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Selling Your RuneScape Items for Real Money

RuneScape is a lot more than an average multiplayer game and offers you a chance to make real money from the comfort of your home.

If you love playing RuneScape and have been successful in acquiring few of the most desired items, you can cash out a lot of money! Put your skills to work and sell RuneScape items in exchange for real money.

How to Sell RS3 Party Hat and Other Rare Items for Cash

Selling your RS items on PlayerAuctions could not be easier. We have a million members who can help turn your digital treasure into cold hard cash! Follow the steps below and sell your items in no time!

Register and post your items for free.

Our system sends out an email informing you once a buyer has matched.

Deliver the item face-to-face in the game by contacting the buyer and setting a time and place for the delivery.

Receive your payment once the item has been delivered safely.

Where to Sell RuneScape Items

With years of experience, PlayerAuctions is the perfect place for you to start or continue your journey as a seller. We offer a safe and reliable platform for all buyers and sellers, and make selling RuneScape items easy with our simple processes and customer support.

Selling RuneScape Items for Real Money

Selling rare RuneScape items is the easiest way to make real money fast.

Here is a list of popular RS items and how much money you can make by selling them:*

  • Pumpkin: $150
  • Easter eggs: $80
  • Red Halloween mask: $200
  • Holly Wreath: $600
  • Mimic Cape: $50
  • Half Full Wine Jug: $200
  • Christmas Cracker: $4,000

Have you been lucky enough to score a RuneScape Party Hat?

RS Party Hats can help you easily earn anywhere from $4,999 for a purple hat to prices exceeding $10K.

*Note: All prices are for reference purposes and can fluctuate with time.