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Love playing Runescape? Have a lot of RS gold? Wish you could turn this digital gold into actual money? If yes, then wait no more, get started now! Sign up with PlayerAuctions, the world’s safest player-to-player digital asset trading marketplace and sell Runescape gold fast. This is the perfect opportunity for you to cash in on the tons of digital RS gold by selling it to Runescape enthusiasts who want to enjoy playing Runescape instead of spending hours grinding for gold.

Can You Make Money Off Runescape?

The answer is yes. This is done by farming RuneScape Gold and then selling it via third-party trading sites for real-life money. You can sell gold here at PlayerAuctions by registering as a seller and posting for-sale offers for free. PlayerAuctions will take a transaction fee after a sale is made.

What Is the Fastest Way to Make Money In Runescape?

There is no way of earning RuneScape gold that is faster than others 100% of the time. On top of that, the fastest way of earning RuneScape gold changes with every update. Currently, some of the top ways to do so for non-members on OSRS are by smithing rune plateskirt (400k per hour), mining rune (450k per hour), and taking on Obor, which can yield an item worth 500k. 

What Runescape Skill Is the Most Profitable?

Runecrafting is considered to be one of the most profitable skills to take according to the players. You can easily make 600k per hour by just crafting materials through this skill. Adding the cherry on top, you can even make double once you’ve attained level 91 on the skill. However, this is a tedious task, so is there any way to farm gold that’s less tedious?

Another alternative to this is Slayer. If you’d like to take a more combative approach, then this is your best bet. Slayer is the most profitable combat skill in RuneScape because you can do bossing (killing boss monsters) or just power through tons of mid to high level monsters that drop all kinds of rare items that you can sell. With the level cap of Slayer upped to level 120, it’s hands down a great skill to have.

Where to Sell RS3 Gold?

When asking yourself where to sell RS3 Gold, the only answer is PlayerAuctions. We have a proven record of reliability and dependability over the years and have remained one of the premier player-to-player trading platforms. This means that we have a huge customer base, guaranteeing that your RuneScape Gold sells fast, with guaranteed safety and security. On top of all this, it’s completely free to register and post offers on our website. It really doesn’t get much better than that!

How to Sell RuneScape Gold Safely?

To sell RuneScape gold, you need to find a buyer first. The easiest and safest way to do this is to go to a third-party trading site, just like PlayerAuctions. Register as a seller, put up offers, wait until a buyer decides to take up your offer, and then discuss the time and in-game location the trade will take place. Once the buyer has confirmed that you’ve given the RuneScape gold, you’ll promptly receive the payment and PlayerAuctions will take a small transaction fee.

Is Selling RuneScape Gold Safe? Where Can I Sell RuneScape Gold?

You can sell RuneScape gold either in RuneScape-oriented online forums or third-party trading sites like PlayerAuctions. It’s more preferable to go with the latter, as they’re more secure. In addition to that, you’re more likely to find potential buyers there because those sites are already specialized for trading.

How Much Gold Do Runescape Sellers Make?

There is a wide range of profit between sellers. The biggest gold sellers earn around $20 per order, and get a few hundred per day. Less successful ones, however, make markedly less money. Considering that you earn money for selling in-game data in real-life it’s definitely not bad.