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Selling Rust Skins

The best part about skins in Rust is that, unlike other games like Counter Strike: Global Offensive, they don’t cost as much and are not only limited to weapons. So you can rack up some of these skins easily and even sell them off from a profit! For just ten bucks, you can easily get a gold leaf pistol gun or the incarcerated armor door which is useful since it features window bars that you can see through, giving players a distinct advantage. No wonder it’s in such high demand!

What about Rust Items?

Some items in Rust can be rarely found, but there are also some that are fairly common yet are still in demand.

Here are some of the Rust items that you might want to sell:

  • M4 (Weapon) – The M4 is the most desirable weapon in Rust. It has the longest range bar the bolt action, is fully automatic, and deals high damage per shot.
  • MP5 (Weapon) – The MP5 is a pretty rare find. It’s a submachine gun which uses 9mm ammo. While it has less damage and range than that of the M4, it compensates with lessened recoil and higher rate of fire.
  • Kevlar Set (Armor) – This armor set is the highest bullet and melee protection available in the market. If you want to craft this armor, you’ll need a blueprint of it, which is found rarely from zombies. The vest part of this set is the rarest of the whole set.
  • Metal Building Part (Crafting) – Metal parts are durable crafting materials that can be used to build your base. These parts cannot be found by scavenging zombies and can only be acquired via air drops.
  • Scraps (Crafting) – Scraps are used in research tables to acquire blueprints by researching an item. Take note that the learned item will be destroyed in the process. It is also used to craft workbenches and research tables. Scraps can also be used in work benches to gamble for a blueprint from the respective tier. Although this item can’t be recycled, it ultimately has a lot of uses which makes it a staple in the buy and sell community.


Where to Find Rust Items?

Finding great Rust items to sell that you know for sure other Rust players would be like can be a tricky prospect, especially if you don’t exactly know the locations all too well yet.

Here’s a list of some of the places across the map where you can find the best loot:

  • Food Crates

Whenever there are barrels, you’ll find food crates. Food crates are great items scattered across the map to find food, water, and even metal fragments. If you find a tin of food, you’ll be given the empty tin upon consuming it, which then can be smelted into a campfire and turned into 15 metal fragments. There are great items to find here for new players, but late-game players usually have no need for the items there.

  • Cave Carts

You can find low-grade fuel and high-quality metal in these carts, making them extremely useful. If you’ve built a base near some mines, be sure to visit them frequently to get first dibs on the best loot. You’ll often find pickaxes, salvaged ice picks, and even hatchets. These items, no matter what stage of the game you’re in, are quite useful.

  • Monuments

Monuments are the go-to place if you want to come back to your base with a ton of loot. They always have barrels surrounding them, making them a good place for farming if there’s no one nearby. There are also some monuments that have green military crates filled with rifles and other amazing loot which you can stock up on. The place also has a launch site that’s guarded by a tank, so before you go, be sure to gear up properly. On the site, you can find elite loot crates which are the best crates that you can find throughout the game and can rarely be seen.

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