Club Player Killer” which increases his stats by a whopping 25%, all the while debuffing Japanese players from the opponent’s side by 10%. That in itself is already crazy overpowered, but wait, there’s more. Thoram’s defense is top-notch compared to the other blockers. With over 24,000 Defense points, his Tackle and Block stats are extremely high, making him the perfect keeper or guard.

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