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What Is the Fastest Way to Make Money In RuneScape?

There is no one way of earning RuneScape gold that is faster than others 100% of the time. The fastest way of earning RuneScape gold changes with every update. Currently, some of the top ways to do so for non-members on OSRS are by smithing rune plateskirt (400k per hour), mining rune (450k per hour), and taking on Obor, which can yield an item worth 500k. 

What RuneScape Skill Is the Most Profitable?

Runecrafting is considered to be one of the most profitable skills to take according to the players. You can easily make 600k per hour by just crafting materials through this skill. Adding the cherry on top, you can even make double once you’ve attained level 91 on the skill. However, this is a tedious task, so is there any way to farm gold that’s less tedious?

Another alternative to this is Slayer. If you’d like to take a more combative approach, then this is your best bet. Slayer is the most profitable combat skill in RuneScape because you can do bossing (killing boss monsters) or just power through tons of mid to high level monsters that drop all kinds of rare items that you can sell. With the level cap of Slayer upped to level 120, it’s hands down a great skill to have.

How to Sell RuneScape Gold Safely

How and where to sell RuneScape gold safely is a big concern for a lot of sellers. Most of the most important aspects of safe trading relates to securing payments. If selling directly to buyers found on forums, social media, or other sources, there’s a chance that payment won’t be made after delivery, and sellers find themselves at risk. Once a seller has found a marketplace that they feel comfortable on, they just need to register, post offers, and complete deliveries.

If you are thinking about selling your RuneScape property but need more information on the risks involved, be sure to read PlayerAuctions’ User Agreement, consult with the game publisher directly, and seek legal counsel.

How Does Selling RuneScape Gold Work?

In order to start selling gold, a seller must first have a large stock of gold. This requires a lot of time spent in-game grinding and farming some of the best gold-making methods that they can find or think of. Once they have accumulated enough gold to sell, they must then look for buyers. Buyers can be found online through a number of different sources.

When a suitable buyer is found a transaction takes place. The buyer and seller must ensure that they are clear on the in-game location and time that the trade will take place to avoid confusion.

How Much Do RuneScape Sellers Make?

The amount that a RuneScape seller makes can vary vastly between different sellers. It all depends on how much time they commit to the game grinding, and what gold-making methods they use in-game to earn RS3 gold.

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