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In 2023, 25,733 sellers made cash from selling on PlayerAuctions.

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How to Sell Rust Accounts for Real Money

  1. Register/Log in as a seller.
  2. Begin uploading your offers in our system.
  3. Once you have found a buyer, you can either deliver it to them manually or opt to use our instant delivery.
  4. Once the buyer has checked if the account is as described in the offer, you may then get paid.

When selling accounts, we suggest you use our instant delivery option when transacting with your buyers. By doing so, you can send in the account details of your offers in our system beforehand while uploading your offers! So when a buyer proceeds to buy an account from you, you won’t have to worry about delivering the account yourself. Instead, we’ll be doing it for you!

How to Get the Best Rust Account

Starting Out

You awaken on an island with nothing but 2 items, a torch and a rock. You’re naked. You’re freezing from the winter weather and you hope there aren’t any ladies around to see you. First things first, you’ll need to replace the rock you’re currently holding with something that’s slightly more efficient at gathering resources and clubbing animals to death.

The easiest way to do this is to find some wood and stone in order to craft a basic stone hatchet. Wood can be gathered from trees and wood piles, and stone from the various boulders littering the plains. Also, wood piles offer more wood than the trees and will yield more resources we made into a stone hatchet.

Be a Hunter-Gatherer

As you stumble about in your new environment, there are a number of creatures you might encounter. Since zombies aren’t a threat now, your biggest threat will come in the form of other human beings. They’ll be the biggest hindrance to staying alive. Wolves and bears are dangerous as well if still don’t have reliable equipment since they’ll tear you to pieces in seconds if you try to take them down simply with your stone hatchet.

Deer and boars should be your targeted prey of choice since they’re one of the easier animals to hunt in the game. By harvesting their flesh, you will be rewarded with cloth, raw meat, and animal fat. When you eventually start hunting the larger game, you’ll receive additional loot, like blood bags which you can use to craft medkits, and leather for crafting leather and Kevlar armor.

Find an Isolated Location

Those grand designs you’ve been dreaming of for the best fort on the island that you’re in are going to have to wait in favor of a hut that will act as your base of operations for the next few days until you’ve amassed a lot of resources, so pick a spot that’s away from the road and any buildings that’s still within a convenient distance of the resource spawn points. It’s also important to place a campfire inside your shelter so that you can cook all the raw meat you’ve gathered.

Why Sell RUST Accounts in PlayerAuctions?

By selling Rust accounts in PlayerAuctions, you’ll be helping out people to overcome certain struggles in the game such as hunger, thirst, and cold! We also have promotional and advertising tools to help you gain more buyers. Gone are the days of constantly trying to build up a fort of their own for the prospective buyers, and it’s all because of you! With registration being free for all, you’ll earn some money at the same time help out the Rust community!

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